06 February 2017


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I'm stuck in a room stuck in a room with

a strange man but this isn't the first time I've been stuck in this room with this strange man before not some of you guys will remember a map that we played called a life of a block where we adopted our very own little pet block we nurtured him we named him we played games and did challenges for him but today we got rid of him well honestly I just lost him to be honest I was just walking through the Minecraft fields he fell down a hole and I couldn't tell which one was him so I lost him but that's okay that's okay because today we're learning about their life of a stone block yeah today we got a brand new pets a rock basically we should be fun so let's hit start and see what happens welcome to life of a stone block here there is lucky just thrown up shoe is a name so we've got stony stone tornado that's the little bit runner mister stone stone maker or cobble now he isn't cobble but I do kind of like the name Kaaba I wonder if he will change let's have a look cobble okay buddy you chose cobble you would say care a couple craft bread and give it so cobble okay I think last time we made what do

we make did we make I think we made a cake and he ate it how do I give this to you do I throw it at you it's cobble now like your stone block has evolved cover was to play find the buttons with you oh no oh no he's called all his friends he's called all his friends and he's made hey look is that him look at him yes come play little buddy come play this is amazing you're kind of disappearing every now and then though are you a magic stone block it's a little bit random play let's no question him there's no question of apps all we need to find some buttons now I hate these maps find the buttons Maps I really really hate I knew that would be a fake painting I knew that would be a TARDIS okay maybe I didn't know it's just completely lucky is there a button here hello or is there just there's literally just the TARDIS in here is that it is there a button no what that's all that's here just just a TARDIS by itself is that it fine waste my time see if I care hey I found one there we go ten buttons oh you've got to be kidding me are they all wooden buttons as well as

one boom they're all wooden alright let's go down here and see if there's one down here there must be actually are they all wooden buttons I guess there could be a stone one hidden somewhere I can't see a thing there's light though there's light at the end of the tunnel or is there why is this tunnel so long this isn't fair no this isn't even fair there's there's one yeah I could barely see that I can't even see if there's anything here I was gonna right-click and hope that's so mean ah there's one there too I can barely see why would you hide them in such dark places is that one here as well no I don't like this game mr. rock I don't like this game at all I'm checking every little place where one could be because I am NOT failing this challenge oh wait is there is there gonna be one around here what's up there huh it's like a gap around here can we get up here we can but I can't go anywhere is there a barn up there though I can't see when I told right let's go back into the light we haven't been here yet this is a little bit terrifying but we're gonna go down anyway for the sake of Oh

was that it yeah there's five more to go how is that 5-0 knee up here any on top of this building there might be can we are wait a second can we jump across to the other building it's probably worth checking let's see here we go I don't think we can but I'm gonna try it anyway here we go huh huh that was bad I don't think we can what is going on here look at this there's like a weird hole I have no idea what's going on here oh there's a button right there it's a stone one so there are stone ones but how do I get to that I need to could I jump up there and get up to here what about oh wait a second BAM get it yeah there we go I got it oh wait can I get up here I can are there any more buttons up here I don't know but I can see the rest of the map and and this looks pretty terrifying actually I'm not looking forward to this I'm gonna try and jump down here there we go could we get in the roof we card but there is a button right it's three more there's three more somewhere I still don't understand how how there's more in here oh there's one there's one right there

there we go two more to go oh that was a lot of that I could have used that please don't make them be down there that would be really annoying like really annoying oh I checked down this one yet I don't think I have I don't think I've been down here please that the last two you be down here let's go left and then be very confused about where we can go there's one there's one there we go I found nine out of ten is there one down here though there's not that side please that there won't be this side I can't see a thing is that is that it is that it no I was looking at it all along it's here it's right here are you kidding me cobble geez ology evolved again no is that the so-called cobble one's rabbits to craft it and give it to him oh all right I don't actually know how to make that let's just add all of these things in here and hopefully it will create it no no no yeah there we go rabbits do you know what you better like this I almost killed myself look I've got two and a half hearts left always kill myself finding your buttons you better enjoy this there you go you got to evolve again Cobra wants you to go

