03 November 2019

I got a pet Dog! | Minecraft part 10

Sorry this episode was shorter than normal, I didn't have much time to film a proper episode. #Minecraft.

welcome to the 10th episode anniversary

of the Minecraft series anyway yeah so sorry about this glare in the corners I don't know I don't know what that's about anyway so yeah so I've played quite a bit off camera and I've filmed like an episode already but it didn't turn out that well so I just decided to start over I explore is a bit more flat all those ravines and stuff that they were very disappointing absolutely nothing we made a fishing brothers you can see I'm trying to be able to get a name tag from it let's just leave here to follow your name that horse so I'm going to if I get a name tag which I'm hoping I will because I'm going to be literally fishing this entire episode trying to get one so yeah so I'm gonna leave up to you guys name down in the comments of this video what you want me to name this the horse okay and tell me and I will definitely name it in the next episode okay so it's up to you so let me just plant these seeds again because I destroyed them when I started filming them and I didn't have time to put the back because I was too busy exploring and and fishing so I basically just didn't have time these are finally

growing as well which is amazing it took you long enough anyway of which scales in there I'm gonna quickly slice you in half there you go oh you drop your bow as well like pick up it's literally almost as that thank you a lot skeleton I already have a bow anyway oh there's a lake up here a river I mean ah too late you can I'm gonna fish in this for a bit and just hopefully hopefully get a name tag so I'll come to you when I find something interesting okay guys I've been fishing for a while now and I have actually as you can see moments where I found a name tag but oh man I am very disappointed but I literally found out that you need an anvil to actually name the things you actually need an anvil so you need a bunch of iron to make an anvil which I'm hoping I'll do in the next episodes or this episode but I've got a name tag so I'm going to finally name my whole my horse and that names gonna be up to you guys so please leave a comment in this video with a name idea you think would be suitable for this horse okay so yeah I also have plans to maybe get a dog is well tame a dog possibly maybe we'll leave that to the next

episode or so on yeah it's just there's a lot of things going on so I am going to how much it actually costs to make an end of them here's here here its costs for shoes an anvil here okay so you need three blocks of iron and four iron ingots okay how much I enjoy I have that is the question 56 so how I think it takes nine I think it takes nine iron in to make one iron block at least I think so how many how many of those can I make I make six okay okay I'm gonna do it I'm gonna make an anvil I am going to make an anvil I can always farm up some more iron anyway so where do I keep I'm gonna put the seeds in here on the eggs and this and the chicken okay let's go okay one two three Oh girls I have 29 left okay okay okay now I'm gonna make an anvil I've made an anvil guys I have made an anvil oh that costed me so I only have to twenty nine iron ingots left and these things can break after a good time being used so that was painful anyway I've made an anvil I've made and so I'm gonna put my iron back in there I'm gonna also put the nametag in here

thank God we were able to get it right that took me so long a little hunt for a dog that sounds very wrong but I'm gonna I want to search for a dog and hopefully tame it I'm if I do I'm probably I probably will because I have 40 bones so I guess I'm gonna head out I mean I might need a map but I have no idea where my map has gone I just ran away I think me shaking this Oh scuse me this chest one more time no nothing at all i I can't see us jeez the lighting anyway yeah so I guess I'm just gonna go blind I think I'm gonna go this way oh one of these guys are you kidding me why is there a flippin raise going on wait what I was expecting this to happen but I need I need my shield where is my shield here it is no don't put in the chest give me it no nom I wouldn't not not want Margie's I'm panicking yeah quickly put this on okay I'm gonna have to engage okay I'm gonna get bad omen as well if I kill the really gone and they disappears or something you saw that as well like there was pikas the pillagers and stuff here I have they literally disappears because

