27 August 2017

Hurricanes: Don't Forget Pet Supplies

Just a very quick video reminding you not to forget about your pets during hurricane preparations. Wanna see more? Instagram: cyn_rogers35 Twitter: ...

it's raining so hard right now matha

stare out the window it's like what's all that racket it's allowed [Music] the way come on people dreamers welcome back to my channel I just want to post this little a quick video because as you know I live here in Houston Texas and most of this area in Texas with been picked by hurricane Harvey and you know it's crazy the way they're right here and how people are flocking to the stores to get you know all this emergency supplies just in case which you know reminded me that don't forget about your pets when you're out shopping for hurricane supplies or a natural disaster supply do not forget what your pets need you know dog you want to get a huge bag of dry food or the soft food you want to stock up on as many cans a soft food that you can you're also gonna want to get cat lair I don't know about you but I personally would not want to be stuck in my home with a dirty litter box no way so yet cat litter cat bags for your litter if you have reptiles you know you want to stock up on insects you have to be able to just go to this door if there's major

flooding like here Houston its loves like crazy so stuck up on bugs and if you can and your pair is not out you just talk up on lots of collard greens kale anything that you're a tail I like to eat and also with heat if your power is out how you gonna keep your beauty dragon or your reptile in general warm they sell I don't know the name of them by doing it called hand warmers there's little packets for you know you put me in a pocket and they keep your hands warm or you guys put me of shoes it could you warm you want to get some of those and what you can do in Paris out and you have no heat you're gonna put it wrap it in a thin blanket or towel and you'll put your beard right on top of it that's gonna provide Philly heat for UVB light if you're possible even for just ten minutes if there's a break in the storm take your beer and drag it outside just for a meal it's for a little bit of Sun a little helps is better than nothing and you also want to don't forget your calcium always have backup calcium just in case for fish what you're gonna want is if you have bigger tanks you're gonna need multiple ones

these are custom aren't you did buy them online this is a battery operated emergency air supply and you can't really hear it but they think that's so loud super loud when they're the top the tank don't have air go out so it comes with this tubing and it comes already with an air stone now these things require two batteries the D battery so always make sure you have extra batteries for these things you don't know how long your powers gonna go out it left my personal answer about I must say maybe a day a day and a half more or less and so yeah I have lots of these batteries and keep your tank warm what you're gonna want to do is have a newspaper and what most people do is they're gonna wrap their aquarium up and newspaper this is going to insulate the heat so you heat in this game through the top or what I've also heard people do is get those hammers again I'm gonna do is they take them to the tank probably the multiples if you have a larger tank so to stick them on your tank and then wrap a newspaper and that's going to keep the heat in also alright I think that's basically it which brings me to if you ever had to

evacuate make sure you bring your pet with you if you can if you cannot make sure you know someone where that will take care of your pet and knows how to take care of your pets needs you know maybe you can call them some shelters and they'll give you some helpful advice I know here in Houston during this hurricane Hardy I heard on the news that the Sam Houston race park they were giving free shelter to any horses in the Houston area all they requires that you bring you know your own food supply you buckets hey that kind of stuff and of course get shelter from the storm the free so there's places that will help so know in advance how emergency numbers written down to shelters I so I think that is it for this video I just want to make it real quick because I don't want people to forget about their animals a lot of people in this pasture you to see what themselves and don't forget about your little ones you know they're they're helpless don't forget about him please and I hope everyone is staying safe in this area has been affected whether it be in Corpus Texas Corpus Christi Texas San Antonio Austin grabber restored was

going through stay safe [Music]