24 February 2013

How to Clean and Condition your Leather with Swissvax Leather Cleaner - by Auto Obsessed™

Here are the products we used for cleaning these leather car seats: Swissvax Leather Care Kit (includes cleaner, conditioner, towel, and brush) ...

Auto obsessed here we've got this 2009

bmw m3 we're going to clean and condition and bring back this leather to a near new or as close to new as we can so here we've got a closer look at the seats you can see the area here that's got quite a bit more where it's quite a bit shinier than in this other part on the bolster here you can see the wrinkles quite a bit because there's a two-tone effect going on from the raised area that shiny and in the other areas dull so we're going to clean all this up get rid of any of the the oils and dirt and grime that's accumulated and kind of been polished into it to make it look shiny afterwards you can see here we have it taped off so we'll be able to remove the tape this is just for demonstration purposes to show a good before after so it's got a good contrast and you'll see how much of a difference it's made after doing this this clean we're going to be using the swiss pax leather care products on this particular BMW this car has we chose it because this car has fine leather it's a lighter colored leather we want to be careful when we're using any products on on on on a colored leather also a high-grade leather so the we chose a leather care

kit because it contains all the components we're going to need for this job it has the leather cleaner so we're going to use a leather cleaner in combination with the swiss packs leather brush this just helps us get into the grooves nooks and crannies and the stitches in in any of the india cracks bring out all the dirt we're going to use a white towel I chose a white towel I want to see what what sort of dirt were pulling out of it and more importantly because it's a lighter colour seat I want to see if we're before if we're pulling any dye and maybe doing any damage to the seat then after we're done cleaning the seats then we're going to go to conditioning we're going to use the Swiss VAX leather milk for that so once the seats are fully cleaned and dried we're going to prepare it with the milk we're going to let that soak and that will be our final stage to start we're going to use the swiss box leather cleaner and the swiss box leather brush this process is quite easy we're just simply going to spray the leather cleaner on the seat I'm going to use the leather brush you're just going to

gently not too much pressure when I gently rub it in we need a little bit more product to spray a little bit more on and then we're going to wipe it off and see already a lot of the dirts coming off a lot of the grime so we're going to do that to the rest of the seat and get rid of all this contamination dirt grime grease oil it's coming out quite nice through the bolster now the bolsters quite dark compared to the rest of it probably from Blue Gene transfer just from clothes gets a lot more wear and tear than the rest of the seat we might have to do it a couple times you can see we're pulling off we're pulling off some some dirt we're not pulling off any color so we're going to do this a little bit more I can see we need need to work this a little bit yet and but it's coming out quite nice we're going to get quote we're going to get a really nice result from this we've cleaned the one side of the seat and now we're going to take off the tape just to show the contrast night and day you can see how once we got rid of the dirt in the in the wrinkles and in the

in the grooves that it made it all consistence all nice now a matte color here it looks very weathered we haven't done any restoration we've just cleaned it and very very very incredible results okay so here on the door panel we've got an area here where the drivers elbow would be rubbing quite shiny and then we've got a lot of grime here so the look we want to get is more in this matte range more in this color so we're going to clean this whole area get rid of the dirt get rid of the oils and tone down tone down the shine so it's all nice and consistent this is the last step of the leather process so we're going to put on the swiss pax leather milk this is a conditioner basically moisturizes enriches the leather also adds a UV protectant really easy to apply just puts them on to a cotton applicator and apply it on and you just let it dry just applying the Swiss faqs leather milk just consistently all over the seats once applied just let the leather milk soak in and dry dry time will vary depending on the conditions of your area anywhere from maybe ten minutes up to a couple hours and it's going to dry to a

nice soft matte type matte type factory look as you can see the Swiss Pax leather care process brought back these seats to a factory fresh look and feel these products are available for sale online at Auto obsessed calm thanks for watching