27 July 2016


These are the tips I used when bunny proofing my room so it could be safe for Bugs to live his life as a house rabbit! I hope these tips can help you rabbit proof ...

hey guys it's me and today's video is

going to be bunny proofing I have gotten a lot of comments asking how do i rabbit proof my room and you have to have your room rabbit proof if you are going to be having them free ranged or if you just want to have them come out and play in your room once in awhile it needs to be rabbit proof the first thing to bunny proofing is keeping cords out of reach it's so important that you don't have any cords hanging down or in reach of your rabbit because rabbits are very very tempted to chew cords for some reason chewing cords is something rabbits and other small animals like to do I don't know why bugs is a very special type of rabbit and he doesn't he'll only types of chords he will chew is an apple cord so if you see the cord up there I'm fine with that hanging there there's also a couple couple of other cords in my room he's never touched there's no interest at you but for my Apple cords I have this and this is flex tubing flex tubing is something I highly recommend for rabbit owners this is like an a necessity when rabbit proofing your house or room this is a black flex tubing and basically it opens like I

don't know if you can see but it opens you can slip the cord in and then it's bendable and things it does kind of look a little bit ugly but if it saves your rabbit and your cords then it's definitely good I don't really care if it looks ugly I know I've had a couple of friends say laugh at me for having it but I don't care it saves me money in my rabbit from getting harmed from courts next is keeping house plants at a reach this is super important because there are lots of dangerous plants rabbits cannot have and they are toxic to rabbits I will leave a link in the description bar that gives you a list of all of the toxic plants but just in case you should put up all of your plants maybe on a Ledge or something or have them hanging of or something like that another thing is if your rabbit likes chewing baseboards or furniture you can put grids or baby gates and things like that so that they cannot access them I don't know what bugs doing he is scratching at me to pet him but as you can see there is there's these CNC grids I have at the back here that isn't for that's not because bugs chews on any of the

baseboards it's just to protect my wall and Casey pees or something but you can get these CNC grids from Walmart back in Bed Bath & Beyond places like that and you can put those along the baseboards and things like that to help protect it I know you might not want to put all of these around Facebook because I might look ugly you can also put an extra piece of wood so that they can chew on that wood and sew your baseboards but that might defeat the purpose of the look the next thing is unsafe areas should be blocked off if you have a closet that has holes in it like holes in the wall or something um or you just don't want them going in there maybe you don't want them going under a desk because there's your cords or something and you don't want to put all that flex tubing on them then you definitely need to block them off baby gates are a great source to block off things and so are these CNC grids like I mentioned before they're really great for blocking off area so your rabbit can't get itself into harm or danger and the last thing for bunny proofing is have a lot of chew toys for your rabbit that way it can prevent a lot of chewing

that your rabbit may do because rabbits have growing teeth just like any other small animal and they are going to be constantly chewing I have a box of chews for bugs I have his willow stick too so he can go through his box and chew on those toys if he won yeah guys I hope this video helps you with a bunny proofing your house or room I wish you luck thanks for watching bye