14 April 2014

How to Mix and Use Permethrin SFR Insecticide

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gorgeous day outside hey I'd rather be

outside than inside however roaches ants and other insects have a different agenda they want to be in my house instead of outside so I'm gonna do something about that my name is Keith McCoy the solution self-cam and I'm going to use a product called per meter and SFR to create a chemical barrier around those entry points this product is produced by control solutions out of Pasadena Texas contains a 36.8% permethrin got a little bit of odor not bad lasts several hours but the residual is wonderful I'm gonna mix this at a rate of one point to three ounces per gallon of water in a pump sprayer and I'm gonna apply it around the windows doors the eaves and also the perimeter of the house give me just a second I'm gonna make some of this product up and I'll be right back with you okay we've actually put a half gallon of water in our pump sprayer it's always a good idea to add chemical to water instead of vice versa so just for safety reasons we're gonna remove our top and on our bottle here this is a nifty little bottle it's called a squeeze measure it's basically you

squeeze the ball that comes up this tube and it fills up this reservoir this side measures and milliliters this side measures in ounces and of course we're gonna measure the ounces we're gonna take the measuring side cap off and all you do is squeeze the bottle and it flows up through the tube and it fills up in here again we're going to mix this at a rate of 1 and 2/3 ounces per gallon of water the reservoir only goes up to one out so we've measured an ounce there we're going to take that pour that into our sprayer and then we're going to measure once again up to 2/3 of an ounce and we're going to pour that into the sprayer and put our cat back on set that aside and we'll go and fill up the sprayer up to the one gallon mark with water and we'll be ready to apply I'll be right back okay we've got our product mixed up we're ready to go you know I always like to think of safety first I've got my gloves on I've got my protective eyewear you know this is especially important whenever you're spraying around windows doors simply because you're spraying overhead and you want to avoid any kind

of fallout also you want to avoid the drift as well I've on this pump sprayer I've got a nozzle tip here where I can adjust the type of spray pattern that I want I'm going to put out a cone fan type spray pattern that's going to give me maybe a four or five inch swath and I'm going to spray that around the the corners and the edges of the windows and doors that way I can protect any kind of cracks crevices from for insects from going into those areas I'm also going to spray it around the perimeter of the house - down along the slab area where I've got some weep holes I'm gonna spray the product about two feet up and about two to three feet out that'll give me a good protective chemical barrier so I'm gonna go ahead and finish this up I'm gonna go all the way around the home and I'll be right back with you in just a few minutes okay we're just now finishing up its our last window and finishing up around the perimeter of the house I think we've got all of our entry points protected and sealed up with a chemical barrier permethrin SFR great product produced by control solutions out of Pasadena Texas we've got a little bit of odor not too

bad though but the residual is really wonderful can be used both indoor/outdoor can be used in commercial buildings homes can be used on lawns flowerbeds health institutions just many many different types of areas that you can use this product in great for mosquitoes roaches ants spiders ticks chinch bugs it can be used in ornamental beds so remember permethrin sf4 it's available and quart sized containers it's also available in 1.25 gallon containers and for any tips additional advice contact our 800 number at it's toll-free