07 November 2018

How I Picked Up Hottest Dog Walker Ever | Pick Up or Not Pick Up? (2018)

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yo what's up turkeys alright so I'm it's

proud to make little video because I accidentally picked up one of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen and I do this when I say it picked up because I don't do pick up but if you were watching me you'd go that guy just picked up that girl so what happened was I'm here in this you know a little bit of grass by the river and uh New York and I'm here to do my spiritual practices Falun Dafa a little stretching and the five two bends and stuff that I do and I just see this person a female walking with his cute dog now I couldn't actually tell if the woman was attractive or not but what I could tell it was that she had a little cute doggy and that's they were walking right past me I was like look at the doggy look everybody good where you go and basically she was kind of like walking by and she kind of stopped as I was I was doing that she's like a dog just kind of shy and she was gonna you know for aphromoo you could see she was gonna go and I was like I was I'm a dog person you guys I love animals but specifically dogs I love dogs so I was like I was like now come on dogs love me this guy this guy I

gotta win this guy over so I was like come on buddy all animals love me come on were you gonna break my heart oh you're gonna be a dick give up give it and I just kept trying and the dog wouldn't move and I was like then I looked up really looked at her and I saw she was she was gorgeous and I was like that's unbelievable you know pretty lady and a super cute dog and they're just gonna walk by me that that's cold that's cold girl and and she you know so I was just playing around and she you know she comes over and we start talking about the dog a little bit and then I naturally and keep in mind I'm I'm in more of a state of presence and awareness as this is the third day as I'm filming this after my God realization awakening it happened on the 28th of October so I'm very just present in the moment and I'm just looking at her and taking her energy and the conversation went so naturally because you know I just was there I was just present so the first thing that happened was talked about the dog and whether the dog was a rescue and she said she actually she works with rescued

animals and I said that was really sweet that's amazing that she does that and it really is you know I love dogs and then I noticed that she was wearing silver shoes so if you've ever seen my stand-up back you know that when I was a kid I got the piss taken out of me not literally it's a British expression but kids were making fun of me because I had I had silver shoes and I called me space boy and I choked what I'm like my comedy act you know like sure that's cool now it wasn't cool in like 1989 that was like you were just like what the is a man what is this it's hilarious anyway so we spoke about that and I told her that story and she thought it was you know hilarious and then I noticed that her voice was gently like she had this powerful voice like just like my voice is quite you know I'm a comic right so I can I can get it out there and I was like hey girl like your voices you project like a like are you an actress or or you know a performer of some kind and she was like no and just like this I'm just like this little out I'm like alright that's good you should be I said what do you do now interestingly enough right I used to

tell guys like hey don't say what do you do it's boring now who gives a it's like at that point in the conversation I genuinely it was curious about what she does so I'm just gonna be like what do you do that's some people that is its authentic I just want to know and she tells me like whatever she sees she actually put herself down she said have like a you know consulting it's just a consulting job and I'm like wouldn't mean just don't put yourself down like just you know I'm saying like you do what you do and she said yeah I said well clearly you don't like your job but what do you like doing and she then she said she was like I don't know just like I like you know normal stuff I like animals eating drinking going out and I connected bit over food I was like yeah I'm kind of addicted to food now I'm kind of getting over the food addiction she's like oh really and I was like no no not like Anna I don't think they just like you know everybody has three meals a day and that's actually so I'm cutting down and I'm doing more fasting I didn't tell her I'm a breatharian I'm mainly living on prana and I haven't eaten food

in three days and I don't know when I'll leave again I didn't go into that cuz that's that's a lot that's closer that's the truth though I didn't go in all that but I just said I'm fasting a lot more and all this and she's I go yeah that's good and then I said what's your life's purpose and then she was like cuz again I have one a I mean I'm just can't not ask that I just wanna know and she's like so again so it's cool she's a cool lady great energy gorgeous cool person doesn't have any idea what she's doing here cool but at that point I I knew we just I just liked her and I would like to hang out with her I like to hang out with she's a good vibe and and see where that goes and I was really at that point tuning into her beauty like she was really stunning at that point I just said hey you're gorgeous you know that she was like thank you thank you very much and I was like yeah are you married or something she's like no I'm not really into the whole marriage I'm like boyfriend she's like no not like so you just just doing the New York st. Hogan hooking up

with people you know hearing their stuff right right I'm like it's okay everyone does that here and she's like no not really I'm not really not really into that either and I was like alright well do you want to go for a coffee with me sometime and she was like yeah sure that was like cool and then I said just so you know I'm not you know I don't live here so to say no she's like where do you live and I'm like I'm kind of decentralized they're just kind of I am where I need to be where when I need to be there and she's like cool that's a good way to meet and I was like yeah and then we stopped details him that was it so what's my point here my point was that I was present and curious about her and just all the way through it right from the beginning I was just being me because I like dogs and everything I was just curious and I felt the energy and it was good and I just kept it was curious about her and that's all it was and it wasn't a fake like yeah guys you got to be curious about women so that you can use and then through that curiosity and you can connect with them and then get them on a date and then bang them no I like people

I like meeting people and if people have a cool energy and they happen to be beautiful ladies yeah I want to hang out with them and just hang out with them for no other reason than to hang out with them but I am open to the possibilities of life in every way with whatever my my my passions travel meeting rent crazy people crazy adventures trying things that are completely I made me think are insane I'm just open to whatever including hanging out with a beautiful woman so why would that be any different than anything else why do I have to have an agenda being myself when it comes to women but I don't have an agenda with anything else that I'm experiencing in life why do I have to you know what I mean and one other point here is that is really useful to have things that you are really in tune that you're passionate about that you love unashamedly because in this case the reason I met it was because I love dogs and she could tell that I was totally in it just like look at you you so cute and so it's really powerful to just have in your life that you love this is what hobbies are important so you can

so you're just passionate about something and you have stuff to talk about and then you can you know you will somehow through these hobbies doing them or talking about them are connecting with with people over these hobbies you know it's it's if you're just like like I work on that I drink I'm gonna go home and watch Netflix who the you're gonna meet how are you gonna connect with anyone even if you meet them but because so because I have so many passions and interests and so many books I've read and things I've done and countries have gone to and women I've dated and friends I've had all this crazy and experiences on plant medicines and enlightenment experiences all blah blah blah I can pretty much talk to anybody about anything unless they're completely just completely asleep and I just can't get through and even that I you know I wouldn't want to that trying to be honest so you know anything anyway I just wanted to share that because you know maybe you'd like it so that's about it I'm out of here because you know what I gotta do I gotta film enacted the actual video I

was planning to film that's what I gonna do then I gotta go to make a podcast so I love you and I'll see you later [Music]