26 July 2018

How To Make Your Dog Sit Dog Training

now I'm working with smart though

actually got three of them American Bully this is kang okay look hey boy hey boy down down really good boy no down now hey come up hey really gotta keep the attention when you're out training come a well-trained dog you cannot beat he can't go wrong cop no annoying it how you doing Queen come what come just work in progress yeah sit the good boy good boy good boy that's a really good one yeah no stay stay stay [Music] Chun begins attention he's focused on everything yeah it's like his tennis fan so it's it this my sister I'll do my thing like that down this down now good boys stay stay stay it's a really good way and you see if I know stay walk off and leave them okay okay listen no down stay stay no stay no snow down now yeah get them together okay okay be in my house and they came this steak steak [Music] yeah so my owner he's protective trying to

somebody on a motor school he very distracted hey get him I give them little walk keeping tight on a obedience I would be working and going to school so myself what they do get out they enjoy it come on all right he works as ever I'm gonna see big cat or something over there he do it let me introduce cuz the other huh I shout out to Jeezy baby ZZ baby I ain't gonna take no nothing from words easy baby wanna really get care how he is that's how pretty baby is easy baby train huh Guevara de Guevara Susana exhibit this dog right here I got a lot of money invested it huh [Music] season a a pocket bully sit good girl really good care of girl really good and induce in pinky figure this this is my wildcards she's a firecracker sit she got so much any but she listens to me I knows so this is the best down down the property way I always walk my dogs to my left I use this my right hand I put in in the hole so when I'm walking

I keep keeping my disc back on set yeah sit good girl sit I didn't say they'll come on come on pinky down down down that's my pinky baby really good girl drop the least step away stay no stay stay man she's doing a really good job cop come to cry come here that's a really good pinky piggies perspective well I can't confirm yet but she's expecting the litter just waiting for more telltale sign she's expecting the litter to drive around September look so that's how I made over that cane come right here got a lot of money invest to him I sent him to school for protection and obedience what they use is the suits for the bite work reads not like those they serve most of the purpose they can keep intruders and let you know when I wanted guesses around your property you walking down the street again the sidewalk angel cartels name I'm with Kendall I do like to deal with bullies these are on right now I have a brother he has any type of poodle any type of sweet though this won't do

so the first one I hear sit sit stay stay stay really good down down no down really good really good first one I hit is K I was out of town GZ baby us a wild herd of money and she went to get them I mean a dog is my favorite Bob passes my favorite one what I absorb I also enjoy horses - I love horseback riding I used to show horses ride Tennessee walkers down down really good [Music] I'm gonna walk them back to the house in the end because is really not an easy task walking off the road she I got teased how to not the pool she likes the pool but cuz they over here she don't give me a problem she's worried about my side this is the other vid this dollars she just wanna be bad me see all other dollars good cuz he later ran off down there wander and plan and stuff this dog just wanna be a bunny she just wanna be buddy that's a good character good she gonna stay close by me because that is the smallest bully I get and she won't get no bigger than 12:00 is south

she's really short of cocky come on let's go home this one house come on let's take care what's that they hand on that we're right down I pray everyone have a peaceful relaxed my I'm out of here let's go