07 September 2019


This hurricane really destroyed a lot of homes and peoples lives. We're lucky it didn't hit near us. Please help out the people in need however you can. Get a T ...

guys good morning so it is Thursday I

believe and if you guys have not seen on the news a hurricane right over the Bahamas completely destroyed it really what is how treat the noises completely destroyed the Bahamas threaten Florida and not hit Florida too bad and it rode up the coast and now it is heading for North Carolina we are pretty East not on the coast but we are pretty East and we are kind of in the impact zone so um we right now a hurricane prepping by the way it's still morning so sorry I was like I need to get up bunnies start doing stuff without actually getting ready for the day yet so I am on a new camera I got like an actual Canon little camera instead of using my phone so I hope it is working okay so my first time using it so if it looks bad right now I'm kind of just getting used to the settings and how to handle it stuff outside becoming like flying objects and like breaking windows and stuff so my husband is actually doing something for work right now so he won't be home for a couple hours so I wanted to get this done before it starts storming it's supposed to be the worst tonight so I hope it's not too bad but basically I need to

bring all his agility stuff into the garage but I need to let them out too so that they're not going to the bathroom back in the forties charms all right guys it's already raining pretty good so I'm just gonna run out there and get those real quick and I don't want to put my camera up there you guys want to go out one last time all right come on buddy I got everything I could you're gonna play outside one last time so I want to show you guys the new camera if it'll focus like I said I'm still getting used to this whole thing with a camera so sorry if it's bad but hi bow bow bow man you are crazy I love you anyway Pew Oh little tail yeah have you hi cutie thank you in happy Tom Oh down down hey Belleville he waited cuddle all day and mom has to be some work out of the shower definitely wanted to shower before I couldn't so we could be getting hit really bad or get hit with like nothing but my husband put down the a-frame and he took he took all the other stuff that needed to be secured into the garage so everything outside is all set inside we

have plenty of water and food and dog food and water for the pups they're gonna have some special treats during the storm they fortunately do not care about storm so any type but we had a hurricane last year that was pretty bad when I was living in North Carolina and dogs like didn't really care at all they just didn't want to go outside to go to the bathroom because it was like bad so this is what we're dealing with right now well I'm not giving you - boo - boo do young cute little guy so cute cute hmm they're just hanging out as you guys saw it looks like we're going to get hit pretty bad I hope not because we were planning on it to just ride up the first and go away so I hope we don't get hit pretty hard but my husband's gonna go to the store and get some things and fuel up the truck in case a tornado comes and we need to run away so we don't have a basement to go yeah that's true we don't have a basement okay well wait two weeks if a tornado does come do we go in the bathtub or do we go in the garage hmm okay

good you man nothing's ever gonna happen they always type it up way too much nothing's gonna happen a little see that little tree that looks like a stick that's probably gonna fall over that's about it I don't know baby that looks pretty bad doesn't it booty looks pretty bad Thank You T oh you cuddling that booty boo oh okay okay no kind of oh okay have fun hurricane and I bet Brantley it's under the bed hello there mr. Brantley Bob what are you doing hi bud oh you have a ball under there Wow okay change of plans I'm going with my husband to the store - because it was scared to be by myself and a tornado comes by or something so we're gonna load up all puffers and we're going to go together all right load up buddy okay pop bird you ready we don't take everybody just in case he's doing you find balls back here you find boughs starting to come in here wow you guys are super cute family the worst of the storm is supposed to come tonight it's currently only 11 a.m. so it's still pretty calm and nothing's

happening here but there's we are under tornado watch and there's a bunch of tornados that have already happened because the hurricane is like making them and it's the number one thing I'm worried about I'm worried about a tornado coming through more so than the hurricane because really we're just looking at is some pretty strong wind and a lot of rain Anthony level like the first intensity level is obviously like the actual coast with the beach and everything we're in the second intensity level and then Raleigh is like the third intensity level so it gets weaker the more it goes west we I put Raleigh as my general location but we're not in Raleigh we are south east of that so we are actually getting hit more so than Raleigh is so I know a lot of people thought we were we were gonna be safe and not get anything but we are in the second intensity zone so we are gonna prepare a little bit more because now I'm a little bit scared about the whole tornado situation so of course we prepared for hurricane and riding it out because it's not gonna be that bad of a hurricane unless it hits landfall and it comes right to us that's

