23 January 2019

how i got a service dog || Q&A

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hey guys what is up

it's me if you didn't know my name is Arielle this is my neighbor's dog JC I'm taking her on a walk because Oliver hates his last round of shots so so he can't go on a walk yet because I don't trust that car goes really common in this area and I just don't trust it so I'm taking GC on a walk I do this a lot I love their dogs they have two JC a Ken and Romo Romo is a yellow lab but anyway I'm just gonna be filming on Q&A while I take JC on a walk and I'll probably stop and get Romo and take him so yeah all right PS I know there's still a pimple on my chin it's getting better I'm working on it okay it's a process so please don't comment about it thanks there's a dog the neighbors don't pay me to do this by the way I'm friends with them and I just love their dogs so it's basically like a gift from them to me not the other way around I love their dogs I love JC I'm Romo and yeah also yes my hair is a mess it's growing out so basically he Hey so basically I look like Jojo for important here's ooh the first question is how did you bring up the idea of a service dog to your parents into your doctor so actually I have been talking to my therapist about

getting in esa I knew the difference between service dogs and ESA is I have been doing lots of research and I been thinking a service I may be able to help me but I don't know I guess I just didn't feel sick enough first off as soon as that sounds like it's it's just how I felt so I had been talking to her or I actually brought up about an ESA and then she was like well actually I've been thinking and I think that you should get service dog so that's what I did and staring at me yes at the time so I just kind of waited and then I was researching and stuff I had brought it up to my mom and she basically said no she doesn't say no but she she was confused and you know saying that I'd have to file for disability and be approved and I don't really need it and she didn't she doesn't really understand psychiatric service dogs also she wasn't accepting or understanding and side effects so yeah but eventually I kind of educated her and then also I guess she kind of came to acceptance of my mental health issues partially and then it's my dad's basically I just had my doctor email my dad be like yo what's

up it's a girl Kiley and she told him about it and everything so he was just like okay whatever he he's not completely he I wouldn't say he's not understanding I would just say he doesn't exactly know all of my illnesses and that's just because it's I go everything that I had it's just all very complicated and it's just like I only got to see my dad once a year so our family never really talked about that stuff so it's kind of just like what tasks do you learn for those of you who don't know tasks is base a task sorry is basically just what a service dog does to help you function with your illnesses and disabilities so there's so many but obviously deep pressure therapy and Maya pressure therapy will be helpful but your balance is a big one I sometimes pass out and I also get really dizzy because of my post-traumatic stress disorder so that's a big one there's again there's so many but those are the main ones I can think of off the top of my head I'm not really focused right now let me think I am off my meds at the moment not doctor's recommendation I kind of

stopped I know that's bad but he will do med retrieval I do take my anxiety meds when I'm having a panic attack or an anxiety attack or something similar so he'll do medicine retrieval and crowd control again there's a few different there's a lot of different ones but those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head right now because I'm walking Jacy say hi YouTube hi I'm Jesse I'm so pretty I'm a black lab golden retriever and I'm the diva she's a good girl the next question is how did I pick Oliver's a break I picked a golden retriever I actually really really really really really wanted to go with a rescue but those neighbor's dogs that's so nice but anyway I really wanted to go with the rescue but after doing a lot of research and I'm not saying rescues can't be great service Roxy absolutely can but I just I wasn't prepared to take on the extra risk washing I'm obviously any dog can wash but it's just a higher chance with rescue dogs so I didn't really want to put put that in the mix especially I'm just not in a position right now for that so yeah so I decided to go with the golden retriever because they are like

one of the most well known dogs for a service dog and I love them I have met many many golden retrievers throughout my life my dad's best friend melissa has two you guys have probably seen scram or seen them on my Instagram but yeah they're just great wonderful dogs they'll goofy and their speed they just have a really good temperament and yeah they're just used for service dogs a lot so I I just I don't know I just felt like it was a good choice it's really windy the next question is how did you go about finding I got over from a breeder I researched breeders kind of in my area but since I live in a small town there's like no breeders in my area so I had to drive a few hours but I just researched breeders I made sure to actually talk to people which was hard to actually talk to people who had purchased a puppy from them or even multiple and get recommendations and just see everything everybody loved them they were health tested and everything so that is why I alright that's how I went about finding Oliver yeah the next question similar it's how did you decide to get a service dog the next question similar it's how did

