07 March 2016

How to use a slip lead / slip cord / gun dog lead

What is a slip lead and how do you use one? Slip leads ( dog training leads ) are one of the most simple dog training tools for providing instant feedback to the ...

hello what I want to do here is I just

want to put together a short video demonstrating the appropriate use the fitting and the use of these slippery ok slip knee check called check lead good the lead rope me whatever you want to call it basically this is what we've got we all believe that looks like this and we have a loop a noose if you like on the end of it which basically should be able to move along like this ok should be able to slide my dog's tells me they're demonstrating it on the actual dog but my dog's head comes through here so that the quality tighten and loosen tighten and loosen tightly to loosen in accordance with whatever it is that I'm trying to convey to the dog at that time how I'm intended to use this tool so there's a few things to our note first of all these are really really they're available everywhere after there's no sort of sort of what moral or ethical questions raised at parliamentary level and respect of the use of a slipper the use of a rope let me show something now you can imagine if I were to hold my don't like that for a prolonged period of time the fact that that is gonna cause is well capable of causing significant injury distress pain escape

values in the dog used incorrectly a slip lead is capable of causing those things in a dog the slip lead itself is a piece of rope that's all it is it's a piece of rope which has a noose at the end and a handle at the other end we have a stopped up here so that the the slip can only go so loose so the noose can only go slowly so lives yes the dog's name so I can reduce that this one's brand new so it's quite a nice app she was quite nice instead so I can reduce that depending on the size of the dog because obviously I don't want some massive right loop like this hanging around with dog's neck because obviously it's going to go to back out and walk away so I need to be somewhere in between it needs to be loose but it needs to be capable of delivering the check correction that the lead is designed for okay and they're also quick release so I'll put it on on with it straight soft if you wasn't thought to run around exercise if you're working with your dog or whatever but again it is quite funny if you like what is it funny not in a humorous way but it's interesting there's the word interesting

it's interesting to note that this benign piece of rope could be used in such a manner as to hang me if it wanted to and let's take this away let's say that we've just got a normal lead we got a normally so at the end of the lead here is my little deed clip but I clip onto my dog's collar and at the other end of the lead here is my handle right a dog lead a straight dog lead everywhere everyone put it around put it through pull it on lift it up I have exactly the same principle as I would have with the slip lead by using and normally I'm putting me actually through the handle there is a rule about the sale of dog leads but a plain dog lead piece of rope a piece of webbing a piece of leather is capable of causing significant harm injury distress fear to a dog in itself a normal dog lead is simply that it is a normal dog lead but if you have a moral on the end of it who decides that they get a kick out of hurting animals then even with my hands I can do that okay the lead the flat normal dog lead is not designed for that purpose but it can be used for that purpose the slip lead is not designed for that purpose

but it can be used for that purpose and the thing that makes the difference between the tools between any tool is this my own personal intention my twisted mind if I'm the sort of person that's going to actually want to pull that tight you ain't really hard and cause injuries my dog okay so as a start out this video assumes and presumes that if you've taken the time to be bothered to sit and watch it then you aren't the sort of simple turn who is that they're looking to cause injury distress fear avoidance or whatever to it dot you want to train you want to know how to use a tool properly which is why I'm showing you okay so this slippery goes onto the dog other thing to remember if you can see this right so that the lead slides along is the globe ring on that the little silver o-ring anything that's in there little silver ring on there that slides up and down that should be nice see how nice is how much room there is in there for that one to move about so slides very very freely that's important if you get yourself a big fat slip maybe it'll stick in the loop in the ovary and it won't slide as well as it should

okay so there needs to be free movement through there see how nicely that slips a lot the reason being is because for swiftly to be effective the correction needs to be instantaneous so if I have a dog in on on here and I correct and I release it's gone so I'm now back to loose nice fast correction I'll show you that again fast correction and instantly loose so the dogs were in the lead correction loose love okay so for that to happen as my dog's head is going through this lead okay so I put on my left hand side I was shaving them on my left hand side the camera but the lead is go come on to my dog right around the neck or demonstrates it in a moment the part that I'm holding here or right the main key body of the lead the main length of the rope comes over the top of the dog's neck it comes over the top okay so this slides so I can correct release correct release correct release so it's very smooth it's very quick and I'm not maintaining a pressure on the door and I'm not allowing the doctor maintain the pressure but neither one of us want to happen okay if I turn this around if I put it on the wrong way around so now my

dogs here that the main body of the lead is my dog's head and the main body of leads coming out of bottom it's coming out the bottom so what happens I see it's coming in here underneath what would be the dog's neck rather than over the top of the dog's neck it's coming underneath so when I take the main body now when I check what happens is that it remains tight it doesn't release so in order for it to release I need the making 40 of the lead the main length of the lead should be over the back of the dog's neck okay so that when I correct and I release I get that slide in action I get that smooth release action all right I'm going to call my ball over in it and I'm going to demonstrate with you Harris literally should look on the door to the heel okay so here's Tilly sit good girl and I'm gonna put this literally going right so I'm gonna tighten it up is easier to do and that's how a slim lead should look when I'm walking up on that certainly that's how it should look it should be loose it should sit nice and loose around there I don't want it so that this stopper here is push down your girl is pushed out I don't like

