13 March 2019

I'm taking my dog out for a walk in the rain

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hey guys it's been super I just took my

daughter for walk and it's pouring I can't take you guys out there cuz I'll get my own ruins but that's my door that's the only source of light you guys can see if I can protect you guys from the rain I can protect my dog ah a big job just taking if you guys have you can see some of the rain like water oh yeah if you guys see anything strange tell me like if my dog starts backing up - see it's raining probably can't see it but I'm wiping off the screen I want to go in a dry place real quick okay right now I'm by the laundry room as you can see [Music] see rain literally pouring I have to protect you guys so you guys not ruined there's our dog let me show you see that that's all water his head is completely something you guys want to see me taking my god we got a pen with him he gets excited it's a little clunky I never made it open now have hey leo me my hand oh yeah you can see some of these pictures I look so sad in one of them I have to show you I look freaking sad he's expending the picture he knows I was baby boy taquito we have to use a leash for him as if we don't keep something wrong

mmm not shallow follow coyote Peterson and the other three bitterness and let's go back out this is me me on his walk you always like to do this every day you'll go up the stairs no come here no way I can't travel may you go this dance with me my dog knows how to go not all the way they out back down future oh yes Liam come on slowly look at him oh no that didn't talks we're just walking around you're not going back in oh yeah okay I like those leash look at him hold my daughter's hey babe you as me you get it hi guys