09 September 2019

How to get a Service Dog|The Truth

Welcome to my channel Ares is my multipurpose service dog. He helps me live a somewhat normal life. Belle is my retired service dog she was my first service ...


[Music] [Music] so I'm back with another video um this one I'm trying to decide if it's a quick date or not because I guess like I know a lot of people that didn't actually in your service talk are gonna click on the video but like I'm just telling the truth here so yeah that's where that stands um okay so basically I'm just gonna be going through like what you need a white bike and how would you get a service dog the real way and like the legit way you're not gonna be breaking laws with it so yeah that's pretty much how this is okay okay so first off you need to be disabled um this doesn't mean you have anxiety that stresses you out before a test okay that's everybody that doesn't mean that you need a service dog for it all right um something you need to remember is not all conditions or disorders are disabling this means not everybody's pops is disabling not everybody's asthma is disabling not everybody's PTSD is disabling not everybody's you know diabetes is disabling it genuinely depends on you it

depends on you as a person and it depends on what your doctors say so along that same line one person can be disabled by an illness but this does not mean that everyone with this illness or this you know this yeah this illness is also disabled so like for me with my pots that lead that is the thing like one of the things that seriously affects my day-to-day life you know I have trouble with walking across campus because of my pops you know I can pass out at any second and my doctors have said it is disabling that's not me deciding it is that is my doctor's it affects my everyday life you can't just decide to get a service dog because you feel like it and yeah so with that with like doctors you need to go to a medical professional or like a medical doctor and not like a counselor or a therapist if you're meeting a psychiatric service dog so for PTSD anxiety depression bipolar disorders you should bring you anything like that then you need to go to a psychiatrist not a psychologist not your therapist not a counselor your school counselor you know a professional counselor nothing like that you need to

go to a psychiatrist so they can decide if this is truly the right path and not went in for two visits and brought it up because they don't know you it needs to be somebody that you've gone to for a while you know for like a decent amount of time next is don't like I know this is kind of a thing that a lot of people in the service dog community may not agree with but for me personally I say do not use a service dog as your first treatment option but it doesn't need to be you're lost so that's where the debate comes in as a lot of people will say like it needs to be your last resort like I don't think that's the case if your doctor is on board and your doctor says that they think that it's going to help you and then it's okay but if your doctors like no I'm not sure you know let's try this first then that needs to be the path that you take you know for a lot of people it was their lot like their last resort like with me it was my last resort but I think you know we were going down that path before we had start like try to other things um yeah so another thing is if your doctor says no do not take it

farther like don't just decide that you're gonna do it yourself and you know they could be saying no for quite a few different reasons so one of those is it could just not help mitigate your disability so like there's no tests that the dog could do that will help you another thing is it's just not the right treatment for you like it's just not possible for you like there is a point where you could be too disabled for a service dog um another thing on that is that if your doctor says no don't decide you're gonna switch your doctor and in the first session or two sessions you're gonna bring up a service dog all right like okay um now if your doctor says yes then do like don't walk out of the office and go grab the first puppy at a shelter you see or the first puppy you know at the mall that you see or at a pet store don't grab like the first dog you see on the side of the road nothing like that and decide it's your service dog it's a process you can't just pick up a random dog and say this is my service dog now no like that's not how it works you need to do research and a lot of it you need to you know figure out what

breed you want you need to figure out a trainer you need to figure out if you want it to do owner training or program training you need to decide if you know you need like if you're going with a breeder or a shelter you need to look at social media at Google news articles the reason I say social media is because there are so many things like you know my channel my Instagram or other handlers YouTube channels other handlers instagrams that are going to help like they're really really going to help you in the process it'll kind of okay I'll be honest like a lot of us will only post the good stuff but it will like help to show like the bad as well for a lot of the handlers that are opaque about it so yeah you just you need to look at all that kind of stuff familiarize yourself with the laws so that's a DA and state laws as well as your County laws figure out if like your county requires you to have your dog registered like as a County registration then you need to do that figure out of your county or your state has any well they can't have read bans if it's a service dog but yeah just figure out if

