02 November 2019

How to make dog treats

hey guys today we're gonna be making

some dog treats so I'm gonna do the announcements first because I always just do them right in the middle of the video and it's kind of annoying because I'm just doing something and then I'll randomly just say something so first announcement if you hear any background noise my sister's playing music and I told her to turn it down all the way to use the headphones that I gave her but she's obviously not gonna listen to me and she's gonna play it out loud I mean she's playing it quietly but still second announcement I did this video before and I made a different kind of dog treat and when I was editing it anything at I said I didn't have enough space to save it to my device so I deleted everything and me being the dummy I am I deleted the video that I was editing so you got believe it yeah oh yeah I made a different kind of treat this is that's pretty much it for announcements now I'm going to have things that we need for this now just ingredients and things of me general okay number one your dog's favorite crunchy hard treat number two your dog's food your dog's normal food that they usually number three we need some

old-fashioned oats number four need a small bowl or a measuring cup number five some all-purpose flour number six a slightly brown banana number seven you need some and number eight you will need a plastic ziplock bag all righty all over our ingredients we're gonna get started oh yeah number nine you need some water okay so we're gonna start off with our ziplock bag and our dog's food and the crunchy treat so what you're gonna do is open your ziploc bag and then put the treat inside the bag close off your bag get something very sharp or heavy or something like really heavy like a hammer or like a meat grinder thing like I have and start smashing you're gonna want to smash your treat until it is very sandy and like you know all ground-up you know until they're all little crumbs oh yeah we're making dog a boat meal okay guys is that this little meat grinder thing I was using don't use it use some people use like a wooden spoon or something because I was using it and it put all tiny tiny they put all sorts of tiny little holes in the bag because it's sharp don't know why I didn't think that through I'm just too

dumb to figure that out so yeah I used a wooden like spoon spatula thing to smash it and actually it works surprisingly well I'm gonna give it one last little chop here okay so I'm chopping up my and now we are going to pour it into our measuring cup or small bowl [Music] if your tree is not all chopped up enough then you can chop it when it's in the little container okay so mine has a little bit of big chunks in it but it's not terrible it's pretty good now oh [Music] crap I'm an idiot [Music] that's how you tell them down clean it up okay so now that we got it all in our little measuring cup we are going to put the dog food in the bag and do the exact same thing I've got in your bag because my other one has four inches okay I'm going to fill mine about that much okay get ready for this part again this time we're gonna use my meat grinder again but I'm gonna use this part of this because it's flat and that spikey like these segments flipz crushing this up more better than any of these other things not so hard to crush

[Music] so so hard to crush up but I'm gonna do is create some kind of like a sift I'm gonna use some scissors and I'm going to cut the tiniest little holes in the bottom of my bag see you and I have done that now you're gonna kind of shake it they're very comfortable [Music] yes kind of working out if you see any big chunk this fall out of your bag it's okay you can just take them out you know what I'm going to do I'm going to pour out this whole entire bag then I'm just gonna pick out all the little big chunks okay so I'm finally done picking out all those little chunks in there I know I still have a couple but they're not very big bulk so so the next forever but the next step you want to mix these together I'm just going to use my scissors but you can use your hands or anything I see a big chunk in there stuff [Music] so as you can see I am looking a little bit chunky in there so I'm gonna do what I did before take my meat burger thing I'm just gonna smash it up cuz there's no bag this time

finally done so it's a little tiny bit chunky still but it's okay cheese I spent most of my time just doing that so now what we're gonna do is add in our oats like you know it's oatmeal you can't have oatmeal without oats so I'm going to try to get about this much oats and I'm going to put it in my measuring cup or both next you are going to add in some flour don't add too much add about like one teaspoon of flour good unless maybe half to two okay so mine is all added some backside so it should be looking like this so far it's hard to yeah it should be looking like that the next step is our slightly brown banana there's no exact amount you can add you know just take a little bit maybe about that much maybe less yeah just a little less there about that much then just break it up a little bit your hands or a knife or something and put it [Music] okay so I just rinsed off my hands with this the rest of the banana you can like eat it or put it in your freezer or whatever fridge do whatever with it try not to throw it away it's like you know you're wasting something or you know if

your dog likes bananas just give it to them or feet it's those squirrels you know don't like it ok for the second to last ingredient you're going to add peanut butter okay so we're not gonna add too much of this just I don't have much peanut butter in here anyways so I'm just gonna take about that much in my spoon and I'm just gonna try to get it off and put it in here okay so I got as much of it out as possible and this is what we have so far I know it looks kind of gross but it won't once it's all mixed in done or it at least shouldn't so you're gonna mix this up a little bit don't be alarmed that I'm mixing this tonight this is just what I have I'm a very messy person so sorry if there's a lot of mess that I'm making here probably one of the messiest people alive okay so it's okay if you don't mix it completely because we're going to add water and then put it in a bigger bowl for your dog to enjoy add a little bit of water to as much as you think you should need after you do that you mix it by the way try to make your water a little bit hot as you don't want cold oatmeal even if you're a dogs you

probably don't want cold oatmeal okay I only added about half the cup and then you're going to try to mix it as much as you possibly something and so your other ingredients mix it together and it will look kind of like oatmeal if it doesn't it doesn't really matter because your dog doesn't care I'm almost done sorry about that talking in the background my sister's being very annoying today pillow should look like this are close to half it might look disgusting to you but to your dog it looks wonderful it looks like a wonderful little treat because that's what it is take your oatmeal put it in a little a ziploc bag you use lots of Ziploc bags here imagine what the world is like to them have them are terrible they eat a spoon it's much easier [Music] this part is actually optional I'm gonna do it though because I don't know if my dog was completely mixed up probably not because I know myself so close your ziplock bag of course no kindly knead it with your hands so I get it all mixed up

[Music] now if you watching you can run this don't put the water in it but you can draw put this bag under some hot water and let it sit there for a minute or a couple of seconds so it'll be a little bit hot gonna get hot but I'll make it hot now so if you want to say this you can put it in your fridge and save it for later or you can give it to your dog right now it's probably good for about maybe a week maybe even less I don't know just try it and you know this is your terrible youtube video making person calling out see ya [Music]