01 February 2017

How to Edit Wix Website

How to edit wix website. In this video I share how to edit a wix website.

are you guys I just want to share with

you how to transfer and edit your Wix site your Wix website so once someone has transferred you the site you'll notice it in your email so just go to your in to your email check your spam folder as well and just click on it and you have clicked on it the email will show up like this and then it'll say accept transfer when you click on accept transfer it'll take you to your Wix back-office and then all you do is you choose it right here I have a bunch of different sites here it should come up like right in the top left corner here this is the example I'm using today crypto cache King and then you just click on main or asteroid manage site and then you just go in here and then you edit the site I want to edit this site with my information my affiliate links and my picture in this example so it's just gonna bring up the website here in just a couple seconds with the editor very easy to edit very simple just copy click paste that kind of thing very simple all right few more moments few more moments okay so now what do I want to edit on this example I'm going to edit the picture up here so I'll just hover over the picture

and then click on the image and then it's gonna say change image I'm gonna click on I'm gonna left click my mouse on change image and it's gonna bring me up you know my various pictures here that I already have loaded I can just choose one of these pictures or I can click up here and upload an image from my computer so I'm just gonna pick one of these images I like here so I'm just gonna left click and then down here I'm just going to excuse that one okay so it's okay so I can just put it there and left-click on the outside here and the white and it'll change picture and that's it's not simple now I want to change obviously the name so again I just left-click here edit the text and then I can just left-click highlight that and then just put my own name in there alright and again and then just left click outside the the box there and then same with the Facebook alright I want to just click left click on there and I want to edit change image I don't want to change the image if you want to change the image you can but obviously you don't want to I want to actually change the link I'm just gonna X that out and then as you

can see here there's a change link so I want this link to go to me obviously on Facebook so I'll go to Facebook here and I'll just click on my my name here and it's going to take me to my it's gonna take me to my home page and I'm just gonna copy the URL the whole idea guys is I want to get people to know let them trust me so they can check me out of Facebook okay so I'll go back to Wix here I'll just delete and paste my address in there and then press done make sure you press done and then it's gonna change it up and again just click on the left now we just go down here there are there's nothing else I want to change obviously the only thing or the the affiliate links for these two programs right here as well as well actually there's four foliat links on here so I'm gonna go to craze BTC and click on the image and I'm going to change the link for craze BTC I'll just if I know my affiliate ID I can just just copy it right in here or I can just I don't know what it is obviously I just go into my craze BTC back-office [Music] my craze BTC back office and back office ok I'm still logged in here and then

you're gonna find under promotion tools and then this is my referral link here I'm gonna copy this and go back to Wix delete that out of there and put my link in there and then make sure you always press done and make sure it's in a new window as well so press done okay click on the outside here on the right go down here to crypto mafia just again left click and then change the link it's that simple delete this link and then go back and go into your crypto mafia back-office if you want to know what you're looking for the suit I already erased it but crypto mafia K login and my affiliate link will be marketing maybe my profile my referrals financial marketing dashboard it's got to be on the dashboard here somewhere okay it's not on the dashboard but up here my profile girl's financial marketing my link there it is sorry guys my link my referral link so I just copy that copy it go back in the wicks paste it in there and done next one fund my cause same thing same idea actually gonna click on it just to make sure the link here is going to be you can put your own link here or you can

use the team link since we are doing a team build you can just go and get your this is my Wix site for my you unified wealth team and my cos team build because I I already have my two members as well I'm giving away all my signups for this and then I go back here and change the link here and then press done okay and then the one is the trade coin club this link is a generic site it's the information website trade coin club info that's fine there's no affiliate links on that site the only other site or the only other link you're gonna need to change is the trade coin club sign up and you can go to your trade coin club back office and grab the affiliate link there as you can see here actually I don't even have to go there I know what my my link is it's going to be you can just change the back end of this it's actually s so whatever yours is you can you don't even have to go there you can just you know change that out and then make sure you press done all right and that guys um change image that is it's all you do now is you make sure you go up here to the top press publish press

publish and then you can view your site just click on view site and that's gonna be your URL that you can share with people that you know or you can use this as a landing page if you want if you want to create a a capture page and then have it read your up to this page here as you can see there's my picture my name this will go to my facebook like you can click on that and open it a new window and that goes to my facebook alright and then you want to change you want to check on your links to here just to make sure you never want to you know send someone else your signups and so you can just click on these to make sure they're going to your pages here as well and that's it that's it guys have a great day and we'll talk to you soon Thanks