03 September 2019

How the power of pets can be therapeutic

One local organization is bringing the power of pet therapy to people in the area who need it the most. Platte Pet Power's Sharen Hunt, Cathee Brick and ...

the power of pets can be therapeutic one

local organization is bringing that power to the people who need it the most joining us this morning is Sharon hunt the volunteer coordinator of Platt pet power that's a tongue twister for Addison along with Cathy brick and her dog Cooper Cooper's a little diva first of all because you see this Cooper wants a picture let's do it all right ladies let's talk about it how did plant pet power get started say that five times actually it started from with mu extension with a 4-h program they were taking their animals and then we expanded and allowed adults in modeled it after some other ones but made it very local so it's 20 years old Wow it's so how it's different is it from other programs that's a good question its first of all it's focused on the Northland also that our volunteers don't have to drive very far you know and spend more to the animal spends more time with it with the residents and the fact that it's it's a little probably more flexible we've tried to make it as flexible as we can where volunteers can make their own appointments the sights and we have night 20 coordinating sites

that they can call the people and they can do that at their own schedule oh so it's very flexible yes right and that it's with an MU extension so the good part is they do help us with some of the logistics but they're also our volunteers have insurance through mu that's important wonderful yeah let's talk about Cooper give me the story on Cooper Cooper is a star wherever he goes yeah you can tell this yeah right here he he loves to go into nursing homes assisted living facilities we were lucky enough to visit the noise children's home and say Joseph this year and the many of the children had never seen a dog up close so I taught him how to approach the dog and hey and they were very excited and go running down the hall going Cooper Cooper Tina Cooper and he's just he goes into a facility and he's just a different animal he just marches right in he goes up to people and he wants to be petted and it's just you know it's it's that's what pet therapy is all about it is because you were sharing with me about that a little boy who was suffering with cancer yes and tell me a little more and let's tell the audience about that

well we Cooper went to the YMCA trunk-or-treat and kids come through the line and they get to pet the dog and they get treats and things like that and a little boy that had cancer just walk up to the dog and and he had his little outfit on he walked up to the dog and just put his face against the dog's face and the dog just went entirely still and then the dog just and then he kissed the dog on the head and just walked on and it was it was the sweetest thing I know absolutely how can people get involved well actually we're having we offer a new volunteer training three times a year and our next one is actually a week from tomorrow night all right I'm sorry a week from tonight okay and and then that's for new volunteers and then we have the temperament testing for new volunteers okay and returning volunteers in two weeks wonderful wonderful well coop or anything you want to say cuz you are just you are team Cooper I was gonna say team kibou yet all about Latrice more on power of pets and how you can get involved we will have a link on KC live TV later on today thank you ladies Thank You Cooper you're being so awesome for

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