11 September 2019

How to train your old dog sit and lay down

anyway and today's video I'm betrayed Oh

can't talk let me train you on a nun training teaching you how to teach your dog how to sit and lay down and all that good stuff he already knows his command he's service out so he'd already knows his commands but I have a female pit bull she's a little old she so she's a old dog and she forgot all her tricks and stuff so we're gonna be reteaching them today I'm showing you how you can do that for elder dogs first thing you want to do is always make sure you have at least in this case for your bombing my service dogs leash always make sure you have a leash um second thing always have treats well especially if it's a dog that loves treats and they really listen so and never smack your dog in training because that will get you nowhere when you're training your dog it will get you nowhere and they won't listen the obedient and they won't listen and they'll talk everything and even including you so don't smack your dog the bad thing to do that's why use tricks and show them visually show them so I'm sure this is princess and I'm training her to be a school service dog which basically I can take your school I

could take her to school she's basically American pet she's very pretty she's like the prettiest dog on except 14th um I have another next pitbull that Luther goat Freddie we have another that's pitbull that I need to try but this one yeah she's just so sweet and kind and loving I feel like she would be a good service out for school so yeah I'm trained over that and I'm sure how do so I have her in her own Kindle because you know you're look at the boobies look there's Harry I'm in charge so but I like my service dogs to work deciding like my dogs to walk yeah so Lisa I'm gonna make your sit good cool I need keep doing that for a few minutes basically she gets adjusted it so let's get her up sit see she makes it big it suggests of it so and then for the lane down one it's very easy you grab a treat and then you're gonna say lay down and you're gonna make them play yeah yeah yeah yeah oh boy and basically they'll get the gist of that but I will do another video on how to get your dog to sit and stay [Music] focus it you always want to get hurt or

your dog or whatever I will do destructive training because I have another dog that is distracted easily so teach you that she does not get distracted easily she's really well when she sees other dogs and animals how you consider you don't kind of walk sit stay where you want to do them off anyway basically what you want to do so yeah so like I was saying when you're walking your dog if you're like me and you like your dog beside you then train them to be beside you but if you don't need like the dog behind you and they decide they're going front you're gonna switch off force it directions and make sure that they are behind you that's just basically gonna do and it's very simple to train an old dog you just gotta have um patience basically lots of patience because they are old but princess man she there's a beauty and she's really nice and she's like really well so is she's really easy to work with I've worked with from Great Danes and other dog breeds that were a lot younger like maybe two years younger than her and they are just the meanest they don't listen and you can tell them to do what you want them to like how I'm

doing with her but yeah and they still don't listen sit sit good good and don't always give them treats when you've give them a command and they do that come in don't always give them trees because when you do that it kind of then they'll like it used to expecting treats all the time so don't do that so when you very first start training them of course do that but when it comes to a time where when they get a little good with their tricks like sit sit princess is it good so when they get used to that when they get used to their tricks and what they're supposed to do don't give them treats just give them a nice pat or scratch or whatever and tell them good girl good boy so you just I have a lot of patience with elder dogs because there they are also just gonna have a lot of patience with them