you decide to get a service dog again my therapist actually recommended it to me and then I talked to my other doctors and I also have a little blood pressure constantly so oh I have a rock in my in my crock so yeah I actually have a constant low blood pressure which is also another reason I get dizzy and or pass out so I talked to my other doctors and then they also you know like I guess they all talk to each other I don't really know but they just kind of concluded it was the best choice frame the next question is what shampoo do I use on Oliver I use a lot of different products on Oliver especially because of his hair type and just how prone he is to Mike tangling and stuff but the shampoo I use is that Burt's Bees shampoo and the conditioner I just really like it smells good it's like natural and it's just like I know I just like it a lot I bought it off chewy by the way but you can probably buy in like almost any pests work this next question is probably my favorite question do you ever feel like a sliced almond um yes I also think I look like woman but yes that is actually

exactly what I feel like all the time I slice only but not like a raw one that people pretend they like I'm just kidding I actually like Romans um don't come out easy Ginn's this next question is how has editing been going editing has been going good that's kind of anything has been going fine I made a few videos and I scrapped them all because I hated them I guess it's just what it's like and it was fine like it's like I guess I just didn't feel like I couldn't write to them and they just turn out good so I just like deleted them and just scratch them and pretended they didn't happen but other than that I didn't editing is actually pretty good I like it's kind of fun and I don't really have anything better to do um this videos kind of scattered too because I got some questions a few days ago and then I asked for more questions like two minutes ago so I'm like answering them as I'm receiving them but nobody likes me so nobody's answering them except like two people I love you two people so basically I lived here from the time I was born till I was like eleven but now I look all different because I

shaved my head like an idiot so now when I see people I used to know they all kind of look at me like they recognized me but they don't know for sure and it's so awkward cuz I sit there and I'm just like kind of hoping they don't recognize me um but yeah since he's so old we go around the small block well we called small block whatever we just go around this like tiny little block and we walk very slowly at his pace and we stop whatever he wants but he really does um he's actually doing really well for his age and he really does need to get out sometimes and he does like to walk and if it hurts him too much we just stop and we go home so I'm not torturing him he's okay he's actually doing really well as you can see we just go out his pace we stop when he wants to stop I kind of just let him do his own thing because he's old and he gets to he's such a good boy all of these questions are off of my Instagram by the way I will link it below and probably put it somewhere over here but yeah the next question is what is your upload schedule so I actually asked you guys if you want an upload upload schedule and most of you said yes

so I made one it's going to be Mondays at 3:00 but I will most likely be posting more than one in a week I just don't have an upload schedule for the second video just because I feel like it's less stress and I can just do whatever I want the next question is how old are you I'm 16 and I'm turning 17 this year I look 10 but that's okay because sometimes I still get charged for the children's movie ticket and I get a say like three dollars so that's actually really nice the next question I feel like I've answered this already probably having a different video I don't know but it's like why did you start YouTube I'm just doing this kind of to log all bruges progress but also I talked a lot in it and probably just cause if anyone in particular so I'm just gonna this as a way kind of just an outlet for me to be annoying but to nobody but to everybody I just realized I wasn't filming but anyway um this question is what do I film on and I don't really know why you'd want to know that unless you want to roast me because my quality it looks deep fried but I film on my iPhone se it's like between a5 and a6 that's kind

of like the size of five like Dwight okay the size of 5 but programmed like a six and the only reason I have this phone and I'm new everyone it's because I got it when I got it a few years ago and I got it instead of six because but the six doesn't fit my pockets I have no pockets or child size pocket and I need a phone that fits in my pockets now I just I look like Nicolas Cage but anyway so that's what I don't want and that's why the quality goes all over the place and it's good and it's bad and it's bad and it's mostly bad but yeah next questions what's my favorite weather my favorite weather is rain but when it's warm not when it's cold because then it kind of gets like hail and it's it's windy ah but I really like rain when it's warm because I don't know I just do my dog looks so much a good deer I'm not complaining I really do look like Dwight I need to stop flattering myself saying I look like these people I I don't I just I just don't this final question is who is your celebrity crush I really really really really have a big crush on Emma Watson and if you don't then why why not because Emma Watson is a beautiful

person on the inside and on the outside she's a good actress and she's just awesome and she's amazing and she's beautiful and I love her and yes anyway my Q&A I this is embarrassed but this was embarrassing um this is probably the most embarrassing thing I've ever done because I just embarrassed myself by existing but it's fine so um yeah okay yeah that's great I don't really know what to say I should stop filming [Music] you