01 January 2014

How To Teach Your Dog To Catch A Frisbee - Tips and Tricks - In5D.com

In this video, I took my 12 week old German Shepherd and taught him how to catch a frisbee within a month. It could have been less than a month because I had ...

today we're going to show how to teach

your dog how to catch a frisbee okay so this is my 12 week old German Shepherd staying as Sammy hi Sammy anybody want to play frisbee so today I just introduced him to the frisbee okay and what I have is a puncture-resistant frisbee and I highly recommend this frisbee because it's not going to shatter or fall apart on you I had one for my last German Shepherd bogey and it lasted him all the way to the end of his life and I ended up burying him with his frisbee he loved it that much so this is what we do Christie okay come on see what I'm doing now is I'm teaching him how to jump up and get the frisbee in his mouth like that good boy good boy now he's only 12 weeks old so you're not going to expect him to catch the frisbee immediately but what you can do to make it easy what I do is I flip it over like this so you have something to grab onto ready okay and what he's practicing right now is not only jumping up and putting the frisbee in his mouth but fetching it and bringing it back so he's 12 weeks old right now my little boy Sammy he thinks it's a chew toy good boy Sammy good boy good boy so

we'll try that again loves that Christy whoops jump it up before I can get it ready get it good boy Sammy good boy and this is how you get your dog interested in playing frisbee at a young age and what you can do too is we have a bunch of tennis balls lying around the house so you can take the tennis ball at this age all dogs love to chase the tennis ball but what you can do is start doing the same thing but instead of holding the frisbee up here hold the tennis ball up there so they get used to jumping up that jumping up and grabbing it in their mouth and eventually what you can do is just take them at a close range take the tennis ball and just kind of throw it toward their nose and eventually they'll start opening their mouth and catching it in there and they'll make that correlation with the frisbee as well so what we're going to do is we're going to check back and I'll keep documenting this and along with a Sammy's progress I'm catching a frisbee okay I forgot to mention one last thing to in order to get you dog also further prepped to catch frisbee try doing this ready what what I do is I

put it on the end of his nose see what he does okay let's try that again and also to release the frisbee you want to stay firmly drop drop it drop and he'll get used to that too so sit sit sit that's all you do right on the top of the nose and he'll pop his head up and he'll catch it like that that's it okay so we will check in a little bit further down the road today is December 5th 2013 so we'll try to do a progress report every so often not sure exactly when but that's it for now hey today is December 8th 2015 and we're working on frisbee training frisbee yes Krispy I look firstly so what I have now I have a couple different frisbees to this really soft cloth one and this one's a mesh with some kind of styrofoam probably on the inside but what I'm doing is Sammy okay it's like I'm thirsty but what I'm doing is we're working on not just throwing it over to a specific area or whatever and having him chase it I'll show you in a second after he gets some water Sammy gets frisbee so what I'm doing is I'm walking

I'm walking with a frisbee c'mon come come on get frisky get it he's just learning this oh well know you're not supposed to just grab it Sammy good good come on come on get it get it get the frisbee get it so we're getting him to walk get it what walk and jump and catch the frisbee in his mouth so this is really stage two what we're doing first time we met what we did was we had the frisbee I think it's the one I let go of it drop drop good boy and first time we were just holding it up in the air and he was jumping up and catching it and we're also going like that putting on putting it on the top of his nose so he could lift his head up and catch it so today we started the walking with it and he's following it and then jumping up in the air so he's getting himself used to it now he's still 12 weeks old he's going on 13 weeks and what we're doing is we have this little soft frisbee that I just throw in the air like that and it bounces off his nose and he tries to catch it but he's getting used to it's getting used to the frisbees and it's going to take a little while it's not

going to happen overnight and you know you're it's going to take a lot of time effort in patience to get your dog to catch frisbee but it will happen when you put that time and effort in it will happen so these are the gradual training steps that we're doing okay one thing you can do too is to take tennis ball and work on your dog catching the tennis ball like that something simple but what he's doing is it's kind of like hand-eye coordination but for dogís eye mouth coordination and he's coordinating his mouth with the tennis ball and that will transfer over to the frisbee so what I did there was I gave it a different angle instead of throwing it up in the air and bounced it on the ground and that gives him even more perception of depth and a different angle on how to catch things so work on that with your puppy if you're indoors if the weather's not great if you can't make it outside for a particular day you can always use a tennis ball and and forth with your dog doing that okay that's what we're doing with our cloth frisbee ready Sammy and then there it is good boy good boy CIN ready ready

here comes good boy good boy yeah I just wanted to show that it wasn't just a one-time fluke you know he's doing this on a regular basis ready usually here Council ready go that's easy that's an easy trick to do but yeah so he was born on September 1st so September October November December so essentially he's still three months old but he's almost just about four months old and catching a frisbee on a regular basis okay just on a side note the dog in the title clip of the video was my last German Shepherd bogie who I had to put to sleep about five years ago when bogie was two years old he was playing ball with my daughter in our backyard and when he jumped up to catch it he landed awkwardly on his back leg and fractured it in four different places so after $10,000 in surgery he basically had a bionic leg put together with all sorts of rods and pins but as you can see this picture was taken several years after his surgery and I sent the picture to a surgeon thanking him for restructuring his leg and allowing him to do what he loves to do which is to play frisbee now I've seen all sorts of

breeds of dogs catch frisbees including many rescue dogs from shelters and a female Doberman who was wonderful at catching them so it really doesn't matter what type of breed you have as long as their mouths are big enough to catch a frisbee the bottom line is to take the time and effort with your dog and he or she will reward you handsomely I'll do a follow up video on Sammy's progress but for now this video is all you really need to teach your dog how to catch a frisbee enjoy and have fun you