19 November 2016


Making sure your dogs are taken care of while you are at school, or working as a nurse if very important! New videos every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY ...

hi guys so today's video it's going to

be on how to take your care of hi guys so today's video is going to be on how to take care of your dogs and be a nurse I know that may sound silly to some of you especially don't have dogs but I get this question asked a lot people asking you know did you have your dogs during nursing school did you have your dogs when you started being nurse how you take care of mom what do you do and so I'm gonna kind of address that here first thing is I did not have my dogs during nursing school I got them after I finished nursing school and started working as a nurse so did not have them very nursing school so I can't speak for that but I guess it would be similar to working as a nurse during my time in Washington when Jesse and I my husband were you know still together not and so it's bad he's deployed right now so that's why we're not together but when we were still you know living together and he wasn't deployed we had opposite work schedules so he usually typically worked 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. and I started working at 3 and think it's done till 11:30 so very very rarely did our schedules overlap to where the dogs would have to be home for 8 or 10 hours

at a time so we were lucky in that aspect if we did overlap schedules where let's say I had to go in at work at 11 he left for work at 10:00 it wasn't gonna be home till 10:00 and the dogs were gonna have to be home for you know 8 to 10 hours really anything over 8 hours we had a wonderful neighbor who lived right like literally the house across the street and I would text her or via text the husband and say hey do you guys mind stocking over and letting the dogs out you know just to go pee and let them run around for a second and so we were really fortunate to have them up in Washington they saved us you know a lot of stress they were very you know very very helpful and we're thankful for them and vice versa we did the same thing for them if they had to do a weekend trip or something you know we would watch their dog or we would go over and let their dog out so it worked all out our dogs our kennel trained and so when we are gone for an extended amount of time I would say I don't really leave them out if we're gone for if it's only like two hours I would leave them out of there anything longer I just worried that they

would get Ford and chew on little things they're not really destroy 'fl pups they're not aggressive they're not you know I don't know what you want to say but I could see them getting bored and being like oh I'm gonna chew on the corner of this pillow I'm gonna chew on the corner this little baseboard so I just don't want to risk risk it and plus they love their kennels it's a safe spot for them so I know there's mixed reviews on people who can all their dogs but we don't want to Ketel them you know at night for eight hours and then during the day for eight to ten hours that's just ridiculous amount of time and not fair to them so we are lucky in Washington or we didn't have to do that now that I'm in Arizona and jesse is gone and deployed I'm the only one and I'm working three 12-hour shifts a week so I don't have the that luxury of having another person here to help me out our families both live about 10 to 15 minutes away but they're not really like super dog people where the dogs could go over to their house all day or whatnot so I was really really lucky and I found this app it was called dog vacay and I located on this app there's

someone who lives less than five minutes away from me and she actually watches the dogs for Mia it's a dog sitting out basically for people who need dog sitters during the day or overnight or other things like that dog walkers you name it so I found her and Jesse and I went and met her while he was home we introduced our dog she has a dog she has she's married and has two kids and it was like a match made in heaven it just it couldn't have worked out any better so during the days that I work I dropped the dogs off at 6:30 in the morning and I pick him up at eight o'clock or so whenever I you know finished my shift and get home pick him up and she watches that and it's $20 per day for whenever she watches them and to me that's personally worth it because I would feel so guilty if I knew the dogs were in their kennels all day you know for 13 14 hours I'd be worrying about if they had to pee I'd be worrying if you know it just wouldn't be fair and like that would take away from my ability to have completely focused at work so knowing that they're in the care of someone who's good with dogs you know there's kids there's another dog for them to

play with you three kind of one we don't have a good spot to put it our back door takes up our whole the whole wall that leads to outside and so we don't have a good spot to put it too we have cats and I know there's doggy doors that you can put like a little chip on their collar and it activates only when that ship comes in contact near the door and so they can go out but they're very very expensive like four or five hundred dollars I also know there's doggy doors for the doors but our door is just like a sliding door like a normal sized door it's not one of those long sliding doors so that would take up like a third of the door if we did that those are also very expensive and three I didn't want to have to like drill something in the house too you know we did buy this house so we could put in a doggie door but that is on some people like that when you try to sell your house and some people don't so that we just didn't want to have to do that so this idea works out well for us I feel very comfortable you know with you know having a dog sitter and yeah so hopefully that kind

of gives you guys some ideas that's just what we do there's a lot of different ways that you can do it everyone's dogs are different personally I feel really guilty when I have to leave home for long periods of time so I don't like leaving them for more than a couple hours at home during the day and when I work that's just you know not feasible they would have to be home all day so dog sitter good idea anyways going if you guys have any questions leave it in the comments below give this video a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel and I'll see you guys next time bye hey over here good boy come on we kind of get a picture I gotta get a picture my own okay good put you up a little bit Hey good mind might it's not playtime Wow and scratch me okay okay thank you