a whole different scenario but it's not going to be that bad that we would have needed to evacuate but with the tornadoes that is definitely something where we could need to evacuate right away so I'm gonna get the dogs collared up usually they are naked in the house and so I'm gonna get them collared up ready leashes there just in case we need to book it really strong and then we'll put both boys have their big strong heavy collars on what are you doing over here Oh a ladybug friend well you know a ladybug friend yeah two of my favorite really sick all-weather BIOS and leashes from Big Bad Wolf shop that whoops I was talking about in a different video so I have these two ready to go in case we need to boogie out of here the one thing but like about weather like this is he cannot play ball so no ball today that's very sad huh let me guess how much Oh give me some hot stink you sweet boy love you and Bradley likes this because heat is super lazy and he gets to chill all day he'd be that right granny yeah thanks buddy so actually we're not there with them

just now as it's pouring rain because I was paranoid and I wanted to watch the sky make sure he didn't get swept up in a tornado uh-huh so we don't have any currently going on but if there's a warning I just want to know so I went up there with them we just got soaked Brantley takes forever to pee and poop in the rain but he did both and butch peed and pooped right away he's great about that um so yeah now because electricity might go out I'm gonna cook we have a bunch of chicken in the fridge so I'm just gonna cook all at once right now so that it doesn't go bad and that my husband can eat it later so that is the plan right now did the rain if you guys do mediums yeah whoa the rain gave them zoomy zoom Bailey hey Brandi got new Newseum zooms it is getting pretty bad out there as a couple hours later we've been trying not to go crazy being stuck in this house that's a big bug it is going crazy the wind is definitely picking up it's starting to pour one thing I noticed about this camera is I don't believe it is good in low light so that's a little irritating but yeah it is pretty bad out there I don't know if you can see no you

can't see but the back all the way to like where those offenses it's starting to flood so that is like the storm is like a hundred miles away and this is like what's happening already the oh wow yeah I don't know if you can see if you'll be able to see from here but basically the whole back of our house is flooded and then that right there is like a drainage system for things like this and it is full of water I just fed the dogs and you could tell that the wind in the rain is picking up like really bad oh you're I know oh he's so happy he just ate me so happy [Laughter] oh hi Bailey come here buddy come here autumn us come here oh it's like 7:00 and or no it's almost 8:00 and yeah we're supposed to be getting the worst of it pretty soon but most of it is going to be like completely like over midnight so I hope nothing happens like or anything but we will be prepared to run with the poppers boochi boochi boo what do you think about the hurricane you know something you like hi babe ow what do you think about the hook in and you can tell Brantley is getting like a little bored and like wants to do

something I mean butchers been stir-crazy all day but my husband told me he was downstairs he was getting something and Brantley was with him and Brantley walked over to where his gear is hanging up near the door and he likes it was staring at his harness and just like nudging it and yesterday he actually went over to his harness and was like grabbing it so he is getting bored of the bad weather and not working anywhere but hi cutie you are the cutest little guy ever oh my goodness so crazy it's completely dark out now so I can't show you guys like out the window because you won't be able to see anything but the trees are going crazy the wind is really picking up and the rain are you watching TV he's watching everything you do like my husband we also got a super board that he plugged in his xbox for the first time in like two years or something so he is playing some type of farming game and there's like it's like animals like in it and every time like one makes a noise but just like so apparently butch likes this game so yeah that's how bored we are and I'm ready for tomorrow to be here

ready honey guys it is the next day so last night around like to history is when it was the worst but the hurricane did not make landfall in North Carolina where we are it's on the Outer Banks right now and it said it might make landfall up there but it did not make landfall closer to where they thought it was going to so it stayed in the ocean on the coast and yeah basically it nothing really happened no tornadoes the flooding has already gone down besides the hooking runaway yeah you guys can go play now you guys can go play oh look your last time oh you want to go play