19 April 2019

How to rescue kittens with a feral mom

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if you find young kittens outside the

best thing to do is keep them with their mom what happens if the mom cat is feral after making sure we had located the kittens we decided to try and trap the mom first then we could come back and scoop them we asked the neighbor who had been feeding her to withhold food for at least one day so with that when we set out a trap with food she'd be interested [Music] now we're able to go back to where we had located the kittens and place them in a carrier it's important not to keep the kitten separated from their mom for too long so make sure you have a plan and move quickly since the mom is feral you can't just let them lose in a small room we need a way to be able to access the kittens while keeping her safe and secure so we put a carrier inside a crate and we can lock the carrier when we need to access the crate thankfully the kittens looked healthy overall so for the first day or so our goal was just to leave them alone and let mom settle in and calm down [Music] she prefers as much privacy as possible so we set up a little camera to monitor

them remotely this little baby was the runt of the litter so we needed to keep an extra eye on her and make sure she was feeding regularly and growing to get access to the kittens we duct-taped a spatula onto the end of a broom stick so that we could very carefully scoop the little meatballs out of the carrier and check them out individually [Music] [Music] [Music] raising kittens with our mom is way easier and that's why it's really important to bring her along she does the feeding the washing and basically takes care of everything all you need to do is feed her clean the crate and watch out for any medical issues [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] here's a closer look at how we can safely access the crate for example if we need to put food in or clean up the

blue broomstick handle is used to open and close the carrier door while we're on the other side of the crate so we're completely separated protective gloves are always a good idea when dealing with the feral cat but notice how the broomstick handle prevents the carrier door from being opened after placing food in or cleaning the crate then I can open the carrier door while the broomstick handle is still in place then I will close the crate door so I'm secure and slowly move the broomstick handle [Music] after the kittens are a few weeks old we're ready to start eating with them [Music] you may notice them still continuing to nurse occasionally and you may notice that not all kittens make the transition at the same time [Music] after a few weeks we're able to be in the room while the crate door is open this can be a little scary at first and you need to pay attention to mom's body language but in this case she has decided that we're not a threat to the kittens as long as we keep our distance

from her everything is okay you can capture some of the most special moments when you're not in the room because mom is a lot more comfortable when it's just her in the kittens it's so amazing to see a feral cat just playing and having fun even if it doesn't mean that she wants to be indoors or be around people [Music] once the kittens are between eight and twelve weeks you can safely spay the mom and release her back outside if she's feral in this case she's actually happier to be outside this is her home she doesn't want to live with people and she doesn't need to be with her kittens we gave her the best care we possibly could by getting her spayed vaccinated and giving her space to safely raise her kittens [Music] [Music] but now that they're all at least 2 pounds in 8 weeks old we can get these guys spayed and neutered we can just focus on enjoying our time with them until we find the right forever home for each cat [Music] the entire process from rescuing kittens

all the way up until getting them ready for adoption can often take around two or three months and it's a lot of work it's also obviously a lot of fun and the memories that we have from these cats we're going to stick with us for a long time you can easily foster kittens like this even with a busy work schedule you just have to spend a little time with them in the morning and of course a little bit of time with them in the evening and lots on the weekends if you have the time and space to do something like this it's incredibly helpful for your local rescue organization please contact them and volunteer to foster and create a story like this all your own because Jasper and Harley were closely bonded we adopted them out together as a pair and Phoenix went to a home with another cat that was a similar age so she would have a brother as well [Music]