23 July 2011

How to Fix Bowed/Bent/Curved Cards

Just a basic tutorial on how to "un"-bow any type of card. Basic Steps: 1. Take a Bowed Card 2. Place it face down underneath your router/modem 3. Wait an ...

hello there YouTube this is huaman here

and I'm making this video in response to the lights for night I share the same pain with you last night as to the bowing of cards curving a car it's bent cards whatever you want to call it basically what it is is one card you trade it forward you left out over the night you pull from a pack and comes out like this it's still in mint condition but it's all curved up the best way to see it on a video I'd say with this angle you can see the two shadows on the sides of the corners of the card it's really hard to see in the video but in real life you can always tell the difference and I'm pretty sure everyone knows what I'm talking about this happens in all cards games not just yugi'll I'm guessing Pokemon magic just any foil card does this especially super rares I don't know why super readers do it anymore but especially them anyways I recently figured out the solution to unbutton them whatever you want to call it and here's an example on the messenger piece on the right is the after my method and this is before as you can see there's a huge shadow on the corners like before this one and but messenger peace very

even throughout show you an overhead really quickly boom pretty curved this one straight so you might be wanting oh how did you do it did you bend your cards no I do not bend my cards because that could injure it oh did you put it under these books for like three days no because that takes a long so I would recently figure this out what you gonna want to do gonna want to do what you're going to want to do is you're going to take your card that you want unbel I'm going to place it facedown underneath your router or modem to your computer and why you want to do this um is one because the router and modem is going to be emitting heat onto your card and I guess what happens is going to cause the foil on your card to go the opposite direction the heats coming that's why you don't want to put it face up I try to put it face up and the result I tried on this card wasn't very good it kind of still stayed bowed or bowed so want to put a face down what's going to happen is the heats going to come down to it I guess the card picture is going to expand forward and it's going to straighten itself out here are some examples of other final solutions not

final solutions ah final projects I did of putting another router that all these put them on in the router and all of them turn out very nice final solutions like Hitler anyways back to the curve so you can place a facedown just redress myself placing it face down just like this and again don't place a face I'll place it face down and you're going to leave it underneath the router slash modem for I'd say two hours maybe less it really depends on Holly how badly bowed your card is and how much heat your router submitting because if there's a lot of people using Internet in your house your router is going to be more hot or if you have really badly bowed card like hidden Arsenal supers to those bow like crazy then it might take longer or shorter um so again you're just going to place it under there maybe maybe wondering what if I place it under here for too long what's going to actually happen is it's going to reverse bill and what I mean by reverse bow is the picture itself is going to be the part curving up so there's actually be it actually be like this so just imagine that this was the top of the card see how there's a little u facing down

that's what's actually going to happen except the card will be face up so the picture itself will be bulging out a little bit and I know some people don't like that but I find it better to have it reverse bowed then to have it bowed but there is a way you can stop it from having a risk boat and that's just by checking up on it every 20 to 30 minutes if you don't do that leave it on overnight um it will there's a possibility of it bowing over but it's again not as bad as having it bowed now you may be wondering oh no after you leave it on another router it's going to resort back to its original shape well for all these that I just showed you these two or three days ago so they obviously have not returned back to the original shape however when you initially take the card out from underneath the router slash modem it's going to be very hot so I recommend you do not try to fiddle or bend it um because it's going to be very hot and it's going to be pretty subject to returning to a bow so you don't want to take it and then immediately put it somewhere cool just keep it out for a little bit and allow it to cool itself

down by itself naturally get assimilate itself to room temperature where I was like putting it next to like a cold drink or using as like coaster I don't know anyone who uses their cards as coasters but you know what I mean so you don't have to worry about it cooling down and it resorting back to being bowed so I'm going to show you how I put my cards underneath I already have a card underneath I think I'm a warning underneath palms oh yeah let's walk on over to my router so yeah I have not tried putting it under any other electronic equipment but this one seems to work the best as you can see it's my router see if I get it there's a card um you can see how as little stands this is just elevating it over the card so it's not making direct contact um this one's not done yet I can already tell so I'm going to leave it here and so I've been there for like 10 minutes I think since I put it there so you can leave it here again just depends on how much heat the routers emitting and how the how badly bowed your card is you check up on it any time you want let's go back over another thing I would recommend is not putting more than one card underneath

just because I know I did that once and the trolls were still good but not as good as when I had put just one again it depends on how big your router is or bla bla bla just various possibilities of what you using as your heat source I would not recommend ironing ironing your cards because what's actually happening is this picture your laptop and you're touching your laptop from underneath and it's hot that's the heat being put onto your cards so you don't want to take like something really hot like router now router or I mean iron and like iron cards it's just something that's constantly emitting heat and it's just going to push your card forward and unfold itself so I think that's a YouTube again go check out light or nice Channel I'm probably going to post this as a video response to his bow bowing cards rant and I hope this was very informative I know I'm very very happy that I finally figured out how to unbowed without putting my underneath books so yeah it's much quicker much more success successful and yeah just very very consistent so if you like this video please rate thumbs up again go

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