13 March 2019


DAY 3 here is how I explain how to use the wag! app for dog walkers. if you have any other questions feel free to ask them in the comments! INSTAGRAM ...

hi guys and welcome to another video

today I just wanted to talk about how I use wag or have to use why I guess this video might be super quick this app was a lot harder to figure out then it should have been I did have a hard time figuring it out at first but once I figured it out it's honestly the easiest thing once you realize what each thing is meant to do it's super easy and you'll pick up on it super fast and I promise so here hold on I clicked on that one sorry here is where I leave the app so that is the wag right there that's Rover that's the dog walking up and then that is for pose me post mates um if you deliver for post mates then you have that fleet app right there I do have two I have if it focuses I have the actual wag app so that is for if you need somebody to walk your dog or watch your dog that is yours but if you actually want to be a dog walker you have that lag app you can't download it unless you get a link for it so once you're like applying and everything they will send you a link to like download it and everything so not just anybody can have it um so you see that little wag up so I currently don't

have any locks available I'm going to start off at the bottom if it loads I do have an Android I'm not sure if they look any different on Apple products or like that I'm not sure um I just have the Galaxy S eight plus so first it has the available button there's none available for today but if you go out the top this means all walks meaning no matter what if it's a one time thing or not um the weekly me that you only want dogs that you can walk consecutively but I do it on all walks because I've realized that nobody really schedules that way nobody really schedules that far in advance so I just leave it on that because I feel like you'll just get more so on here today is Tuesday 3:12 so it has Wednesday and you just swipe it across it has Wednesday Thursday Friday and it just keeps going so there's some people that might do it in advance so you can always see it but there's none right now I mean it'll just say there's no available walks for Tuesday March 12th so at the bottom this is home or current location I always have it on home because I'm not very

good at directions so I feel like when you get it asked to do it it'll tell you how far it is from that so I'm always from home so it always told me no matter where I am not the walk that I could have or I could request is so many miles from my house so I can kind of get a better idea of where it is if you do current location so it'll go off wherever you are so if you got a target it'll be off the target location and I'll show you how far it is from your current location so that is it for the first page the next one is booked so this is all of the walks that you will have booked so whether it is booked a few hours in advance if it's ASAP or if it's a week in advance it'll all be right here and the order of them happening if you have one tomorrow and then you have one next week they will all be just right here but I have no walks right now so and then earnings so down at the bottom it shows you the total that you've made the whole time that you've been on wag and then the next pay day it just started today so that's why it's at zero the next pay day is 3:15 if you hit that arrow right there it will

go to the last pay day I got $10 that is the payday that is going to be this Friday so this one is the current one if I have a walk today it will be for the 22nd and then if you go up you can see all the walks that you've ever done that is a test walk everybody does that when they first start but something you don't get paid for it but that's okay so I've done three and you can see how much you've made off of each one I'm not sure okay yeah that one was thirty minutes that's why it's more and then the twenty and the twenty are both the same and then if they leave you a tip I've got like a dollar tip on all of them I think so that's why he's nice for them did you the top one was cancelled and I still got paid for it just because I was already on my way there when it was canceled so I get paid for it if you are if you put I'm on my way and then any time after that they cancel it you still get paid for it so that is pretty awesome so that is it for this one so the next one is referrals so it explains to you right here if you refer anybody to this app you can get paid for it if you use my tote or my link or anything like that you get $25 in wack

credits and then I get $50 in cash after you do your first paid walk I can do that then you can text it and all that fun stuff so I'm going to do these three lines right here that is my profile okay yeah you can't click on it so it has my name and it says that I have to read five star reviews I'm lag vetted background checked premium pet insurance this next one I'm covering up my address and it is for wag only just to see how far away each walk is from you you have to put in your address it does not appear on any else's up but yours in lag to see so then I have my bio here I put hi I'm Kinsey I'm a dog lover and have always been I would look I would do anything to be with dogs all day long I have volunteered at a local shelter and have been walking and sitting dogs for almost a year now so that is my bio that they see when they click on my name my first walk completed and then all of the reviews so the walks that I've had the three right here and then you can see how much they rated me so that is nice that they all waited me did so back at the top here we are I'm going to do the back arrow and click on them again and

then this one is walks it takes you straight to your schedule which I don't have any right now payments goes straight to this pain then notifications you get on here there you go notifications events there are no available events right now I've never had any event before so I'm not even sure right here is when you invite somebody you can send invites right there I don't have any invites but once you get invites it will show you the progress right here so that would mean you sent it that would mean they signed up they had their first walk and then it was paid for and then you would get that referral payment that I had explained it before and referral bonuses is that page again then moving on to the Walker soar I love the store it's so cool that they have this it's the flag swag shop which I think we're the only people that can see it is if you're a walker you can't just have this stuff just because they have a fanny pack they have a bundle here that's on sale now it's half off they have a tank top they have it for a winter but that one the difference just that one is that there is a beanie which is actually

pretty cool the next one that is a pet bowl it folds flat so you can carry it in your bag then it opens up so you can give a dog water I've never had to do that because I've never had locks long enough to where they I get thirsty like that but it is cool to have then there is a hoodie then you can get a hat or a poop bag dispenser you can get a bandana a woman Teddy should shirt or a car magnet so this is all cool to have to help out with your dog walking business here it shows everything you can just click on it for easier findings after the Walker store is the Help button so if you have any questions you can always just click on one of these and then text they always ask if you can look at all of these and see if that answers your questions before you bother them but you just text it and then you get it gives you a number and then you just text whatever your problem is and they text you right back which i think is amazing and it's super quick I've had to do it twice already and they're so nice and it's super fast when they do that so then there is settings just to log out let the cute little puppy and then I think that is all that I have on here I

hope this helped and I hope that this really explained everything for you it's hard to explain when I don't have any walks or anything going on today it's easier to see when there's actually walks and stuff I will show you in my text messages what it will look like when you get a notification so you'll get messages like this it'll say a client is so many miles from your house and you just click on that link you know I'll tell you if it's booked or not or you can accept it for yourself so you will get a text message like this and so you can click on it and then it will say see this one was already walked because it was from yesterday you know it'll tell you at the general location of it and the dog name and a picture the map and then when it is so this one was on demand but this one was from yesterday so I just press ok and that's it but where that OK button was would be you could accept the walk there and then it will give you the exact location and different directions to do I hope this video helped you and if you have any more questions don't be scared to post them down below I will love to

answer them for you if there is something that you're not understanding go ahead and ask or if you have any other questions on how I became the Walker and the application process and all of that fun stuff you can go ahead and leave that down below as well don't forget to hit that subscribe button so you can see all of my videos and I can't wait to see you guys in my next one bye