08 August 2017

How long will it take to train my dog?

How long will it take to train my dog? Have you ever wondered how long it takes to train your dog? In this video, I will explain the time and process that takes to ...

in this video I'm going to tell you how long it takes to train your dog and what

are the steps that you need to take hello lovers my name is Saro I'm a dog trainer and also coach dog owners if this is your first time make sure to subscribe to my channel and hit the bell icon button as well so you won't miss anything many dog owners they believe that dog training it just takes few months or a few weeks unfortunately that's not true it takes a long time to train a dog so I'll explain what I mean by that but I want you to understand that training a dog it's matter of spending the time quality time with your dog as long as it take Quickly let me know how long did it take to train your dog did you have a hard time or easier time to train your dog please leave those comments in the comments area and if you have any questions regarding dogs or dog training or anything to do with dogs leave them in the comment area so I can address them in my future videos so training a dog it takes almost a year the steps that you need to take is first of all every single command or every single thing that you're starting to teach your dog it takes few steps in order for the dog to learn because dogs just don't learn as is they have to experience it in different locations different situations and different conditions in order for them to completely learn that behavior the way you do it you break it down to five parts every single command or every single behavior or every single thing that you want to practice and teach your dog you have to break it down and practice it in this five part and five areas the first area is in your living room yes in your living room in your house that is the best spot to start training your dog because there's no distraction hopefully and if there is there's a low level of distraction so you practice whatever you're teaching your dog in the living room for about a month not a week but a month you have to focus practicing and training your dog for a month in the living room until your dog really gets it part two is practicing the same command or same behavior in the backyard if you have a house or if you're living in a building in the hallway of your apartment building you practice it for another month

this increases the level of distraction and also increases the level of focus of your dog to start focusing on you now that your dog has learned that behavior or that command or whatever you're teaching in another level part three has to be practiced in the front yard of your house or your building this is the place that there is a little bit more distractions and there's other things are happening so your dog has to start learning to focus on the things that are happening plus the behavior or the command that you're practicing with your dog in this place you may need to spend a little bit longer time with your dog maybe more than a month maybe a month and half maybe even too month hard part four is practicing again everything that the dog has learned so far on the street the street have a lot of distraction and they have lots of noises smells a lot of things are happening and this is the harder place for your dog to start focusing on you but if you have practice with your dog's everything that it needs to learn in that living room or backyard or hallway and also the front yard your dog is going to have an easier time to focus on you or focus on the thing that is trying to learn and part five is the actual dog park or in the park so this is the place that you have to start practicing after you have practiced everything that you have taught to your dog in the level one two three and four most dog owners make the biggest mistake and start training their dog in the park this is not the place to start training your dog this is the place that you hope that your dog has learned something previously and is able to now to practice it in this environment remember Park is not the place for you to practice the behavior that you want if your dog is not familiar with what it's supposed to do and how he's supposed to feel and how it's supposed to mechanically do that behavior that you want as you have practiced in the house back yard front yard on the street you can't expect your dog to do well in this environment it's just not fair for your dog to be in that environment and you expect them to do really good now my bonus tip in here is if you're going to practice everything that you've learned in the park and you've gone the process of steps that I just explained and you're in the park now try to break it down to

three levels of parks as well level one low traffic park level two medium level traffic part and level three high level of traffic in the part so level one Park is a part that there's hardly anybody walking you're just practicing again everything that you're trying to teach to your dog and everything your dog knows in an environment that is a little bit or even more distracting for your dog level two has few dogs come and going level three is the park that it's full of people and dogs off leash dogs and all kinds of things are happening so if you break it down to these levels you will see that your dog is going to learn faster better and it's going to have a better success in the environment that you really need them to be actually behaving properly which is the park if you take these steps and time that you need to practice with your dog you'll see that you'll get better results so from the day that you start training your dog in the living room to the day that you get results and practicing in the park it may take six months or a year so don't rush don't force yourself don't force your dog to see results in the dog part just take it easy and take those steps you want to learn more about dogs dog training dog psychology and anything to do with dogs make sure to subscribe to my channel know until next time have fun with your dog