09 August 2016

How to Groom your Rabbit - BUNNY DIARIES #2

Grooming your rabbit is one of the most important aspects to bunny pet care. If you're new to owning a rabbit, watch the video to get some bunny pet care facts or ...

so it's grooming time gotta groom my max

he's quite big yeah he's got a lot of fur on his butt yeah that needs to be groomed basically to groom a rabbit you need a handy dandy brush so I've got my Furminator and you got a comm the rabbit so he might be a bit nervous that's okay cuz you can give them ear rubs and head rubs basically you go very gently and you brush with the fur not against the fur this might feel uncomfortable for the rabbit so you go with the fur I really like this brush the furminator we've tried so many different rabbit brushes but this one is really the one that really gets all of the hair and it has this really cool like button here so you can brush you get a bunch of hair stuck in the brush and then you can just hold the button and it will fall off this is really neat actually whoa sorry baby yeah you know you being a good boy being a good boy you don't want to get you stay on you stay mr. pressure the reason why you need to brush them so often is because unlike cats rabbits cannot puke up there first so they groom themselves a lot so cut up they groom themselves a lot and they lick you know

they groom everything they groom their ears they groom their bellies their butts their cheeks their necks and if there's any like loose fur it will get stuck in their mouths and then it will get stuck in their poop and their digestive digestive tract they won't be able to puke it up like cats like a furball so this can become very very dangerous and you just need to make sure that you continuously groom your rabbit so he does not have this problem Oh No ah okay okay okay kicking rabbits or number fun no all his fur is going everywhere she like put him down should I put you down baby should I put you down yeah you want to get down so yeah but for now that's enough fur that's enough that's enough fur that I've taken out I will probably do more tomorrow but for now let's put him through enough and he'll go outside and play huh yeah check it look at all that fur I got fur pants and I've got fur on my sweater I got fur everywhere check it look at my arm it's a fur arm new fashion right yeah look how much fur you can get out of your rabbit in one session

I can make like I can make like five rabbits out of this can make like oak couture with this check it it's in my mouth too and I'm sure if I told you guys that I'm allergic to rabbit fur you wouldn't believe me but I am usually I brush them wearing one of these hey guys when the fur gets up my nose I will be sneezing for the next hour they most likely will I already feel it coming but usually I wear one of these but that would have been kind of stupid for the video right so decide not to UM I'll be posting some tips brushing tips how to brush a rabbit just feel like maybe top five tips in the description below so if you guys like it um give the video like if you have any sort of other advice more suggestions complaints dislikes whatever comment as well I would love to be part of it and I would love to for you guys to interact or just let me know like your tips or whatever subscribe if you there's gonna be all kinds of different blocks coming bunny bunny videos so subscribe like comment whatever or not okay I wish you guys