16 April 2019


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hi guys I know I haven't talked to you

guys and so long I'm sorry about not posting very often I've been really busy and today's video is some pretty exciting news um since I've been active all over my to instagrams I'm sorry if people have already seen all of this information everywhere all over their Instagram but I wanted to make sure I hit all platforms so that I can reach all of you guys Brantley's right here butch is right here they're doing awesome they're just loving life and having fun so this video is just going to be kind of like a quick announcement and a little bit of like a life update so as most of you guys know I am still in California right now temporarily I'm moving in just a couple months back to North Carolina where we will be for hopefully the rest of our lives um so as most of you guys know I have geared my focus towards just dog training um I honestly wasn't gonna make dog training my career and what I did for like the rest of my life I there were some other job categories that I really wanted to try out and do some of them had to do with psychology and I wanted to work in a mental health unit and I had just some other avenues I

wanted to go but recently I came to the conclusion that dog training is gonna be my career and it is the thing that I am the best at and that I can grow into the best and develop into the best so dog training is gonna be my career in doing dog training for five years but it was never really serious I never really charged for it until the past like two years so I have worked with many many different dogs and I've in different job opportunities where I have been around dogs and stuff and a lot of my friends are trainers and I've just been in the training world for a really long time but the past two years I've kind of cracked down and got like serious about it I just never thought it was gonna be my career I'm not sure why I just thought it was like my hobby and something I love to do and I didn't really want to make it a career however recently the past few years I have decided to really just make that my focus in my career and get all of the knowledge and experience I can so I've been doing that I've been mainly focusing my dog training in the service dog world so in service dog work so I've been gaining all the knowledge and

experience I can working with service dogs and all different types of service dogs that I have so much knowledge in all different categories of service dogs I decided I'm opening up my own facility by facility name is North Carolina k9 Academy and I'm going to be focusing on service dogs and service dog work I've fully trained service dogs however a lot of my job is gonna be training owner training service dogs so a lot of people who do owner training service dogs they need the help of professionals whether it's obedience task work public access behavioral issues when it comes to service dog work you will need to have a professional in that process usually they have realized and a lot of people have said that there are not good or many trainers that focus and service dog work so yes there are a ton of private trainers and different facilities and programs however they either say we only give away fully trained service dogs or they are private and they'll do private sessions with service dogs to learn tasks in public yes but they don't really focus in that and the trainers don't really know how to train a service dog so I wanted to

open a facility that does fully trained service dogs but you can also come and do order training so basically I will be your guide in the process this is something that I have been thinking about and working on for a really long time but I was not set on making this my career Brantly he's so cute he's killing he was like he saw me set up my phone and he was like oh I'll just like come sit with you because I guess we're doing a video so thanks for that buddy so yeah I recently decided I do want it to be my full-time career I don't want to pursue anything else I want to pursue service of training and that's basically it so in it won't my facility also will not be just service dog it will be pets it will be board and training it will be classes so whoever lives around that area with pets can also come and get training but my main focus is gonna be service dogs because that is my passion that's what I love doing the most we clarify that I am right now still in California I will be here till August and so August September is when I will be at my house in North Carolina and where my facility will be set up so it is not open yet however I have still been doing private training

so I don't even think I've talked about training on here however I have been doing private training with service dogs and pets while I have been back in California as well located in California and need help before I move get in contact now so we can set something up before I move once I moved back to North Carolina I will be there and that's it so right now it's really cool that people from California can get my help as well so the even bigger announcement to many of you guys is people have been asking me to do online training forever I have always kind shy away from it and said like no I never really felt comfortable with it but realizing how helpful it could be I am gonna be offering online training I always have and I always will prefer training with you and your dog in person as I feel that is the best way to get help with training to so many handlers that need help with task training obedience and public access training for service dogs I felt that it would be good for me and beneficial to a lot of you guys to open up an online training program so I've been trying to figure out the best way to go about this the

best way I found is gonna be FaceTime and Skype so basically it would be a Skype or FaceTime session in one-hour increments or if we want to have a longer session we can but generally I want to do one-hour Skype or FaceTime sessions or shorter based on you and your dog and we can work on tasks in obedience I do not want to bring behavioral issues into online training I believe that should only be done in person I want to be able to really evaluate your dog and figure out the best steps to help with that behavioral issue so I don't feel it is the best way or the safest way to do it online however I do feel comfortable doing tasks and obedience over online sessions I also want to make it available to make documents that are tailored to you and your dog so basically a Google Doc that has training tips and advice based on you and your dog and what you're trying to accomplish for people who have a better understanding of training I that does work really well for people the thing I want to offer that will help with public access training and kind of training that is more out in public is for you guys to send in

or it could be in your home sending videos of your dog doing obedience tasks anything like that that you want me to watch and critique and give you advice on how to improve so I thought that would also be really beneficial for a lot of you guys to set up any of the training I was just talking about go to my programs Instagram profile which is NC k9 Academy on Instagram if you do not have Instagram email me at NC k9 Academy at gmail.com if you go to the Instagram page in my bio there is a link click on that link it's a training questionnaire basically gives me information about you and your dog and what you need help with and fill that out send it back to the email provided on that sheet and basically that's how we're gonna set up a training session so this is my launch of like online training I wish I could train with you guys in person if you needed it but I know it's not very possible for people to travel across the country or different states who are able to travel I'll be in California until August I've already had multiple people come travel to California or that I actually live in California and they drive up or down to come train so that

is definitely an option I will be here till August if any of you guys are coming to California or want to plan a trip here and then North Carolina I will be in from August to hopefully the rest of my life so if you want to travel there that is definitely going to be an option that Hristov training is such a specialty most people do have to travel so if you're thinking about getting a service dog or you need help training your service dog just remember that most people do need to travel to find a service dog trainer so if you can travel to North Carolina I'd love for you guys I'll be giving you guys more updates things progress but I'm really excited I also have one last announcement if you want to support North Carolina's k9 Academy or you want to help spread the word about it I made t-shirts tank tops and stickers on teespring I will have the link down below also sharing my new Instagram account NC k9 Academy would be awesome thank you guys so much for watching this video I look forward to helping you train if you need help remember to fill out that question ear and send it back to my email that is gonna be the number one way to get in

contact with me or you can also if you're having trouble with that message me on Instagram okay guys that is it for today's video I am going to start creating a lot more content really soon I've just been really busy and kind of in a funk with health and things like that so I promise I will be making more videos I really message making videos for you guys in doing live streams so please comment down below what videos you want so I can get a jump start back into YouTube again and yeah that's it for today's video I'll see you in my next video bye bye [Music]