18 March 2018

How to get rid of rat infestation: in car Engine bay

I got a rat in my car engine bay. It's a perfect place for the rats because it's safe from predators and it's warm especially in the winter months. Not only is this ...

I've got a rat infestation inside my

engine bay this is extremely mad because rat pee and feces carry a lot of lately diseases and rat is known to eat away and destroy everything including wood plastic rubber and even metal so not only is this dirty it's also bad for the car because they can just go in here and eat away off the electrical wiring in my engine bay and destroy my car so today I will show you how to remove the cover from this engine and how to prevent the ramps from ever coming back in here again so let's get started alright so there are no screws that hold this plastic cover to the engine there are only three pins that hold this together one here one pin here one pin right here is the bottom of the cover and these are the rubber grommet that's mounted on the metal pins right here now I've gotta clean up this mess this is so sick all right time to put back the cover just align the holes with the pins push it down [Music] now that my cover is in I'm gonna have to find a way to prevent the ramp from coming back here again I've got this rat

trap here I was thinking of putting it on top of the cargo just like that but the problem that this is every time I Drive my car I have to remove the trap otherwise you'll fall down here especially if it goes between the belts assembly in here that it's gonna destroy my car and I'm easy to forget things so I can't use this and this is what I'm gonna use perfume this particular perfume has a very strong smell abuse this before in my greenhouse and they used to come here and poop all over the shelf pretty nasty let's leave some drops and still in there in the bricks let me zoom in but since the introduction of this perfume they don't come here anymore absolutely no more it's all clean now I think the reason why this works is because the smell of the perfume is too overwhelming the rats sense of smell is really sharp probably hundreds of times sharper than a human so when they come into this greenhouse and encounter this perfume the sense of smell is too overwhelmed and that would mess up their olfactory senses they are nocturnal creatures so they do rely a lot on their sense of smell so not only do they need this male

for finding a potential mate food water they also needed sniff out predators as well so for example if there's a in here before the rats still need a sniff out this place to find the trace of a cat because if the rat fail to do so it will be eventually eaten so I think that's the reason why this perfume works for preventing the rats from coming in here anymore right so here we go may was so strong down here is quite hot so it may not retain this Mayo too long but up here on the hope that's some sort of fabric and if I spray this in here it's gonna help absorb its perfume better and we'll stay here this man will stay here longer much longer so hopefully there's no more rats but I might attract another kind of animal human but that's okay because they can't get into my engine alright so that's it for now I hope you enjoyed the video and thanks for watching I've seen you next time