this so it's tight because I can't correct her and she can't feel the difference between the tied lead and a loosely and that's imperative because if she doesn't feel that difference then it's unfair for me to start yanking around bullying because all I'm basically doing is putting on I'm not even - unity to learn what it is that is required to prevent or remove the tightness of that slip when it happens the correction on that slip so anytime that this lead is loose I can smooth I can praise I can give food rewards and you know it's all a positive experience for her but she needs to realize that when the lead under takes back as it should be so we sit in there but Weatherly is like this that's when the negative comes there's the positive positive is when we lose right there's a massive behind us toughness is just about to stop its singing at the door right so this is having and the lead to the book so the main body of the leg is coming over the back of the dog's neck yes to put this legal name correctly heel good good girl so to put this lid on incorrectly I'm gonna put the main

body of the lead coming out of the bottom of the neck that is how the lid should not be applied see as well it slides around here right so the slip lead comes on over the top of the neck to the human good go so at the top of the neck and where the loose we're keeping that loose then when I came up correction it's a sharp tug and then instant release a sharp tug and then instant release okay good and that's basically basically how to use a slippery how you fit us with need and how the correction comes on what you don't do with it on the lose myself right so what you don't do with a slip is this okay that's neither here nor that I'm not doing anything I'm just applying a bit of pressure I'm just applying a bit of pressure I'm going it's a public pool into that and when it all pulls into this which is why you see thoughts walking along on half checks on slip knees and a full check because they haven't got any option because they're not being taught properly the tool isn't being used correctly if you have a dog that walks like that on the slippery for goodness sake take the slip lead off and

put your dog on to either a flat collar a normal flat collar and a straight lead or even put it on to a harness because the tool is being used incorrectly like that in a slippery the dog should be walking in the slippery like this and the correction on the slippery spreads on straight off correction on the slip knee straight on straight off so I'm not choking this is going down loose again but there's a definite instantaneous sensation that I feel that breaks my attention to gets my attention and to be honest it's not particularly comfortable I stopped putting it through the roofer and if it is not painful but it's startling it's correct if it interrupts me Scott's me it breaks my train of thought it really focuses me now if what I'm gonna do is walk around me the dog and Bing Bing Bing every single time the dogs wrong I'm not going to get very far and my dog isn't gonna learn a great deal so I need to pull pull my finger out of my backside and learn how to reward that goal as well I need to include heavy elements of positive reinforcement whatever floats that dog's body it doesn't have to be food it doesn't have to be toys it can be prized

it can be the ability to come off the lead and run and play Premack principle takeaway you play by putting on the lead or nice and on the lead take the lead off give play yes the less likely behavior makes a more likely behavior hacker all right there's there's lots and lots of different things but I could go into here but just basically if you remember nothing Alex with regards to using a slippery make sure the leads that sits so that it has played so that it is loose enough I think I called so describe to someone it should be like a solitaire drop pendant okay so it should be loose when it's being warm when it's corrected it comes on and it's instantly release it's a shock correction we don't hold the example like this because that shows that it's being used incorrectly and it's unfair and it is cruel to be honest with you to the door to keep that constant pressure on like that with no communication at all it's not fair okay so it's a sharp correction equally if you're gonna corrected the one a slip lead you know clean some half-hearted little woolly one of these okay unless

you've got a really small book or a very very very sort of my shorts like Timothy dog you know which case you'll probably find that you don't need to slip anyway if the dog is that you know handler folk that's that sort of like uh environmentally unsure then just reward the hip position reward the position that you're in you so if you've got small dog just use a straight leg straight leading collar just bring back reward reward reward move on you know you don't know every duck tall fits every situation or every job at set small post hang my slippers there's no problem but it just depends on the temperament of the dog the size of the dog you know the drive in the book if you like the intensity of the dog's desire to pull ahead or to behave erratically on the lead alright both slipping I hope you can see is a piece of rope that's all of these are a piece of leather or whatever really just slide smoothly there's nothing more to it than that if you want to blame this tool for anything there it is it's not jumping up and doing anything it's not hurting those it's not doing anything whatsoever you know it's a piece of rock maybe the

person there we've been capable making that anything more than it is is me of what's going on up here okay I hope you found that was some benefit I'll try to put some footage together of some actual slip work with with with a few dogs in the near future and I'll tack them onto this you've got any questions toward gender take the d-train you've got code on UK website www.levitt.com I get out there train you got to enjoy yourself cheers thank you