like your dog needs to be registered as a dog not as a service dog but as a dog in your county if there's any required shots anything like that I mean outside of the yearly ones that you have to get like figure out if like they require love dose per osis if they require Bordetella like all that kind of stuff because those aren't like they are but they aren't included and like every year shots um now while you're doing a list make sure you ignore it all the scam website so this is the fake service dog registries they look legit but they are a scam they are just trying to get your money they are not recognized by federal law they're not recognized by state laws nothing like that as I said the only registration there is is if your county requires you to have your dog registered with them so that they know that you own a dog and this would be the same as if you were getting a pet and so after you've done all of your you know our research you figured out everything right on a pros and cons list I have a video on the president's of service dogs but write it out for you write it out of what like it's gonna be

like for your disability remember that you're gonna be asked questions you're gonna get stopped you know you're gonna try and take a trip into the store for you know a minute in five minutes run in four eggs or milk or something and it's probably gonna take you like 30 okay um decide if it's worth it if your dog gets sick and you can't take them with you decide if that's okay decide you know all that kind of stuff is something that you need to figure out and just really think on if it's truly the right decision for you um the next thing is you need to have a trainer before you start so this is going on before you get your puppy go and sit into trainer like into classes with the trainer going you know go and talk to trainers go figure out what their experiences are figure out if you need to have a trainer for um tasks work and if you need to have a trainer for basics or if you can have one that does both figure out if you know you want to do the public access test because that's not required but it's something you can do um I never did one that they'll figure out if you're going to do your CGC so that's your

canine good citizen figure out if you're going you know just where you're gonna go as far as your training um the only way that you can like really get around this is if you know what you're doing and that's not just basics like if you know what you're doing for basics and you're okay but like for that you need to know what you're doing for tasks work as well so yeah as I said like you need to know what you're doing fantastic um not just oh I trained you know Joe's dog won okay what breed why say a lot and they're pretty easy to train you know know Brad's our labs are a good uh you know breed for service work they're in the top three but you know you if you decide to get like a shepherd you're not gonna be able to compare it yeah with the like top three I'd look into the Fab five so those are like what I see most common and what are most commonly referred to you also probably hear fab 3 Fab Four but I just go ahead and say Fab five so it covers all of them because when people say Fab Four the fourth dog has always changed so that's Golden's Labs poodles colles and German Shepherds um with

collies you do need to be a little bit safer because they do like they are herding breeds they're not one that I'd recommend for service work I don't recommend any herding breed for service work but I've had two and they're pretty good I mean Ares is more considered a working line but like a working breed but yeah like bells a herding breed she's a border collie mix but you know they were both good for me um so yeah as I said make sure you do a research on breathe figure out you know also write like a list of the tasks that you need to them to perform and like if you need mobility you can't get you know a toy poodle that ain't gonna cut it for anybody but if you you know if you don't need the ability you just need like you know and then you don't need mobility you need psychiatric stuff and a toy poodle might cut it for you but with that you also need to think about you know do you go to like a bunch of crowded places you know because small dogs have the risk of being stepped on and you don't want to carry your dog around everywhere because that makes you look like a fake so yeah with that you also need to find

supporters um when I say find supporters I don't just mean your family because I know family can not be supportive you also you know look in your friend group if your friends aren't supportive find new friends if you're you know your significant other isn't willing to support you then that's gonna be like a serious problem and even if you're something out there a lot of people will automatically say find a new significant other but maybe as they don't understand so I try talking to them first um you know I just kind of figuring out what is needed and what's not needed for you guys and what's gonna work for you okay so that's all I have for this video if you guys have any more like questions anything I didn't answer then please comment down below because I could see myself missing something um I'm open to talking about stuff I bought more videos planned currently quite a few more and I'm still taking like video requests though for anything that you guys are interested in um so yeah I hope you guys enjoyed I hope that this video was good for you guys and yeah it's all about that's about it alright so please like and

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