11 September 2019

Huskies Hike Falls River Falls | Camping With Dogs

Sunday, Sept 1st, 2019. Huskies Hike Falls River Falls in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Camping with Dogs. Shelby was having a good day this day, so we ...

beautiful morning audience we think miss

Shelby woo you think huh you're just excited yeah are you excited excited to be camping who say to be camping oh my oh my goodness I don't think miss Shelby she's like I kind of had breakfast this morning you had some bacon that's pretty good you like that we're over here making eggs on the fire by we I mean Greg is making us eggs on the fire mmm delicious yeah oh be good stuff Shelby and I have taken a walk around a campground took just her other girls are back at camp but Jamie Latner sniff all the things she wants us yeah I think huh yeah but I took just Shelby her and I are walking around the campground Jamie's back at camp with the other two dogs I figured that we could do a little walk in she's actually doing pretty fast walking today she's like I take my time guys sometimes I want to be fast sometimes I want to be slow I figured she could check out whatever she wants kind of letting her take me where she wants to go right you taking me where you want to go so thick yep that's what we're doing hitting's not to walk on everything huh Thank You discipline I like someone go back over to the sand hole hmm need to check out

this hand again see if you can find a critter I see with a finer crater right here Shelby right here they were dead critter was knows where it was she know she's like this is where it was was where they were digging last night the guys came and made sure to fill the hole in so the little kids don't trip in it everybody's trying to play are y'all trying to play a real board or something trying to play head still early in the morning all the puppies are trying to play Chevy's over there with her blanket got a blanket she'll be like guys I got my blanket this is pretty great these two just want a wrestle wrestling on the line they're so stinking cute Oh doors like I want in on this now I'll get in on this I'll get in on the wrestle I get in I wrestle yeah you're getting in on it Shelby's like I don't one under this puppy play get in it hey that's supposed to be that loud at the campground shush so since Shelby's feeling so good and all the puppies were getting a little bit cooped up we brought all the puppies hi Tammy and we're going a little short

walk right back here to a waterfall which those of you that have been watching for a long time have seen this waterfall many times but we're going anyway we got a take pay I know we're gonna take Shelby to it waterfall right Abbi this is like look at me go guys I don't look going let me go here's the happiest dog ever to be on a trail right now we look Iraq whoo here's the river its Falls River Falls hiking there's a lot of behind me what do you think they're like Father's fresh grass now we're cows we're all cows even Cara's like oh can I eat this grass must be good grass I guess so here's the first waterfall just a little waterfall here like I'm playing in the water and playing in the grass well you're gonna pull me in the water and get water to be like I'm munching on these grasses I'm trying to help keep the vegetation yeah next little part of this waterfall goes down here this used to be a dam I believe is what all this is we're gonna go over here back up there with these guys ready she's like I'm ready push Shelby's favorite part about camping hiking

playing in the streams hey guys I like this water I really want to go swimming but Greg doesn't have short time dogs playing in the water I got cute here with me waterfall Memphis is the only one that saw chipmunk friend Kira doesn't know what she's excited about but Memphis touch it my friend just like I want to go where everybody else is there's a deer I think he's been following us do you see him he's way down there standing on the road he's been listening to Kira yell the whole time like what is that noise he's looking right at us alright you go do your deer things deer so here is but this is actually Falls River Falls the other ones we saw are like unnamed Smoke Falls and small Falls I don't know what they were but this is actually Falls River Falls so you see a guy out there fishing in that pool well maybe we'll catch my camera falling in there's definitely a lot more water here than nor really pretty though Honus hoping it through the trail hoping a true d'etre lockira Shelby's hoping it in front of us that's some serious trail right here

everybody's out in front of us Greg's got Joey we aren't just outgoing good girl yeah you're good girl all right made it to the next little waterfall Falls River Falls a really pretty area I know I know there's the train bridge for at the tail end of the Falls no there's some property right here but I'd like to look at so be fun everywhere so pretty I'm ready to get in it right now so we ended up going all the way there and coming back and the deer still there the dogs haven't seen it yet he's gonna Eric's on the trail over there that deers gonna run straight at him maybe another deer oh I almost tripped over the dog it's up here Shelby Shelby Shelby Shelby you're looking in the wrong spot there guys they all missed it yep that's probably where it beds down they all missed it did you see the deer Eric yeah we thought we were gonna scare them towards you he was looking right at us it's hotter than I thought I should have been wearing a hoodie yeah it's very humid yeah that's some popped out it got really like lobstery the Ducks did good though

shall we take it we really didn't go that far there was a hill a couple Hills might have been close to him my baby if that but she didn't really do it she didn't get tired the whole time we're like whoa look up we go a little bit further and our whole thought was from where we are to where we went was a road so we knew it she got tired we could just wait at the road come get her but she wanted to go she saw a deer she's got to mom she had fun she's back there somewhere yeah she's like I'm laying down already all right we're gonna get moving and get some air going I'm making right yep all right back to the campground sing-sing I almost had I almost had all three going she'll be missing it was so close so close all right let's try again ready to try again [Applause] there's so much distraction here sing sing sing there like maybe I heard you over there trying to sing trying to sing really go for a walk look at you all curled in a blanket keeping her nice and cozy Thor's gonna go for a walk he with us go for our nightly walk yeah we thank Thor ey go to Eric and Lana I already

went to bed we think she'll be she's like I think I'll go guys I think does that make you the happiest dog in the whole wide world you went for a walk with your friends you went for a walk with everybody and I couldn't even film you fast enough you got in here and you were like here's my bed guys this is where I sleep in tonight you're such a good girl I know I know I was tired usually don't take a nap see you don't take a nap what is going on over here where am I gonna lay down all three of you are in the bed Austrey of you yeah you want me to turn the ACM for a minute and cool it down in here real quick yeah all right I'll do that cuz you look like you're overheating you look like you're overheating Shelby's like I don't know how I feel don't you dare to snuggle up in my pillow I'm too dear alright I'll turn it on for a second help you all cool down it is a little stuffy in here oh just when I thought you guys couldn't get any cuter that makes my heart happy warm puppy - puppy - Reba these know my Sylvie I think Shelby's actually snuggling with Memphis because Memphis was there first and now Shelby has just kind of overtaken the

spot Greg and Jamie just went rock hunting hopefully they'll find some rocks if not we're out there having a good time we're gonna chill out here in the camper I have here a tree dogs sleep and like Jess aw I know dad taking up the whole bed oh you got I where am I supposed to sleep okay I guess there's a good bit over there - thank gosh is an extra bed in here geez dogs well is it off for a second there I thought Kara had a blip but it's not never saw snuggled in so be saying no don't don't look at me good manly cause everybody else all right I'm gonna go to bed no yeah no not word-for-word offhand right now because you put me on the spot [Music] see you guys I'll do that too okay and dream up a hit she seems like she's getting dreamed you go into all three we're dreaming are you all in the same dream all right now we're really good a bit you know that we caught all the dogs dreaming goodnight again partying if you love our Huskies come along for the ride all you have to do is hit subscribe

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