15 June 2016

How to check and remove Foxtails (grass seeds) from your pet

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hi everybody it's dr. Amy and I want to

talk to you guys about something that has really been a problem this year and it's what some people call thoughts tails other people call cheatgrass seeds but these are basically little grass seeds that are out in your field and they're wicked you can see that a lot of them have the best way to show you if had these little tails on them and what happens is they're very sharp and where we're finding them is they're embedded in between the toes of a lot of dogs cats but I've literally had to take one out of my dog's ear at a puppy and all of a sudden he's got his head all cocked into the side and he's crying in pain when I just go to rubbing so I brought him into the clinic and I sedated him and I looked down in his ear and he had one of those grass seeds embedded in the eardrum so when I pulled it out even with him under sedation he could feel this it tells you just how painful they are and what's the problem with this right well these things are almost like a barbed hook they can go one direction but they can't back out so as the dog moves literally the movement of the body the movement of the muscles just allows that

thing to just start migrating through the tissue so it can go right through the eardrum and cause an inner ear infection caused a lot of problems we had a cat come in the other day and he had an eye that was just squinting and really painful so we put a local anesthesia on the omneya on the cornea of the eye and investigating the eye I found one of those seeds embedded up under the eyelid and into the white part of the eye itself so you can imagine the kind of damage one of those can do they can migrate behind the eye cause abscesses they can migrate into the eye they can scratch the cornea so the really dangerous and then Seamus I mean for the last week I've been pulling these things out of him on Sunday I spent about two hours removing those seeds from six dogs yes I'm the crazy dog person who has six dogs so today I started just investigating between his his toes because he was walking by and Sharna the technician looked at and saw something in the corner of his eye and he had one of those right his eye getting ready to migrate into his eye so what I want all of you to do is take action you need to

make sure that every time you bring these dogs and cats in that you are investigating them you're taking brushes and you're brushing them and you're looking between all their toes you're making sure they're not squinting you might even pull their eyelids down and what I'll do is just kind of take them and look at the eye I make sure that if the dog is squinting it's looking at you and one eye is wide open but the other one is squinting that usually indicates pain so you might want to just look under that eyelid and make sure there's not a grass seed sitting in there that you need to pluck out okay I want you to rub their ears check their ears and make sure they're not acting painful because that could indicate you've got one of those down in that ear canal and the ear canal is very long an l-shaped you're not going to be able to see it from the outside you have to sedate them and a professional needs to go in and look with an otoscope and if there's one in there we've got to use a specialized tool to go down in there and grasp it okay the other place I want you to look is always always and I know a lot of dogs

do not like their feet touched right here between the toes and it's usually way up high you're going to put your you know take your fingers and rub between those toes and make sure they're not embedded there's almost a webbing right here and they get embedded and also they just start migrating up the foot and they'll usually you'll start to see a little bubble a little blister the dog is licking like crazy and they can even become very flame door they won't use the foot at all and typically again we have to sedate them and go in and dig those things out so I'm going to look at his other two feet here because I think I saw some or felt some earlier here's one right here and it's in a spur you can see and it's already starting to embed into his skin so we're going to take and just pull that out but that's what those little buggers look like they're they're nasty and this is with me being you know really diligent and checking these guys daily that we keep finding these some Czech toes oh maybe that's just don't all right one last foot buddy boy thought I felt when I've already taken two out from between his toes this

morning so I think I hope we got them all but I want to make sure nope there's one there there you go so alright guys so there it is these things call foxtails cheat seed they're horrible they're nasty they really can cause a lot of problems and honestly I know it sounds dramatic but it is in bed somewhere like under the armpit they can literally penetrate right through the chest wall into the chest cavity and cause a serious infection I've had dogs died or there are you know cases out there where animals have passed away and when they did a knee cropsy on it was a grassy that they found that creating an infection my other little dog the other day was acting very oddly walking very funny and she's licking herself back there we found one right around the vaginal area thought that was the problem and she kept doing it and when I looked at her I'm looking around the rectum because that's an area when there's not a lot of hair on most dogs and she's just sitting there see her rectum area so I had to go in and put a glove on and check her out and she had one of these embedded in the mucous membrane of the colon or the

rectal area right there and the fear of that guys and that did not been found by us it could have penetrated right into the abdominal cavity and cause what we call peritonitis and she literally could die from that so these are not to be joked around with it's serious and I want everybody to check their dogs check them every single day get a pair of tweezers or something like that to remove them and if you have a dog whose eyes hurting a cat whose eye is hurting the ears are not acting right they're turning their head funny you do not wait you take them to a veterinarian and you get this taken care of okay so this is dr. Amy and call to action cheat seeds and Fox tails are out