and bring a letter to mr. dirts go through all the obstacles to find mr. dirts gets a new letter okay so let's it to mr. Dale I can't read what it says and I'm in a castle of course I am why wouldn't I be right let's all know there's parkour guys why did I decide to get a pet rock yes I did it checkpoint as old ice Oh No what have I got fire resistance and resistance this is not nice this is not nice why did I decide to get this stupid rock in the first place I'm on fire as well I don't enjoy this okay we're doing it we're doing it huh no I did press space one more one more one more yeah are you alright what's next suckle are you kidding me bro are you kidding me you really don't like me do you Kabul apparently I got a new pet and he really doesn't like me like at all it's like getting a dog that bites you it's exactly the same as that but he's a rock okay as a fence fence oh I always fell off then but we could we could I'm not doing that again so please don't fall off I think I'll die soon as well cuz I've already got a little bit

of hearts left there we go ha yes I did it oh man go go go go go yes oh man I could have done so wrong thanks for being nice to me hey look it's mr. dirt do I have to go back do I have to go back right here's the letter oh no I did it look I didn't get a letter back though well done no problem Kabul is thirsty fill the bottle and give it to him cobalt you are so demanding like super demanding there you go have a drink buddy hey there you go magic color-changing stone cobble wants you to make presents to his friends make a wooden swords okay fine if you really really feel like that would be the the thing that your friend would like then sure why not let's make let's make a wooden sword there you go buddy wooden sword for you give the wooden sword to mr. wall where's mr. wall I'll have to go to the village there's literally a block village this is amazing right who is this mr. wall there we go hey buddy how's it going I've got a present this is from mr. Coble ah there you go enjoy it return to the workshop this is amazing I'm going to

leave that door open so I know that I've been there this is fun make a fence gate okay let's do that shall we let's make a fence gate I kind of chew him out to make one is it its sticks or did they change how you make them they didn't okay there we go give it to woody nice all right where would woody live that's rocky who lives up here there's lots of places as Andy glossy super sad hey buddy how's it going why are you could super huh I don't think I want to find out and woody of course you live in the big wooden house hello buddy how's it going there you go return to the workshop how many presents do I need to make and how much of these costing me maker Chas there we go let's grab this grab this this is easy easy mode buh-buh-buh-buh pop-up chest boom let's give this to super-sad and we know where this guy lives right over here this is a chest for you buddy to keep all your super items in there you go enjoy it return to the workshop how many things I have to make cobble doesn't like me at all does he write make a painting Oh Oh make a painting I think I

know how to do it I haven't made one in so long though like a long long time I think I needs I think I need all these as sticks and then you do it all the way around and then this in the middle yeah there we go painting who is it rocky what good rocky be let's have a look is he up here its glassy Andy wait was rocky down here rocky who are you Oh netherrack of course right make a piston oh my goodness why why would you make me do this this is this is this is labor this is slave labor ok a piston I need it some I need to smell this and then I think it's what I need some of this as well don't I um I think I only need one bit of redstone so if I do this and then wait it's wood along the top and then it's this or this or not that at all maybe this and this and this yeah got there in the end right I need to give this to glass see what kind of machine you're gonna be making with this buddy I think he's up here there we go glass the other go but it you were your friend in the window as well nice yes I made a little couples friends happy oh that's good right cobble wants cake of course he does make a cake to cobble I

don't think that makes sense we're gonna do it anyway when you need three milk three wheats and I think I've done this wrong already right let's give those to him that there that there of I always know how to make a cake place the cake on the Emerald block you gonna eat it there we go look whoever's a piece of Kabul eat a cake before no you seen dad do it but look here's a piece of cobblestone do it it's pretty awesome well it's andesite I think oh maybe not anymore according to legends there is a treasure in an underwater cave find the treasure are you kidding me bro either he's using me definitely using me and I need to swim with no scuba gear whatsoever what's wrong with you I'll do it for my new pet rock though 100% right here we go please allow me to breathe come on come on there we go second attempt where do we need to go that better be a good treasure down here this doesn't look like the right way at all does it I don't think this is the right way I think I'm gonna drown and die I think I'm gonna drown and die um is it down here is it there's nothing down here

