07 November 2015

How to trim your bunny's nails by yourself

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hi everyone so today I'm going to show

you guys how to tame your bunnies knee is completely by yourself and the reason why I'm doing this is because I have seen so many videos on YouTube on how to cut their bunnies nails but usually it involves other people or they only show how to cut the front nails now I'm gonna show you guys how to cut the front and the back knees really easy way completely by yourself and it's really quick and yeah so shall we be so before you begin guys make sure to put on a robe or a fuzzy sweater just to make sure your bunny is comfortable when he is sitting in your lap and also to protect your hands from his scratches then you want to take four pieces of carrots water a bunny clipper and a flashlight then just pet your bunny just to keep him or her comfortable and safe then you want your bunny to set to face the same way as you so his back should be against your back I mean your stomach and then pick up a paw and move the fairway dampen it with the water so the fur will stay away then take the flashlight and put it underneath the paw so you can see the quick you want to cut three millimeters

above the creek and when you cut the nail guys make the slope make sure they slowly cut it so your van has time to react because if it's too close to the quick he or she will put his spot away from you that means it's too close and you need to stop cutting that nail and just move on to the next one so the trick is to keep your bunny calm is to be calm yourself you need to just stay relaxed and your bunny will be relaxed as well so you can see the quick right there on white claws you can see it very clearly but on black ones you really have to shine the flashlight underneath and remember the tiny claw the fifth clock guys that's very important to cut that one as well and then just give your bunny a reward purple now for the other paw I let pinky sit on my hand the hand that I am going to hold the pole with and then I just shine the flashlight and then cut now for the back post guys you need to pick up your bunnies so their feet are in the air and using the other hand put that underneath his his or her front paws and then their back should be against your stomach and then just hold

on to the paw with one of the hand now if your bunny freaks out like pinky did just there then just continue on after a few minutes let him or her relax first and then just continue cutting his paws and then again you want to slowly cut it guys so he said he has time to react and if it's too close to the creek then he will react and you need to stop cutting that paw now he's freaking out here again and I'm just putting him back and then petting him so he will relax and then just moving on to the next clock then move on to the next back foot and then I'm just letting pinky rest on the hand that I'm using to hold his paw and then the other hand to cut his claws so guys that is how you cut your own bunnies meet your money your bunnies nails by yourself completely by yourself so independence so pinky is so fresh now so Gary's yeah so that is it and I feel like this way it's a lot easier for me if you like because I feel like it takes a lot longer with two people because I don't know and in the world and thank you fee I feel like he's a lot calmer sorry my nose so it Jane I need to scratch it I

need to scrub it and everything so yeah and also because ping is nervous his fur is flying everywhere so good luck guys be careful and remember don't cut too close to the quick and everything would be fine your bunny would be fine I have never kept two clothes I mean you two really too close to the creek because and he has never played or anything on my watch ever so I feel like this technique is very efficient where it had three millimeters away because two millimeters I think it's too close to the quake that's why so many people have cut too close to the creek and it starts bleeding there's every youtuber that has a bunny always says that they have experienced it and I never want to experience that with pinky pissed at blood it's too creepy and it could get infected and all that so my mom is over here she used to be pinky's assistant and she used to be so scared as well so I think that's one of the reasons why I think she was really scared before it to this my mom was scared to pink you fell you know pinky felt it and my mom got so tired every time after it and she hated you know being a part of this this it's

scary for her so just be confident guys when you do it don't don't sure you know you cannot show that you're scared is your bunny will feel your heart beating and if it's beating too fast or anything they will think there's danger so don't do that just relax and it will be okay no pinkie so thank you so much guys for watching I hope this helped you guys and we will see you next Sunday bye bye my seven more and pizza and then