08 October 2019

How to walk your HUMAN

We have seen a lot of puppy and dog training videos. This time it's the human's turn. How do you walk your human a complete guide. Our last video Statue ...


hello everyone welcome to our home I am Zazu the yellow Labrador and today I'm going to show you how I walk my humans first I bring them their socks then we gear up first the color then the leash then a bandana to look extra handsome [Music] also don't forget to lock the doors you still remember the last time in the intruder garden right okay good let's go I make sure they warm up first so walk slowly and one step wound up then you need to walk them faster get their heart pumping and don't forget the stop signs you have to make them stop for a whole three seconds always remember safety comes first make sure not to talk to strangers [Music] humans should know better but don't use your phone while walking make sure you push the button for pedestrian crossing and then wait till it says walk [Music] enjoy the neighborhood and the beautiful things it has to offer like this little free library make sure to track how many miles you walk humans love to show that off and while walking look up to them frequently

it not only motivates them but they make sounds like Oh show Q make sure to stop and sniff the flowers because I've heard it reduces stress I don't stress but humans tend to stress a lot [Music] that was a good long walk now comes the best part time to eat I'm going to be a good boy and sit down for it if you liked our video today please don't forget to subscribe to our channel and also hit that button [Music]