10 September 2019

How to get your Puppy walking on leash like A Show Dog in one day.( Tips ) Baby meats Cute puppy.

Baby meets Cute Puppy for the first time. We use this trick to teach puppies how to walk on A leash FAST.

Tenace get in pretty big getting ready

for the show [Music] [Applause] so this is how we pray we train we train answer to walk on the leader but don't fightin he liked this boil so he would run run after the ball totally forgot that is on mom oh you would be where you put dirt on him he would start to fight and he was crying he doesn't want he chewed up this because he is crying on the top he wants to get away from it but the cost of he looks like he doesn't look like a puppy anymore it's like a mini big dog is developing so nicely he's getting pretty big he's developing neck muscles shoulder muscles all right let's try walking with our 31 I'll just hold the ball in my hand like casual like this I'm not bouncing it and see if he comes with me ready for the show undateable remove the lead don't stress him out right you see you're free I wasn't so hard if you want to teach a puppy to do something don't stress here wait a minute you walk in yourself no all right come on okay hello mister [Music]

[Music] [Applause] Toshio tanam another thing we did that we realize now every dog is different what we really like to do is bite the leader so he would buy the lead like that you're not doing it now because he is he wants to play with the baby so we went between your legacy rich they all like to do you want to clean your leg you want the robot want to come and sit down right next a Anton upside down baby you looking like one now stood on your foot like Sundy so anyhow shoulder is tomorrow come let's show them only progress we made you show your toes facing forward so in six months boy this is some really good what's the judge and remember with a puppy they have very short attention span so what we did with him here this is to treat is short work a little 5 minutes in the mornin 5 minutes in the evening but always make it like a play make it with a toy a treat something if they fight I never talk their mouth like you're trying to discipline them because they don't know it's that they want to play so if you make whatever training

you're trying to train them like again they're gonna be tricked thinking it's playtime but they're gonna play the game very well and you're gonna get the result you need so wish us luck all right I know sigh no teddy camera listen at least I know TV camera you looking at me ha ha good day people what we gonna use to get him to be brave you know we practice with him walking around the yard yeah around the yard but no we're going out onto the road but to be sure we have him distracted because when he reached Teddy Street and he reached on unfamiliar territory we don't know if he's gonna pause and be scared and we don't want to have that right nothing hi hi buddy neighbor see in his looking scared and clumsy so yes I'm interested in the ball let's practice some fetch yeah rinkie born from a good boy yeah good boy bring it born yeah don't want to turn him over too much all right easy there boy what do you want come on go get him good boy good boy come on good boy can I have it no you buy dinner Dada oh good boy comfort

comfort now hey good boy here you have it right now I take away the ball you see he's looking our own confused you know realized in a strange place he's more focusing on the ball he doesn't even know he walk and as always say with a puppy five minutes never let them feel stressed on always be like a quick five minutes game and lock them up so next time you come they were willing ready to go because they think okay this is just a little game they gonna play so go ahead trick in it make what you want them to learn the game so they're gonna be and they're smart they will play the game very well and you'll be happy instead of fighting them you know yelling at them and they learn so fast like sign off you video tell them thanks for coming thanks for viewing make sure to subscribe but what do you think you still have enough energy on em we could try that hill over there maybe next day