11 September 2019

How to take care of a cat , HE ABUSED ME ;(

This was a Instagram live y'all follow me @exoticbabycookie anyways yea this dumb cat abused me while I tried to show his cute ugly butt off and take care of ...

niggas we back at it again my nigga

Pannell oh Pinella in the cab there's news I would stop it you're not leaving somewhere and we're back welcome back to another life of exotic baby cookie this thing is pushing me away watch if a oh he hit me in the base I'm gonna go oh oh oh just to go scratch the face that's the pretty part this nigga Rudess but I'm scared hit me again oh I've been the same is life yo nigga you so disrespectful anyways back at it again back at it again maybe back at it again this thing really smacked me in my bruh it's like me and my sister do it again do it again I wish you would only you're ruining I would do it again say yo brah I must say this like I'm gonna show you with your cat did to me bruh this nigga people staying on I like this nigga funny this nigga fun you take you some hot stuff huh you think you think cuz you have a see me in a while you think you could try me huh that's what you think is happening huh no he about a dick knee again do it do it yeah ain't no real nigga like that - do but name-o welcome to my life this nigga just hit

the out of me birth like you must think I'm crazy talk to this cat if you had your my life Oh button put the Oh anyways anyways okay thought he loved me how much mercy may Lisa what I do smoogle stop with the chittering like we're just trying to go on live G then your head yes anyways [Music] stop it bro we're gonna go live bro you always with the you always on some funny oh but it's ah it's always towards me like I got to be so aggressive for where you got to be so aggressive for what tell me why you saw everything why are you still why you so aggressive Panello like why you gotta be so aggressive for bro if y'all were to talk my life in the beginning but it's like a duck me and my look like you go with the aggressive stop with the oh whoa it's okay guys we further recovered from that whoa nigga the meats are hi Rallo PPP noises my hunger tracking my phone oh oh oh it's so guys y'all how do you think I'm crazy wouldn't do if you want my close

friends but anyways let's get back on the station the top ky got a lot to talk about dumbass on my you stop it ah oh yeah I just see me hit my head well that's nice and we're back in the game with my nigga Panello let me show y'all how he got his name my homegirl thought this nigga was a girl so she named him Penelope turned out to be a boy his name is Panetta stop the what's up boy you're busy there's my girlfriend leave right quick and I can't stop it anyways dan why are these fighter with Quran even I'm gonna y'all add that nigga Cali sure alright alright yep stop it no star we're on live don't do this you always with the like I can't record one cute eyes video you with the poppin alone just one more like you there we go you see tighten the up sigh endo dude this nigga thing this nigga from Liberty City so you already know how that shake go this nigga thing he runs some just cuz he from the hood I stop the I'm just trying to keep you

show you off a little bit you feel me oh my god stop at the Oh there we go back at the oh my back in it again okay you tell you love me guys oh one two three oh I'm sorry I'm sorry I really am sorry that time one two three ah oh who joined back my life cuz I don't want to embarrass myself like this that's what you know not so much alright you know ok 1 2 3 B I know this thing it hate me don't care don't but this nigga would be throwing my hair what's up what's up what's up oh I don't give a nigga you were scratching y'all kept that hurt go go ahead go ahead come on oh okay who wanted to much oh y'all watch your head I knew when was fighting me and doing this well that's if it is live I don't know if I'm you know leave it