25 July 2019

How to visit Raja Ampat: Misool Resort

The most important sustainable travel story of our time also happens to be the best way to see Raja Ampat, Indonesia. While exploring above and below water, ...

welcome to Raja Ampat

Indonesia my name is Jonny Biermann and I'm a sustainable travel storyteller from my business eco escape travel together with GoPro we're going to show you one of the most important sustainable travel stories of our time unfolding here at masseur resort [Music] [Music] it's kind of a dream come true so I don't really know how to put that into words more than that but the fact that I see this sign means more to me than anything I can think of right now because I've seen it in documentaries and the success story behind this place and and now we're going to look there's already a shark right there we'll get into that whole success story later because that is something else I'm Sabine Templeton I'm the dock center manager at the Missoula Resort and worked very closely with our sister organizations and Missoula foundation and I'm mark Bergman I'm our vice president of Asia Pacific marine programs for Conservation International and I've been working closely with the Misal Foundation and the resort for the last ten years or so

the Sewell Resort was basically built on the idea of conservation and preserving the local ecosystem for generations to come and also restoring it after BOM fishing and shark finning decimated the area so it was a conservation effort first to create a marine protected area and then that conservation effort is funded by the resort so even while the resort was being built the owners of the resort were out chasing illegal fishermen away and and shark finners and poachers while they were building the resort mark can you tell us a little bit about the state of this area before Anna Sewell could you actually douve here right you've been to this exact spot before this resort was here yeah can you tell us a little bit about what it was like and what it is like now and the restoration efforts that are taking place sure so I first douve this area of southeast Musil in 2001 and to be sure at that time we were quite blown away by the spectacular beauty of the area both above and below water however we also saw lots of shark finning boats we saw bomb boats lots of old bomb damage and not a whole

certainly no sharks and and not much in the way of bigger predators I'm very happy to say that you know I come back to the resort every single year and it's fantastic to watch how it's just been on a incredibly upward trajectory since putting in protection gear so I would say that without question were 10 to 20 times as many sharks around now as there were back there in 2001 the same for the bigger predators you know that the giant trevally is the big red snapper Spanish mackerel that they were few and far between when I first started diving here so there's been an enormous increase in biomass here [Music] I'm here with nan de at the Missoula foundation patrol unit and non-vet here is yeah so we do patrol every day 24 hours a day around the Misawa marine reserve to prevent the over exploitation in the area because you know this is the knoteks room area I'm getting the very fortunate opportunity to join these marine heroes of the Raja Ampat on a patrol where we're going to hopefully not find illegal activity as not I said since the Mosuo foundation has began patrol it's gone down by a lot

and from 2017 to 2018 it's gone down 91 percent it's pretty big while we're out on patrol here we're going to stop by into a beach cleanup here as we know plastic is one of the largest crises facing our world remote areas washes up every day and somebody I think that so control team not only patrols the oceans for poachers but they also help clean up plastic we're gonna jump in there the last year in 2017 we capture 110 illegal fishermen here and 2018 last year we just caught ten fishermen here so it decreased about 91% of the illegal fishing activity around Innotech so so I think that's a pretty high treatment from us yeah because we can we can decrease the the occurrence of the illegal fishing here by do the patrol consistently so the overall the overall conservation aspect of what is going on here and the connection is Anasuya foundation has the direct impact and direct result from sustainable tourism coming to this area and by staying with mr. resort each a guest has a donation or has a donation

to the Missoula foundation and there's other programs like adopt amantha yeah right can you explain a little bit about that funds for the missile Manta project where you can actually sponsor a manta it's two hundred US dollars that money goes towards them is romantic project paying for things like Turku stick tags monitoring stations we also get funding from missile foundation because were one of the projects here and that's funded by many of our guests by the resort and by many other donors this experience at masui Liz it's transformational travel defined and it's sustainable travel defined it's sustainable travel redefined every time you spend your money you're casting a vote for the kind of world that you want so think about that when you spend your money on travel where is it going who is it impact how is it making this world a better place because all of those things can be answered and the experiences we choose and the places we stay thanks [Applause]