19 April 2009

How to Force-Feed a Bunny

I made this video the first time Bun went into stasis when I FREAKED OUT and had no idea what to do when they handed me a syringe and a pouch of powder ...

hey everybody its Robin and today we're

gonna learn how to force-feed of bunny now you might ask yourself why are you doing this if a Saturday night Robin what's wrong with you well turns out that our little friend bun Scott here hey bud Scott has a very special little condition where his little bunny molar teeth in the back here grow into his tone ow and then he doesn't like to eat so much so then he has to go to the vet get him filed down and then hopefully he'll want to eat but the little bastard doesn't want to do that lately so we have to compel him to do it don't we don't we alright so I thought that you'd like to see how this is done because it's kind of interesting stay tuned first thing you do is you get one of these pouches from your local veterinarian it is a nutritionally complete assist feeding formula for herbivores yummy then you mix it with water and you get something that looks like something that might come out of you if you eat some bad spinach you know right anyway then you shove it in one of these bad boys and that's when the magic happens then what you're gonna do is you grab your

little bunny and you put them in a headlock yes you do you get your little bunny in a headlock then you take the syringe and you entice mr. bunny to open his freaking mouth sweetie yeah you little bastard yeah you do come on come on sweetie rabbit I swear to God they may resist just remember there we go we have contact then you gently feed you little bunny some of this delicious delicious yeah no it's good innit concoction there you go baby there you go come on take it like a champ take it like the champ that you are you're a champion rabbit yeah yeah see it's a lot easier when you just eat your freaking food isn't it we don't have to do this no no they may dribble that's part of the fun slowly let them actually swallow it you don't want to choke them that would be bad well I'm doing this you might ask yourself how much does all this cost you for just a teeny tiny little bunny and the answer you go 200 nice dollars mm-hmm yeah you're lucky you're cute otherwise I'd punch you off the balcony yeah you're no no the head like yet

there you go it's okay go champ attaboy that's right well unless there isn't this fun you take you just eat his damn pellets after this but it's alright yeah give you a chance catch up and that's the last push okay all right we didn't even make that much of a mess so now you know how to force-feed a Reb happy Saturday night everybody