05 February 2012

How To Bathe Pet Rats

UPDATE:FOR UPDATED RAT VIDEOS, PLEASE VISIT MY RAT CHANNEL http://www.youtube.com/user/TheRatWhisperer1 **** Here is how I bathe my pet rats ...

hi everyone today we're going to go

ahead and do a video on how to bathe a pet rat right now I'm just going and getting the temperature that's right you want to see something warm but not too hot you don't want to burn them so we're going to go ahead and start filling our bathroom sink a little bit today a little guy get in the back is Cicero he's a lighter colored rat so any markings that he has any dirt or whatnot will show up more on him and he's a little scared he doesn't like the sound of the running water there okay he's also my best bathe or two so once you've got just a little bit of water in there you're going to go ahead and set him in some of them will freak out some will be rather calm if you do have any little fear poos just go ahead and get them out with the tissue and we're just basically just letting him sit and enjoy the water okay I got you yeah it's a good boy we're going to go ahead and get his coat completely wet avoiding the ear area we don't want to get water into his ears my hand so you can see in better heaven just a little bit of water this your way now for shampoo a lot of people will recommend either a kitten shampoo or

even dog shampoo those would be okay as long as you make sure that there isn't any kind of a flea medication to it that's just too many chemicals you don't put those on them I personally use Johnson's natural baby shampoo it's 98% natural and I just feel a little bit better about doing that whose little cold I know put a little on him I just kind of put it right to the coat some people will put in water there's different ways of doing it personally this way works best for me please go ahead and give him a little scrub down you see rather likes hmm I usually just get my thumb wet and just kind of stroke their face that helps clean that area without getting too much water soap in their eyes and whatnot that's and the reason I use the Johnson's natural baby shampoo is it's also tear free if it won't irritate the eyes of a baby I can trust it it probably is affect my rat's all that much let's get a little bit more shampoos and get good lather going there we go yeah this right here tends to get a lot of this reddish I don't even know what you call it

markings around his neck and that's because rat saliva is actually tinted like a reddish color and the reddish color he's getting around his neck is when he's being groomed by his cage mates so we just try and get that off give him a good little cleaning now always make sure you're making make sure the water doesn't get too cold and that you're also putting some water along their back because you know they're it's just like when you're in the tub you're the part that's in the water is going to be a little bit warmer than the part that's outside of the tub he'll let me move my hand away and we're going to get a look at more okay and this is just a little bit for his tail he do not want to scrub the scales on their tail that can push and debris further into the scales and cause irritations and infections we just want to kind of go the direction of scales which is from lap to tip yeah no good Cicero yeah I feel good oh he's so relaxed pooping in the tub hmm yeah it's okay give my little scrub on the belly it's a good boy Cicero okay turns you can see nice quote let it

through all right and aren't you yeah well usually do is I'll go ahead and dump this water because by this time it's soapy it's dirty this PK kept keys in it and we'll go ahead and just run some water checking the temperature and moving out of the way you want to make sure you rinse them really really well just good way you shoot me I'll give you here's the running water tends to do a better job of removing all the shampoo oh if you want stick your head Nana Charlie there you go yeah please speak your head many of the process at your own a lot of people will make sure that their nails are trans prior to bath because you will have some that will be fighters you really don't wanna get all scratched up but it could for Cicero let me show he and see the team oh he's giving me kisses she's insane thanks for the spa treatment room still great so night to get clean boy he's my best favorite my others they tend to squeak and protest a little bit more than him the most stress I've had be can't you see rather you

know calm during their bass and a protest but none of a freakout yours may be different okay once we feel that he's been blowing stuff really well get a nice soft towel yeah soft towel oh yes yes they usually love this part a nozzle down into it okay and just kind of give them a little ratty massage there you go you ready massage that feels nice you'll do that till their coats mostly dry put them in the cage and they will usually do the rest themselves and that is how I bathe my rats thanks for watching