18 October 2018

How to Build an Outdoor Pet Area Your Dog Will Love

Leah demonstrates how to install a a gravel pet area using TrueGrid pavers. Link to TrueGrid Website: http://bit.ly/truegridpaver Check Out Free Pet Area ...

I just want to thank True Grit for being

the sponsor of today's video if you've got a dog a canine problem loser dog is digging up your yard this is a video you'll want to watch [Music] hi everybody I'm Liam CJ trill and if this is your first time here I just want to say welcome now here's the thing in the beginning of the video you saw my dog Zack digging up my yard I've got holes everywhere and so I've decided to create a dog space for Zack and I'm using something called true dread that has been the answer to my problems now this may look like a normal just graveled pet area but I got to tell you this there's something below the surface that makes this really special now it's what's beneath my feet those little circles that encase the gravel that make this a great solution to a dog that likes to dig now I'm going to show you how to install your own pet area from beginning to end using true bred and I got to tell you this you're going to be surprised at how easy it is and how you can easily get it done in a weekend like I did now before we start laying down the gravel and the tree grid material what we have do is we have to prepare

the area in our area 16 feet by 6 feet it's covered like this and once you remove the top layer of vegetation of dirt it's time to tamp down the surface this is our prepared area here we've got our grass removed removed about an inch of the soil to accommodate the true grid but this is the way you want it to look it's tamp down now it's time to start laying our weed barrier so this right here is what they call weed barrier alright it's very thick material if you notice very durable now you're gonna want to use a good weed barrier this is going to prevent vegetation from growing up through the gravel and it's going to extend the life of your pet area now the next thing you need is you need landscape pens that's what this is here you have to think of it as a steak because it secures the weed barrier to the ground if you can't insert your pins just by force of Han gonna be afraid to use a dead blow hammer just ride the TENS in the rest of the way okay we've prepared the area I've got my weed block covering the entire surface of the area we're gonna apply the tree grid and our gravel now here's what I'm gonna use I'm using

the True Grit eco paver I gotta tell you it's perfect for residential projects like I'm doing now this is what one of the pavers looks like now there are four sides to any square okay and the true grit panel has two sides that have these male tabs and the other two sides of the true grit panel have a female side I'm gonna tip it forward a little bit so you can see and that there's these notches here so the tabs they slide right into these notches and fit together like a puzzle now we're gonna start laying our true grit system and where you start is you start in a corner okay so what you want to be mindful of when you lay this first piece is you want the female side the side with the notches resting up against the wall in this corner okay and then the sides that have the little tabs sticking out you want those out into the area that you're laying your true grid panel on now we're going to connect our first panel okay now we've got our tab sticking out we've got our not just here we're gonna line them up now to snap this into place you're not gonna be able to do it by hand you want to use like a plastic or rubber mallet I'm just gonna give it a light tap there we go it's in

light tap it's in and I'm just going to keep going [Music] okay so I've got a post here and so I'm gonna have to notch this out but it cuts very easily let me show you how it's done okay our True Grit system is in it's looking perfect and now all we have to do is put in our gravel I'm going to show you how to do that next this is the kind of rock you want to use pretty simple stuff right but a great solution to a common problem now what I'll do is I'll leave a link in the description below the video to to grid so you can check them out for yourself and I'll also leave a link to the full instructions so there will be no doubt about how to go about installing your own pet area with children this is Leah saying you can do this see you next time