12 August 2018


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hey Lenny's welcome back in light of these hot summer months here in the US today's video is on how to keep your rabbits cool in the summertime keeping your rabbits cool is one of the most important aspects of rabbit care domestic bunnies are so sensitive to heat that temperatures above 85 degrees Fahrenheit or 29 degrees Celsius can induce a heat stroke this is why it's so important for domestic bunnies to live indoors so before we move on let's go over some of the signs of a heat stroke in rabbits wet fur below the nose heavy and fast breathing flared nostrils hot ears and feet lethargy and confusion and finally convulsion these signs are dangerous and if you suspect a heatstroke get your rabbit to the nearest rabbit experienced hospital moving along first and foremost if you have air-conditioning use it no ifs ands or buts bunnies generally do well between 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit since tiles are dense and great conductors they're wonderful to set on the floor and create a chilled surface for your bunnies to lay on you can even place them in the

fridge for about 15 minutes to make them colder just remember to keep the tiles out of direct sunlight so they retain their chilled effect next you can take some plain water bottles and freeze them to place in your bunnies living space you can also cover them up with socks so they're more comfortable to lay next to or place them without the sock as long as the wrapper is removed in the same vein I also like using these hot and cold therapy bags which you can just stick in the freezer and place next to your bunnies since rabbits regulate their own temperatures through their ears you can miss some tepid water on their ears to keep them cool remember to never soak or submerge your rabbits in water it's so important to brush your bunnies regardless of the temperature but more so when it's hot outside rabbit fur is a great insulator so they'll be thankful if you help them shed that winter coat if you have a long-haired rabbit giving them a trim or shearing them for the summer is also advised don't forget that keeping your bunnies hydrated is key make sure a large water bowl is available to them 24/7 bottles with nozzles unfortunately

just don't keep them hydrated enough you can even plot some ice cubes into their water bowls to keep their water nice and cold another way to keep your bunnies hydrated is by feeding them wet veggies you can either run the veggies under water or spray them down with a bottle only do this when it's a very hot outside and especially if you suspect a dehydration as too many wet veggies can cause tummy issues be sure to block out any sunlight by closing your curtains and blinds keep in mind that light-colored curtains absorb less heat than dark-colored curtains blinds in particular will help keep a room dark and cool if you keep any fleece or blankets and your bunnies playpens or living quarters I strongly suggest removing them for the summertime as most fleece is made from polyester and polyester is a thermal conductor a safe alternative is anything made from cotton such as sheets or pillow pieces cotton is a lot more breathable especially in humid environments and if you live in a dry environment you can spritz them down with water and refrigerate them for about 10 to 15 minutes before giving them to your

bunnies finally when it comes to fans rabbits don't sweat or pant so they don't experience the same evaporation a fan creates with humans if the air circulation is hot and dry it'll only make your rabbit feel hotter which is dangerous if you use a fan make sure it's not pointing directly at your bunnies and you instead want the airflow moving throughout the room so a rotating fan is best ceiling fans with blades turned counterclockwise will also help move cold air downward alright guys so that's it for this video thanks so much for tuning in don't forget to like calm and subscribe it the notification bell and we'll see well soon [Music]