23 December 2013

How to smuggle any pill through security

Dr. Instructo teaches you how to get any pill of your choice though a security checkpoint, using common and affordable objects.


and welcome to how to smuggle an email discreetly through a security checkpoint today we're going to show you a cheap easy and foolproof method what will enable you to get any fill of your choice through a security checkpoint do we have laid out all the materials that you're going to need this project first and most importantly we have the fill of your choice then we have an adventure medical kit or some kind of first-aid kit which is optional we recommend I'm going to need some invisible tape and then we're going to need some little maggots we've got some tweezers which are optional but recommended for handling the tape so you don't smudge it and then finally we have our exacto knife which we're going to use to cut the tape and and now let's get started okay so our first step is going to be slicing open the pill packet in order to remove the pills that come in it you're gonna take our exact tonight and we're gonna recommend that you cut the back of the packet be careful to only cut one side you don't want to cut through any text or graphical elements because it's more likely that someone's gonna notice the slice or imperfection

through those so for our package here if we're gonna choose to cut between the barcode at the bottom and the text because that'll give us a nice clean line we're nones we were gonna notice the slice so you're gonna want to hold the blade as parallel possibly can we're gonna want to get a nice even slice probably no wider than a half an inch just enough so we're gonna push those pills out if you want to and now we're gonna stick or smuggle pool and we're gonna pop that right back in the bracket pressing down to get any air bubbles inside of the bag it out and now we're going to move on to taping at Mejico so we have our visible tape I'm gonna stretch out a piece of that I'm making careful not to smudge it at all we're just gonna want to cut from nice small square rectangle just enough to cover the slice that we've made in the package some tweezers you know not smudge it so we've got a nice piece of tape on our tweezers so it doesn't smudge and we're gonna lay that old move with the cut covering out the rest of the image so it appears consistent and press that tape down cleanly without you and now we finish the taping on the

other side and now I'm happy to see so our final step is gonna be taking the packet and hiding it in some kind of first-aid kit we've got misadventure mounted here and we recommend some small metal objects to act as sort of red herrings security if they see something on an x-ray and she used to look in your kit so we've got some other innocuous looking medical supplies in this game and we're just gonna put our bill package these other things lots of you're all done thanks for watching [Music]