22 August 2018

I Took My Dog On A Walk (and this happened)

whoa Leo go ahead

wait wait wait watch Chester watch tester indigo hey JP it's okay look I'm not gonna grab you your stray kitty oh hi Lee's only sleep you just on an indica laughter opteka see Bo and oh my god indigo II you didn't go always I never gonna no no you you recognize recognize Chester get the cat food I'm gonna go get the food not a good idea here grab the water grab the water you could beat their teeth ruin that's Enzo Luke we got some food there is where indigo oh he said hi Leeson hi he supposed to say hi indigo oh my god baby thing someone get the bowl indigo well good for you so seriously are you sure that's indigo oh good for you that isn't ago I have pictures of him okay hold on the mini library now friend sweet eyes he come home it's fine like seriously this cat needs to find his home you can't be wandering around like this some people are gonna find him and there are kill shelters I hope I'm yeah me too hold on um Elise I might oh wait

Oh Natalie we ja so I saved the cat a couple days ago he got out of my house and I just found him again in the park he did not get out he did hope he sees other dogs he seems to me cool a Chester in the dope we named him into who tried take a long oh yes no I don't care if my dad gets mad he needs a home here no Chester Chester Elise at high cap Chester there's another dog here Chester stay I know now the way I want to take him home to rule but no ends oh stop we're taking him home [Music] guys I might have to end this chat of this live but it might glitch out because I'm gonna call my mom real quick let her know just funding to go again I'm gonna ask her if I can take him home you know that's carrying that's carrying him Yeah right the gazebo right now Oh guys hold on I'm gonna pause the life travel quick goodbye and it goes back now under goes to her Romeo was too fat [Music] he came along why does he not grow Manas call her then okay I need you to ride the silver bike you know I can't ride that silver bike no I can't no I can't like the bike at

[Applause] I'm not comfortable riding this bike you're like I'm gonna crash Chester can run along I guess yeah I know he can't home holy hell rude yeah what I know but it's filled with materials right now um yeah here you think oh well you owe me