13 August 2019

I didn’t have my SERVICE DOG for TWO weeks!

I think my dog did amazing, but everyone else can have an opinion. He just needs more training/ ignoring people and dogs before we jump into non pet friendly ...


[Applause] [Music] so I went away for like two weeks it's been two weeks ever since we got back so Jackson my service dog and training he went to a two-week board and trained my other dogs just got boarded but he needed the boarding train as he had very very severe issues with walking on a leash normally I'm he was scared of it like extremely scared as a puppy he would the first time I ever tried putting on him he yelped so I was weird the leash issues have been resolved and oh my goodness with more training put in to him I guess it's just gonna be an amazing so I was talking honestly anyway this is my service dog Maddie she's still amazing they're both my best friends so yeah on to the video [Music] [Music] sit down good boy as you can tell in what I just showed next way before it was looks like it was really shitty like extremely actually you really didn't know he'll it was just traits that he was looking at

from what I see now as what I thought before please oh he's so good but now that I look at it that was a crowd and with the down and that wasn't even a down that was just him that's like what training down looks like no it's not fully down and I said I feel like he just did that automatically and did not learn it but anyways here's a the next clip it's gonna just gonna be like a little trip to a Petsmart and training he definitely needs a lot more training with distractions and not grading people or other dogs because he goes mad freakin crazy not in the bad way actually very excited uh-huh excited to wear I mean he peed himself money first my first dog which wasn't that nice as it was starting to crawl in him as he was trying to say hi [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] and I know that [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]

[Applause] [Music] wake up I don't really feel that bad yeah yeah [Music] [Applause] [Music] people thinking nurses the magic room [Music] [Music] boy [Music] [Music] so I'm tired and there's really nothing else to the video if you liked it or enjoyed it subscribe or cuz like button if you enjoyed I'm glad even though it's kind of boring but anyways I love you guys thank you for 1,800 subscribers work very close to about 1900 so yeah [Music]