03 September 2018

How to give your cat a WATERLESS BATH with Waterless Pet Shampoo by NudieNaturals

How to give your cat a WATERLESS BATH with Waterless Pet Shampoo by NudieNaturals. Nudie Naturals™ is a registered, trademarked product line designed ...

hello good morning everyone this is

Little Miss Maya she wants to show off for everybody yeah can you show them your face not your butt classic my procedure isn't it so this little cutie is going to have a waterless cat bath to show all of you how to properly use our waterless shampoo so the purpose of the waterless shampoo and mine doesn't remember label like the fancy ones we send out to all of you we save the labels save the trees anyway the purpose of the waterless bath is to help us to keep the Kitty's skin clean and moisturized in between a traditional water bath so that their skin stays not only more clean but more hydrated and when their skin is more hydrated they actually produce less oil they produce oil in response to their skin getting dry so the more we keep their skin clean and hydrated the cleaner they are and the better health their skin will be so especially if you have a kitty that's very very oily that needs frequent baths the waterless bath can help to do that in between to help you and then not have to have the regular water bath so often and also if it's a cat that's really really bad with taking their bath this can be very helpful I've had several

people who before being able to have the waterless shampoo they actually I've got to the point they weren't even able to bathe their cat anymore for various reasons whether the cat was having such a difficult time with it getting themselves so stressed out or scratching the owner and the owner having like a bleeding disorder or diabetes or whatnot and medical situations were they really couldn't risking scratched by the cat what you are just pounding to know how we're gonna give you a bath yeah we're crazy so anyway it can be really really extremely helpful the situations that I don't recommend the water this bath is actually if you have a young kitten mikemaya you don't want to exclusively use the waterless bath use it once in a while if you need it but especially when they're young we want to prioritize giving them a regular bath as much as possible if I wasn't doing this just to show you guys today and actually even after this we'll probably give her a regular water bath because you know we want to initiate and establish that behavior and have the kitten get it used to a water bath as possible so up until

the age of like a year old I really don't recommend using the waterless too often so that you train them well in in the regular bath and get them used to the water also if you have a cat with skin allergies one that is dealing with some type of current skin problem skin infection you know rashes bumps any type of thing that you're dealing with like a chronic skin problem other than just normally dry oily or normal skin whatnot don't use the waterless bath because the product just being left sitting on the skin might not be good for them in that case a lot of times cats with skin allergy issues will do better just with like our restorative shampoo which you put on and while shop and just leaving their skin as free of product left on it as possible it's usually best but you know and every cat has different skin in different situations so if anybody ever has any questions about our products please just reach out to me I have a whole kind of series of questions I can ask you to help figure out which product works best for your kitty so that's it let's get going on the back so you're gonna start

with your exfoliating bath gloves and this is really critical for the waterless bath I honestly don't know how anyone gives their hero is put about without these they're so awesome you just really can't remove the buildup and oil as well without them but for the waterless bath it's really not gonna work without these gloves because you really need it to you really need them to scrub them and explain it off so you don't eat up a lot of product probably about a little over a quarter sized amount and put it in your gloves and scrub it around like that so it's nice and even you know what do you think of this Maya it's funny because she's peeing the whole way through and this is it we just go from head to butt get it all over knee give them a nice little massage as you're doing it getting all the creases in the neck pull those ears apart getting those wrinkles yeah I know you're so young to have free clothes Oh scrub under the armpits or get way down and the water this bath is made with all-natural ingredients just like all of our other products so completely safe it's fine if you get it in their eyes

you know you try not to but it doesn't actually have any sacrified ingredients any soap ingredients to it won't burn their eyes even our regular soap is very a regular shampoo is very low so face it won't burn their eyes and it's this is safe to use on their genitals unlike some shampoo products you got to be careful so with this we can clean everything yep more on your backside and this wild thing she is a funny one this can't use a funny one that's it and once you're done the back you'll see how gross your gloves look from all of the dirt and oil you've gotten off of them and we do sell the waterless shampoo with a conditioner as well really the best way to buy it is our triple combo we call it with the regular shampoo the waterless shampoo and the conditioner and that way you stagger you give a regular bath and then maybe a week later if they need to give a waterless bath and each time you apply the conditioner afterwards and the conditioner is helpful even after the waterless bath because the winner of this bath has more ingredients to cleanse them and cleanse their skin and the conditioner has humectants and water

which actually helps hydrate the skin the purpose of humectants and a product is to get the water into the skin and hydrate it so that is it she's good and all clean we can see some black dirtiness over there for sure mm-hmm and she looks you know even without the conditioner she just looks more soft and shiny yeah do you still wish I knee [Music] alright guys that is it we'll talk to you later hi [Music]