16 September 2013

How to stop dogs digging under your fence, gate, or garden

How to deter animals from digging under your gate, fence, or garden. I apologize for this video being mostly talk and little show. I had already completed the ...

this is a video on how to deter animals

from digging under a gate to keep this video as short as possible I'll do a separate video on how to keep animals from digging under a fence if you like this video please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel and if you're out on a forum or somebody's looking for an answer to something like this please give them a link to this video where I live in Florida the biggest problem I have is probably armadillos next would be dogs and turtles but who knows what you might have digging under your fence it's best to have a solid material instead of something like fence wire because wire materials they can see through and sometimes if the animal can see through it it makes him more inclined to dig there are a lot of other methods people use but a lot of them don't work well for drive through gates and in my case that's what I really needed some of them work okay for walk through gates some of them don't even work good for walk through gates cement is pretty good for a walk through gate it takes a lot of effort a lot of time but you can't use it on a drive through great gate unless you make it really thick and heavy

because it will crack wire fence material works OK in a walk through gate it doesn't work very well in a drive-through gate because it tends to bend and get pulled up quite a bit and even around a walk through gate sometimes the edge of the fence material the the wire fence material will come up and then say if you're paying somebody to mow your yard they get hung up in their mower you may have come to pay for damages to a mower and like I said the animals can kind of seat through it to a certain extent so they think they're getting somewhere so they may tend to dig even though they don't realize they can't get anywhere rocks in Florida rocks are kind of hard to come by so they're kind of expensive they're also heavy you can't drive on on that much or they'll tend to sink down into the sand even when you don't drive on them they tend to sink in the sand and you have to do a lot of digging to get enough rocks down and they're deep enough to keep animals under it alright one problem you'll run into especially in Florida with our sandy soil is the fence companies tend to use four by fours and they intend to

use eight-foot four by fours and a lot of times they won't even use the entire eight feet till dig down a couple of feet at the most put the post in the ground put cement around and then cut cut the top off so you know you don't necessarily have a lot of post in the ground and so the best thing to do is not to disturb the ground right around the post and the way you avoid that is by using a 2x4 stake and then just drive the stake as close as you can to the post perpendicular to it so that you know you're you're as close as you can to either the cement or the post and that way you're not disturbing the ground that's really close to that post if you disturb it and then you have a big storm you're liable to have your fence fall over and be sure and put a board a tooth like a 2x4 on top of the two before when you're driving it into the ground and the sledgehammer and then that way you won't split the steak or mushroom the head of it make it look bad depending on the type of wood you get you know if it's a good treated 2x4 or whatever it is two by six two by eight if it's a really good treated board and this part of Florida lasts five to ten

years it really depends on what the weather is like how much water there is if you've got a sprinkler head spray in it how bad the insects are in your area if you really have an area that's a big problem you could always use a piece of steel that's just expensive and more difficult to get if you have to dig more than a thin slot to get your board into the ground be sure to dig more on the side of the fence opposite from the way the animals will be coming from that way you're not disturbing the ground once you disturb the ground it makes it easier for them to get through I like to use a thin Spade to dig the slot or maybe a sharp shooter if I'm having to dig a lot try not to dig too deep once you get it close put your to buy into the ground and then tap it into place with a sledgehammer you might want to put a two buffer or on top of it when you're with a sledgehammer so that you don't splinter the board when you're through if your board sticks up too high you've probably lost a lot of dirt from either driving through the area or animals digging under your fence so fill in around it with some dirt maybe even

gravel to ramp the ground up to the height of the board this way you won't tend to push the board over when you're driving over it then you can put some fertilizer down and maybe sprig some grass and water it occasionally until your ground and the grass gets reestablished that's the end of the video if you liked it please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel and like I said if you're out on a forum or somebody's looking for an answer to something like this be sure and give them the link to this video Thanks