12 August 2019

How to take care of your pet dog

How to take care of your pet dog. 6 basic needs of dog. Jai's project - Grade 4 UCCP ACS UCCP Anabu Christian School.

hi guys this is Genji Concepcion welcome

to my channel a dog is the only animal on earth the club's shoe more than he loves it so your loan cannot be your best friend unless you treat it with if you should go dog as part of your family it will shower you loyalty and affection forever my pesto acquire salford tight patience not make my pet bubbles check it nightmares old she's a suture look she is so cute like human dogs have also basic needs that we offer us first I give my dog it's messy Oh the fresh clean water to be provided at all time so their toka can drink whenever it gets first pick up the right time or put forward table size age and free not some sensitive digestive system and can be come in if they aren't fed high quality don't feed dogs human especially junk food that's high in salt and sugar this two fundamental needs can't be ignored even for a day what can't it food energy kasi please make sure your dog has a cozy place to sleep they enjoy the Creator comforts of home as much as we do one do the dog is eating dry and more place to stick at time

[Music] dogs like humans need to move around to stay fit and healthy some breeds need to exercise for ours every day at the very nice water don't pass a day for 20 minutes [Music] if your dog shows symptoms of illness in between regular appointments the dog should see a vet about once a year to stay updated on on all the necessary shots and receive an onion 1/2 cup however be sure your pet is fully vaccinated it's important for certainly win the dog to steal a puppy any dog pannier this music of a steep stay and come the dog we typed in your talk if you're mean to poor dog without you become afraid of the love snow ah be there over like middle kids not up in their parents tricked or don't love it be by speaking it in that it a pleasure toys your dog will they want you with Edna's affection in return [Music] smashed smashed up [Music] you