no either I'm way go back up oh my goodness why's is taking so long I need another breathing hole there's one go swim as fast as you can make your pet rock happy no come on don't get stuck or blocks like that oh there was only one bubble left geez okay is it down here it must be down here Shirley do I go do I go left or right do I go left or right we have to go right and make over to this breathing hole I don't like this rock making me do all this stuff nope nope nope nope ah that was close okay where could the treasure be could it be this way it might be this way Oh some things it's flowing the water's flowing what's going on oh no I've come the wrong way of and I I definitely come the wrong way quick in there oh here either and I honestly don't know where this treasure could be could it be this side instead oh wait a second wait a second what's this is this freedom no it's not it's looking a little bit sketchy though I might die I might die quick I haven't got my chance to waste no don't kill me Oh this treasure better be worth it if

it's just a cookie that might be okay actually oh no I'm so gonna die I'm so gonna die quick make it down make it down make it down to the breathing I'm gonna die I'm gonna die I'm gonna die oh I made it again this treasure better be awesome we need to go this way oh man oh man I'm nervous oh I'm nervous please don't kill me please don't kill me is there no treasure here he's told me he's absolutely told me where is the treasure I don't want to die please don't let me die cobble please I've been a good friend to you oh there's a place down here there's a place through here please contain treasures that I need it's not down here either ah I hate my pet rock I hate my pet rock I hate him a lot I've only known him for a little bit but I really dislike him and now I'm definitely gonna die I'm definitely definitely gonna die is it yeah I drowned great Oh guys I think I found it this corridor was so long please let me die here please let me die here yes I found the treasure we're rich cobble we're rich look at all of this all these bedrock now yes the zombie oh no you

have the most powerful block in this world the zombie king is kidnapped cabal fight the zombie king to get him back oh no you know what I didn't like him anyway ah look at this guy hahahaha you can have him I don't even like him you know what you can have it I hate my pet rock why am i fighting for someone I don't even like her I mean he is the most powerful rock in the world now but I couldn't even move him if I wanted to because he's bedrock you can't even lift him look at this guy this guy's insane and he keeps on no little ones can not be welcome here ah No get away from me but all these guys there's so many of them no one on fire as well for some reason yes it looks like he's stopped supporting them in look at this the power of the new version of Minecraft this is incredible you kill so many zombies at the same time it's so cool take this zombie King your zombies aren't so powerful anymore huh take it take it slay them slay them there we go perfect how many more three more swipe swipe swipe yeah take that you bug why are you not dead yet I mean oh my goodness there's aa bee towers yo these are crazy

how am I supposed to kill all these huh do I have to kill the ones on the top first are they gonna yeah they look they're floating oh we could as they literally change into smaller towers when you kill the bottom ones that's kind of cool actually I'll give you that buddy I'll give you that that's pretty cool but I am doing pretty well against these guys I mean I have full of hunger you guys just flying around thinking it's okay and I want my you know what I don't like my pet rock that much died already oh why don't you zap me like that so ready zombies I guess he is cool dudes on the king but as I was saying if you don't die I will kill you myself okay I'm up for that oh is that him is that him over there so this isn't the zombie king this is just a weird gremlin frog thing okay let me deal with these guys first and the other guy seems to be hiding in the corner so he's a little bit scared of me but as I was saying I do kind of miss the little guy now even though I say I don't like him I I kind of do now a little bit hello hello is this is this zombie king hello is this you are you the zombie king you are why

are you hiding from me ah no no I didn't mean it you know what I didn't mean I told can you just die please I don't really like you you've got diamonds armor you're punching me with your gross green crumbling hands just get away from me stop it I've killed all your minions just give me my pet rock back I love him I admit it okay I love him No yes I got him back Oh cobble how I missed you the end Wow oh I tried to kiss you but you left ah so quits it's really awkward I love that rock hey there you go I managed to get myself a pet bed rock called cobble which is awesome this map was crazy and also very hard I didn't appreciate that but it was all in the name of keeping cobble as my best friend a rock guys thank you so much for watching if you enjoyed this video please leave a thumbs up that we greatly appreciate so if you want to try out get your very own pet rock for yourself garance description below you can check out this map too and the crater as well yeah do leave a big fat thumbs up on this map if you enjoyed it I happens to be the first with it seen by me please

do consider subscribing to join team Tem today for daily gameplay videos part from that why don't you check out another video which will sit right here I think you enjoy it it won't have cobble in it but we're gonna run up into the distance and just hold hands for a little bit that's how it's gonna happen you gon watch the video it's getting awkward