30 March 2019

I taught my rabbit tricks | vlog

Cleo is an absolute genius so I've taught her some tricks, for her next trick? world domination. HAMSTER CARE VIDEOS ...

morning Isabella she thinks I have a

cookie so she got off the couch can you shake a paw shake a paw no like this no okay and there is mr. grumpy pants okay I'll leave you to sleep good night [Music] [Music] Clio are you taking the lettuce onto the carpet oh my gosh she literally just wants to make a green stain on my carpet thank you so much for that speaking of Clio we have been doing some clicker training so I have been teaching her up spin and figure eight and I got some clips with that so I'm just gonna insert them so you guys can see [Music] so as you can see Clio is very much a genius whereas Lola is very stubborn and she doesn't like to do clicker training as much she can but she would much rather get the treat without having to do the trick which isn't how clicker training works so Clio is the one that I mainly practice with is ecwid Lola you're getting your little beard she always cuts her beard in the water so then you you always know when she's just drank because her whole front will be all soaking wet but it's really cute ms egged whoa oh did you get some water up

your nose yeah so before the hamsters will wake up for tonight I wanted to show you the cage updates that I have um I took away tatertot paper mache hideout because it had gotten pretty destroyed so I did some little changes in her cage so here is just what her cage looks like I've added a couple of new things like at the back here I added a box and that just has eco earth in it which she has been digging through which is the point of it Cleo can you please get out of the hamster cage go go another thing that I added is this paper towel roll tube system there's a bunch of entries so there's like one there there there there and then back there but that's just for her to burrow through as you can see there is a burrow hole over here and then there is one in the core clog but that's where she's been sleeping lately why can I never do anything without you just being in the way this is why you can't have rabbits they want to be with you 24/7 and get into everything then we have a bumbles cage so it has changed since the last time you guys seen it it has that wooden background now which looks really nice and then she just has a lot more natural

products in her cage like the quick log and the grapevine would and she really does enjoy it so both Bumble and tatertot are awake now we're just waiting on honey do wake up she's usually the last one to wake up but here is bumble she's sitting in her little corner this is where she like when she wakes up she goes right here and she's gonna do her little her morning groom cuz for her is his morning time but it's so adorable excuse me move away from the door so I can open it hey no no you can't come out so this little one is very brave she will jump out of her enclosure which if you've ever had to chase a robe röszke that is not fun they're literally speed demons and the size of a itty bitty golf ball so imagine a golf ball just like flying around your basement that's not fun to catch here are the hamsters salads they get salad every second day just because vegetables are good for them and they're used to this amount so we have some romaine lettuce some kale a piece of carrot broccoli and then there is some Swiss chard in there somewhere Bombo how are you itchy do you want some salad

would you like your salad no excuse me I just gave you some vegetables you can come eat them they're right here no she's like I would rather come out then eat those vegetables thanks but I like I chopped them up for you I see how it is can you eat your vegetables they're really good for you bumble is literally the kid who doesn't want to eat her vegetables she'll eventually eat them because when I when I wake up in the morning all of the veggies are always gone isn't that right yes they're always gone I think I got you meant oh my gosh you have a bed head this look at that bed head you may want to fix that but you're still cute anyways oh you're eating the broccoli here would you like a dog biscuit oh my goodness and it gets a little big for you I'm gonna shove it in your pouch I like how you're going to every single corner you can't get out of this playpen as you can see I have taped up all of these little opening things and that is because tatertot can squeeze through them so they had to be taped in order for tatertot to be able to use this playpen excuse me I take you out I gave you treat I hold you you are never

satisfied with anything that I give you and it's not very nice what do you think this is an elevator Tater Tot hi Nick I have something for you is Miss Honey waking up at last how was your sleep I hope it was good so if you guys didn't know honey actually is a year old and now her when I got her her previous owner said that her birthday was sometime at the end of March or that she was born at the end of March so I am just going to assume that she's a year old now because that's what her previous owner said which is unbelievable I can't believe I have two hamsters who are a year old already honey and tatertot both are a year and then bumble is eight months old would you like some vegetables I know you'll appreciate them do you want to come out instead come in good my good man do you want this there you go apparently that's better than vegetables and everybody just likes to pouch everything that's my nightlight what are you doing down to that where you going that's no that's not food hey he's not food there we go I knew somebody would eat their vegetables oh my gosh you are a chubby

cheeked er are you gonna fit everything in your cheeks okay I guess so she's literally shoving every single piece of food in her cheeks is that it now she's stuffing budding in her jeans oh my gosh honey your cheeks are gonna be so big by that your goodbye to us so since honey has said goodbye I thought I would end to this menu off with a bumble crawling on top of her lid and she says goodbye as well so I hope you guys have enjoyed this video thanks for watching bye [Music]