18 February 2017

How to Build a Soffit and Fascia Return

http://www.doityourselfdennis.com presents this tutorial video about how to build a soffit and fascia return for preparing to put vinyl soffit on a house. Check out ...

hello my name is Dennis

going to show you how to do a return on the soffit or fascia so that you can put your soffit on first of all you're going to get a little level and you want to level from your fascia over to your wall and make your mark mark on the wall out at this edge and then we're going to make a mark out there I've already made the mark out there so then we're going to chalk a line I'm going to do this by myself so I'm going to cheat a little bit I'm going to put a little nail in at that mark so that I have something to put my box off I cheated a little bit and put a nail if you're by yourself you can put a nail with that we made your mark and put your chalk box string on it and you're going to chalk your line across do my ladder again and then I'll show you what you need to do next okay next thing you're going to do is you going to get two measurements well on this particular job you don't measure from where you're going to start back they're out to the edge of the wall just right at sixty three and a half inches then you want to measure from the inside the fascia over you can take your you can take your square and put it on here and you get a pretty good measurement a

little better measurement and trying to eyeball it nine and seven eight so you're going to add the 9 and 78 to the 63 and a half and that's how long you're going to cut your board for this job generally you're going to run you know on a new construction house or building you're going to you know you'll have the whole side to do front or back we're doing this addition we're just going up to up to there okay I've got my board cut what I did was I took a down little block at the other end so that since I'm up here by myself to hold the other end for me what you're going to do is you're going to line the bottom edge of the board up with your chalk line that you made now I'll take my square and put it on the side and line my line what I did was drew a line at my 9 and 78 back and drew a line and that gives me a good thing to line up with the marks lines up with I'm not right there and was it hard sure to get there so then you're going to go back and nail you know every 16 inches or so you're going to line it up with you you know go all the way across and write the two nails in figures rubber on one nail

four knocks it anyways through it now so anyways you're going to finish nailed it out and then I'll show you how to cut this piece okay so now we're ready to cut the return return part of it what you're going to do is you will measure from the inside of your fascia to the end of the board which is about 17 4:17 1/4 inches then you take your tape measure and you put it on the backside of this we measure up to the other fascia we go about five and 3/8 of an inch if you take and put it like that it's going to throw you off this is tape measure so you want to put it just on the corner and that should get you your your measurement about 5 and 7/16 let me get that piece cut and then we'll put it up there okay in case you didn't understand what you were doing is going from basically nothing to the 5 and 3 H of 5 and 7/16 so we've got our piece cut a good idea to go ahead and get a nail started put your feet up there line it up put a nail now let the edge line it up good I'm go ahead put another nail here and another 16 out here I've used 1/8 first time now I'm going to go ahead to the paint it might be overkill that's why it goes away and that's all there is

to it now you've got your return wrap it with metal you're done you