10 May 2013

How to stop your chickens from eating their eggs Tips Help ideas

How to stop your chickens from eating their eggs tips help ideas Chicken Nipple waterer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0udbAxsRBLA If your chickens are ...

hi this is at Hemmerle again with my

chicken-coop I want to do an address an issue that we're having here that's rather significant and letting trying to show you how we're dealing with it we're having a problem with one of our hens continuing to break eggs and then eat them this is a serious problem because obviously one thing we want the eggs to eat for ourselves but it once they get a sort of a taste for it it's very difficult to get them to stop so we're trying to nip this in the bud as soon as humanly possible a couple things one of the reasons why this may be occurring could be a dietary issue if they're not getting enough calcium or or or water potentially they could eat the eggs to try to capture back some of that nutrition that's not the case here we take good care of them and they're fed very well so you can strike that off the list what's either happening is either an eggs been broken and they just got a taste for it or potentially they may have some amongst themselves and be fighting maybe they don't like a certain and lay a hen laying an egg in their area so maybe they're banging at the egg because of some property issues but at

the end of the day what we're going to give you a couple tips here is to try try to alleviate this problem as soon as possible ultimately if you cannot get this head to stop doing this it may this this hen may wind up being our next meal it's not something that we want to do we much prefer to have her be an egg layer but ultimately if we if we can't correct the problem that's what we're going to have to to go to next but take a look and I'll show you what I'm doing in order to prevent this from happening again so this is what we're encountering over the last week or so sometimes the eggs are even just pecked you'll see a little hole or a little dent alright so what we want to do obviously we have two birds nesting here but we want to get this we got to get this egg out of here as soon as humanly possible because otherwise they're going to eat it and we don't want to get them into eating these eggs so we're gonna get that out like that well make sure you get all the yoke don't leave anything left all right so that's completely cleaned out next thing a good thing to try to do is get the eggs out if you can do this a couple

times a day you can prevent them from ever actually getting ahold of them like such now the other thing we do is to trick them is to have a golf ball this way they can peck at it but they're not going to read many benefits of a meal and we're not going to reinforce this bad habit and the hope is that this discourages them to the point of which they stopped doing it so if you notice we have one there can't we have as I've suggested I'm rather certain we have a hen issue however you always want to have enough nesting material so that when the eggs are laid they're not going to strike the bottom of the coop and break so we'll go along here and make sure all the nesting boxes an adequate amount of straw tip number five many people have done it for years they've thrown in the empty shells back to the coop for the chickens to eat don't do it you're asking for trouble make sure you have enough nesting boxes you should have about one per every four to five Birds so in this particular case we know that's not the problem and finally tip number seven the last resort if you can't solve the problem remove

the head from your flock in some way shape or form want to learn more about building a chicken coop and other tips how to butcher a chicken or anything else in between check out my other videos on YouTube and feel free to contact me anytime thank you