02 March 2013

How to raise a baby bunny with no momma, part 4

I still am trying!

doesn't work that way does it

what hate see they're not dummy more with the bottle okay see real good so you move away it stops well the only Airin your almost walk around a little bit too big is three weeks Hey look at the camera hey Sam doing good get bloated I know this is not my favorite part is it help I know I know hate this go or do it slow just need a little bit one day that's going to hurt okay oh you're so cute cutie pie hold on I'll feed the other one in a minute I guess he's done yeah it's funny they'll going on a corner and you can tell when they're peeing cuz they're all relaxing well he was probably peeing right then yeah he's like in the corner he like lets it go he is but beg like that he wasn't look around he wasn't moving yeah that's when he's peeing you're getting more active mm-hmm one more week and then four weeks got turds make sure that'll get clogged little turds like to pile up and cause a problem and we need the but hold it clear okey ready Walter takes a minute you must know one exit chute

run away to it well Larry did a shake and you got a scratch again cuz we didn't get it last time all right we see don't want them to overeat it's a music no liquidity I'm still eating hey there Tony just get a good angle that's one that didn't eat game of some LT so you'll make will feel better to hear me a blink it's a good sign that they're eating like that and then that one right there with the pink on it I think you might not 8z nee now don't do milk this round you will the next round you