12 August 2019

How To Properly Take Care Of A Dog🐶- Adopt Me♥️ Roblox

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hey you guys it's nineties and before we

set this video I want to tell you guys that if you guys want to pet be sure that you are willing to take care of it because they're really really really a big responsibility you have to take care of them feed them take them a bag take a month or two go to the restroom clean up their mess it's just a big big responsibility okay and if you guys do get a pet of anything you will any kind of pet dog cat birds bunnies I have two doggies and I have two bunnies and I love them so much and they take care of them and babies and I've had them for years so make sure that you guys give them lots and lots of love because that's all they ever won this is cute little love and hugs and kisses okay so let's get right into this video bye guys ah just arrived in town okay [Music] first when you get to my house okay here's me with it okay can you get off my car thank you finally I ever ride [Music] okay so the person we hired you could make my house did an amazing job but she left her dog stuff here water food kids

- okay well I need to get rid of okay so I need to get rid of a lot of stuff okay before we know it's dark and I need to go to sleep so tired but maybe a quick shower would [Music] okay all are refreshed okay let's go get some breakfast and seeing all these kids and all these Petra has is making me think that I've been pretty lonely for a couple of years now and I'm not ready to adopt a baby yet I'm still young and a baby just doesn't feel right for me right now look these pip does actually make me meet you think that maybe I should get a pet okay let's go into town and see what they have at the adoption center [Music] take care of these people with their pets so cute [Music] babies yes well I think these are all the 50 head okay but you know clicking catches my attention there's little cute doggy here okay so where do I go and get to the little doghouse it is I am here cuz I wanna hook up a little pet for myself please and I was looking at that cute little

penguin okay is hard okay [Music] oh my god I think this is love at first sight I'm taking him does I'm taking hand thank you bye I've never seen something so precious before okay oh and it'll be baccardo what do you want to do today hmm you know what I've only seen a dog bowl of food full and a bag so let's go to the store of this and let's see what we could buy you have two little bones a doughnut toy okay now put it down and [Music] [Music] [Music] come on okay how about we go home and get settled and I'll show you around [Music] [Music] glad there's kids everywhere I'm so glad I got a little a puppy for myself I think tips are too much work oh you sleepy okay let's go put you to bed okay time this is your new little home okay so this is a room okay this is where we could hang out and watch TV you and I [Music]

okay this is your bed it's night time so maybe I shoulda taught see and I need some sleep too cuz I'm pretty exhausted getting a new puppy it's very very exhausting okay first a fresh new start Oh Tommy I need to go check up on him Oh Todd you still sleepy oh no he's awake oh are you thirsty okay let's get you some water oh and you need a little back to cause you know it's pinky-winky you're still thirsty all mother okay drink and then I'll take you up back oh wait a second I don't have okay give me one sec up top suffering your water then I'm gonna be peeing everywhere okay so let's see here okay I can't carried away and bio classes okay oopsies hey come on time I just bought you a ride it's okay okay let's go upstairs and buy you a cute little tub so that I can babe you in let's see mm look there is this tub that is cute blonde Oval Office big circular one which one do you want odd this one's perfect [Music] okay there oh just give you a little

piece time oh look a show here - oh he's a good boy okay do you wanna go to the pool party okay let's go oh you've been such a really really good boy so I'm gonna find you the biggest treat they have and you're thirsty okay let's go to your little pool party and then we could go and buy you some water please kids get out of the way it look like [Music] okay you know which one would be best the big one musical under water slide okay Todd we're here okay I'm gonna be scared you ready when to pick up do it oh my gosh look that was fun wasn't it oh yeah it should go boy [Music] okay wait to next don't have a dog boy let's go look around I have that Google's don't have a dog part but they do have these little kids part but we could do it this so let's get me sweetie [Music] excuse me Todd I think this is like the happiest out of everything you do is the best you're the best okay I was lonely and I was sad but then I I adopted you and don't first company

that I could ever ask for it is so true you get under your tongue you go kid become [Music] I'm gonna sleep here teeny bikini uppers we need a bath okay let's go cuz we've had a very very productive day today okay Todd well this was a really really wonderful day like did the best day ever and I'm so happy that I got you I promise promise promise to always take care of you okay and I review and give you all the tissues in the world of commuters pick everything you taught at blondie [Music]