13 March 2019

I Built A Pet Store In MY HOUSE For My Sick Dog

THiS IS A BUCKET LIST IDEA Today I decided to turn one of the rooms in my house into a PET STORE!! WATCH MORE OF FRANKLIN AND MY OTHER PETS!

what's up Scott Scott family long chain

now just kidding what's up Scott Scott well it's guys families guys squad I like them both Scott guys are both so there is some information that you wouldn't know unless you followed my Instagram so all of Callie's tests came back negative and that means that the next step is to do a surgery on his brain so basically Kelly has to have brain surgery and he's going tomorrow um I'll make a video talking more about his surgery and stuff the vet seemed very hopeful about it and I guess dogs recovered really quickly from it so you know we're not as nervous as we are happy that were able to do this for our dog and let him live more years of his life it hasn't been biopsied yet so we don't know if it's cancer etc we don't know what it is basically they see me going and it's putting pressure on his brain and they just need to take it out so he's going tomorrow and I'll be blogging all that and I'll talk more in depth about him being sick so all my dogs got to go to the store now I never took Callie to this store just because he gets a little hyperactive um I walk him on a gentle leader so if you guys

don't know it's kind of like a horse harness and I don't know I was just putting it off you know I just didn't want to deal with it and I feel bad because my poor Bumby didn't get to go to the store and he literally has to go to the vets tomorrow shoutout to the Crum he literally has to go to the vets tomorrow and have a surgery on his brain so since we never brought him to the store and I don't want to bring him to the store now while he's sick just because he can get sick he has seizures right [Music] what we're gonna do to get over this obstacle and still let Callie go to the store and still let him have fun and pick whatever you choose is we are going to be making a pet store in our house yeah bumpy to say that go be the pentacle Bobby wants to go to the Petco you go there yeah your house alright but how are we gonna set this up alright so alright guys since we just moved in to this house and not a lot of furniture so it's a good thing because that means a really good pet store so basically it's going to be like a little boutique dog store

I think this chandelier right there looks super cute alright so we have these retail racks right here we have two of these alright guys so now we have both our retail racks here now it's time to fill it right just trying to film you what no we can't do that we have the dogs in here they're gonna see all the treats and things I think this is like Christmas again kids we're building a pet store in here we have a bunch of pets we're building a pet store ok it's not Christmas all right it's different there's no Christmas tree yeah that's still up in our old house brother alright guys so we just made a sign check out how awesome that is now okay you're never gonna believe what I use to make this sign just take you guys take a guess in the comments did I use a marker did I use a dry erase marker or did I use Jeffery stars liquid lipstick I bet you guys did not guess that useless but it works so good alright so the pet shop is set up we're gonna do with baybridge feather baby birds feather all right where we at so far the pet show we do start putting all of the pet toys and treats out I wonder what

the dogs are gonna choose I'm so curious know what Kyle is gonna think and to see his face oh my gosh let's do this gee this is beliefs that look like a good pet store oh man what a good mom I think it's gonna stay all right guys we'll get a diner table a boy should be a pet stores pet shop all right that's not a pet store yeah okay all right guys I'm gonna take a moment just right now and just look at this for myself and take it in this is awesome this is so cool like Callie didn't get to go to the pet store and he's having brain surgeries and now he has a pet store in his house that is so awesome like we don't have kids but we do have kids all right [Music] all right here it is the grand opening [Music] I'm actually really proud of this I think this is so awesome my look at it at a pet store eat my freaking Lagoon goals pent mom goals all right ready it's that pet knife it's all right oh he's taking me outside oh all right you it's tore my heart into the pet store

[Music] get anything you want here you get anything you want [Music] which toy to do is leave the toy store oh we're taking Calvin as soon as he's able to go to the store to a real store dad on a walk all right who's next he's coming back so you come back to the pet store hey this doors still open overhead you guys know this customer well he's done a lot of shop in his past he's got a lot of shopping experience here for the pesto Franklin Oh what are you gonna get Frankie which toys which Tony as you can see calories are more of a conservative guy toys the treats when I was dyeing my hair he smelled up each and every tree pulling me hard stuck to the walnuts would hug walk that challenge back into Stuart he's going for round - moans - shopping - all right when you let it an experienced shopper him look at the good deals is what happens and now we and now he's over consumed when he doesn't know what he wants I'm who's next baby she's going to the store hey she's gonna go to the pet shop

come on baby what do you think this customer can can they walk around the customer this doing - doing great today [Music] when you gotta get me any thank you you find anything you thinking she's over when she's not do goodness shopping sharper money through that shopper that customers happy it would leave this to this [Music] we have to do the voices here I have to just try out just try out this retail rack it's a picture of a quality inspector oh no the body's not good guys the customers are so happy [Music] [Music] [Music] thanks for stopping by please Like us on Yelp please please like us on Facebook we'll check in back with this customer come back to shopping here for the second time [Music] what's that money girl Wow that toy customer numbers before jelly where's she gonna get he likes that toy store

that customer but that no customer jelly here is the new Clio this customer is gonna check out the rugs how many things here to get welcome to Cali shop here oh she's like alright I just woke up what the hell is going on she's gonna dream right now next time can you make a little bit let's back it downstairs thank you here you carry on the story hero movie probably wants those treats get him oh sweet husband what's up this pet shop you gave up America treats complimentary treats that's a nice thank you for shopping I have to say this was pretty cool I mean this is this is a bucket list thing big thumbs up if you guys think that I should do this but with my bird so I make like a bird store or a cat store that's primarily for cats because today it was primarily for dogs no it's a pet superstore today that's everything that's everything that's a pet superstore I think that we can be making a couple more videos from this idea I don't know it's fun it's fun for the mom like he can destroy all these toys he already did right here alright be a friend oh yeah I definitely think that we have more in store coming but

let them tell us in the comments down below let us know what you guys want to see give this video a big thumbs up hey that subscribe button and turn on those notifications that way you never miss another video like this one if you want to follow Carly's surgery on his neurological journey follow me on Instagram I do a lot of dates all the time with him at nicole skies full of jay because he does behind-the-scenes stuff all the time to add jay these guys I love you guys so much I'll see you guys in my next video [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music]