I like it yeah I'm with love you can get like really good limbs from them as well I don't think there's that powerful goodness me okay there they are there goes once swimming around in there okay I'm gonna go up to that guy hopefully the other ones have gone okay oh oh just around please Oh God God together come on get out to the water please yes I killed it I have bad omen now that's the only thing okay I have the illage or banner oh my goodness I have the integer banner okay I have bad omen though I don't know how long that's gonna last but I bet I guess I'm just not going to go to a village you listen I'm ready put the banner down and hopefully nothing else bad happens I hope I haven't done something really wrong you should anyway where do I put this down I'm just gonna leave in the corner here I think I can't believe it okay let's let's just continue with the did finding a dog a wolf and forget that ever happens my God's the amount of drowns now I hear I swear to goodness me no not gonna stay back stay back stay back stay back okay here is the cave I was in once but I need to look for a dog Oh also if I do

find one and I tame it I'm gonna leave it up to you as well so you can either pick two you know you can pick a name for both the horse and the air dog you can do whatever hopefully I find one though I had tried this last time I had no luck so I'm gonna try again hopefully have more luck this time maybe with one spoons Oh the update they had as foxes as well and I heard you contained those but I think I don't think you can use bones to tame them so yeah okay it's getting late so I'm going to go back to the house sleep and then continue on my journey all right I'm back at the house oh I'm still so probably killed start to die as well anyway okay nothing that's not eat I'm gonna go back into the my bed yeah so proud will also be very good if I could get like a saddle as well for the horse I don't it I don't know if you're Erik if you are able to find that for fishing but I know you can get it from like the nether and stuff if you're lucky so that's kind of what I'm going for I mean I haven't been in the nether for a while yet so I might do that's not in this episode next episode

definitely what's that yeah oh my goodness me anyway so let's cuz oh yes it's growing I'm gonna win so they're a bit more like thrown and then yeah I'm holding a carrot in my hand and there's bunnies following me around yeah can I feed it here oh I now have a bunny friends I now have a bunny friends that is they let me breeze you is that other bunny come here where where is it got here in here you yay make a baby there we go nice little baby okay anyway yeah that's two you hold on that's some nice-looking cave can't believe I haven't spotted this yes but anyway I'm also looking to expand my sugar cane farm once I get the chance because you know just it's really slow and I need to get more bookshelves for the enchanting table to actually get some decent enchantments so yeah okay I I've noticed I'm very low on food so I'm gonna have to saw about out I'm gonna have to go back to my house I think there's another failed mission and finding we will we will find a wolf soon though we were definitely will but we're going to stick with with the horse for now I hope I can find my way back home okay I can see the nether portal in the

distance so that means we are closed so what else am I supposed to be doing today [Music] I might actually start making my actually starts what expanding my shirt became firm maybe alone get this river probably I'm so yeah my I'm gonna make a start on that soon actually I put some here so some reason I haven't done that yet and maybe hmm I have still another nine left so I might I need I need to get some food though hold on okay I'm going to keep on trying to explore them I'm gonna go this way I'll hardly ever go this way and I'm gonna search for a flippin dog because I need one I need a dog please Oh does that ravine okay Jose I was managed to get to my like fifth ravine I found well maybe fourth I can't remember mm-hmm but yeah I was able to find you hopefully there's a gonna be a dog or something all for around here I'm just exploring for a quite a bit now and it's just taking forever oh my goodness me hello fellas jeez so many zombie villagers is another one here as well look it up okay good that's me oh I

found want these guys okay okay that was kind that's kind of weird but I still know dogs I found literally everything boats dogs there's one finally oh my god come here come here oh my god yes all my god with one singular bow in the sky come on then will they follow me I have a leash anyways come on oh my god I finally have a pet dog yes oh yes yes yes yes yes yes finally get outta here go on attack it attack it attack it attack the pig attack the pig yes good dog okay let's stay away from the surveen then shall we come on oh my god finally got bad dog we you need to name this is a this is a special dog we need to we need you you guys need to come up with a very good name for this dog and the horse enthuses okay well this is your new home now buddy come on you come inside you're going to be the protector of the house when I'm gone okay you're nothing you're not gonna let any creepers come in here okay come on then let's go oh my goodness me alright you maybe come over here there you go I'm just gonna sit you down there finally we have a dog oh my goodness me

this is amazing we finally have a pet dog oh man okay this is a spider as well that's disturbing me where are the for Jesus it's probably on the roof anyway okay ring a bell okay guys I think I'm gonna have to leave it there for this episodes it's um it's our oh it's a short much shorter than normal the videos I just don't have much time and but hopefully you enjoy it anyway and finally got a pet dog and a name tag and all that so yeah hope you guys enjoyed have a great rest of your day and I will see you in the next video goodbye