10 January 2019

I went to a vet to take care of my brothers dog

what's up I'm over here being me and

right now I'm at a vet with my mom and my brother but my other brother is in Peru for a year and we have to take care of his dog and right now I'm so cold out here yeah if you don't want wondering where nevermind but it's like so much coldness around here that's why I'm wearing my hoodie I'm like our own Big Lots or stuff like that so yeah by the way punches when this does I'm pretty bored right which is outside is waiting right now I'm gonna go to the car cuz I'm bored right now and Clark's coming so I gotta go really fast oh oh good all right Jesus oh my god okay I stepped on my car oh so cool right now oh my god whoo I don't know why I'm nearly so boring well I have to do stuff cause there's a lot of things are running my car whoo it's like bone oh sure rope I might know how many's coming but I straight up higher to stay down oh my god um I was going he's opening my door oh hey it's that zap stop it not now yo yo yo yo chill chill chill chill up yo please like it subscribe [Music]

oh my god rope like straight up I had to throw water on the floor so we can sleep he got knocked out like straight up and I had to run quick so if you probably heard that like no noise that was the water I was pretty quiet but I don't know how we got quiet oh jesus oh I'm so cold and the Sun is rising great well the sun's setting not rising what am i stupid if y'all wondering um what grade am I am fish people think I'm in fourth look almost every single person Nick oh my god wait I'm fun no like bro I'm in fifth it's cuz the age or not the age the size you know I'm like four or five or actually no I don't even know what I just coughed but bro I'm around here and like straight up look like right there Animal Hospital I don't know if you can see the animal which is off it or animal hospital right there and like I had to take from serologic - well my dogs I learned it to something but I don't know and I almost got a cap of my mom didn't go yesterday and I almost got a cat but they she's gonna go now we went today and it was

two little kittens bro it was so cute and bro I was almost get one but then I was adopted we couldn't get it yeah so that's that I mean you still knocked out I'm really scared right now to go out I'm savage it Rufus boy oh my god there's a lot people behind me bro see that see in the corner yeah if you're wondering I'm taking by the way my friend my friend are taken we just took to snapchat usual so bored the caught up look at this look I'm so just into it I'm just pretending that I'm vlogging right now but look how many people like roll there's so many people oh yeah everybody is watching this now streaks and someone watching oh my god jeez I'm straight-up bored Mars II don't know type her name who are you are in the comment right now because I probably think it's Kaiser is it I don't know who someone like watching but to underly just oh yeah my dad used to go over here to my liquor or just beer it's not like that but then um we said you know I'm like I'm so savage right now look at that some prickly pine and boog ain't we oh oh all that her bro oh shoot i'm savage right now i'm savage stop Jim I want to

top of this thing Doug look I wrote some of the bitch I'm such a savage like see that top of it cuz I'm savage streaks oh how much junk to 1 to 100 [Music] [Music] all right now you go to my car I'm Shana don't start oh my god my hands are straight up code all right I'm going to home right now and so if you're not already subscribed and liked do that right now and oh my god and there's gonna be um I'm turned that little bill notification squad and um my god oh my god oh god the Freak oh we're not already do it right now [Music] let's see